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Friends from different worlds help each other

By Roseanne F CassarPublished 2 months ago 25 min read


Coming from Earwig Kingdom by buggy in the dead of night. Strolling along through Phantom Grove Forest with an uneasy feeling. Along with Prince Egon, he had with him, his wife and toddler. His three-year-old son, fell asleep in the arms of his mother. Prince Egon trying so hard to look through the depths of the darkness into the forest, straining his vision, making sure the path of his buggy is safe to cross at this horrible hour of night. Prince Egon wanted to make his horses bolt, but he couldn’t do that because his son is sleeping and didn’t want to stir the baby. So, he looked at his wife, she could see that the uneasiness is starting to mount up quickly. Prince Egon, quickly turned to his wife and asked. “Dear, What Forest are we strolling through?” Princess Emma replied. “I believe this forest is Phantom Grove. Isn’t this the forest we always ride through going to Earwig Kingdom and coming home as a short cut.” Her husband nodded in agreement. Silence overcame them both for a while. Then, Prince Egon realized something special about this forest and began to feel the uneasiness lift from him.

As the horses were galloping, Prince Egon started to remanence a time where his ally needed help because he was outnumbered from 20 to 1. The Militia trapped a fire breathing dragon using nets and rope trying to capture him for the pleasure of Lord Randall and his merry men of malice. They tried extremely hard to move this beast first, by dragging it but he was too heavy. At this point they gave up trying for a while. The Militia did an excellent job by securing the dragon down by binding its legs and mouth; making it impossible for him to burn the nets and ropes that bind him.

Where was I when all this was happening? I, Egon, was hidden in the treetops just watching. The Militia didn’t see me. I waited all night for them to leave the dragon helpless on the ground, to ride away where they would regroup with a way of lifting this huge beast but I, Egon decided to help this poor creature by freeing it from its binds. But just to be safe, I slowly approached the beast, walking slowly, talking softly and being gentle. Even though, the beast has its mouth bonded, thinking of communicating with it by keeping it calm, checking if it can understand what I’m trying to do for it.

I spoke a couple of words to it, asking if it can understand my language. The beast moved his head in a yes position slowly. I mentioned to the beast what my intentions are; I can see in its eyes that the help would be greatly rewarded. So, I started to undue the rope around its mouth first, nice and easy. Second, I removed the ropes around its legs and did my best with the nets, but I found the nets being complicated. So, the beast said. “Please stand back so I can burn the rest of this netting.” I did as I was told. It didn’t take long at all; he was free.

Once freed, I couldn’t believe how huge the mighty beast is in size. Next to him, I’m the size of a bug crawling around on the ground. I gave the beast a moment to recollect itself; then we started to have a cordial conversation. The beast said. “Thank you, for your help with freeing me. I am forever in depth with you in favor.” I replied. “You’re most welcome my friend.” I continued to say. “Do you have a name?” The beast answered. “Yes, I am called Samael. I am an ancient soul who has fallen from the heavens but I’m not an evil Spirit. The beast asked. “Who are you? How did you come about finding me in the forest?” Egon replied. I was hunting foal not too far away and heard a ton of commotion in this direction; so, I followed all the yelling, climbed up the nearest treetop and I waited for the Militia to decide to give up on capturing you. Oh, by the way, my name is Prince Egon. I’m the heir of King Earwig. My father’s Kingdom is not far in distance. I use Phantom Forest as a short cut to go from the Kingdom to my home, I live in the castle up over by Green Acre Hills. Samael, where do you live.? Samael answered. “I live right here in the depths of the forest. The forest has always been my family’s home for centuries. The beast continued to say more but Prince Egon found himself knocked out of his buggy along with his wife and his son still in his cradle hidden underneath his blankets. Egon realized that he rolled over a trap with one of his wheels which tipped over the buggy while in motion causing his wife and himself to fly out of the buggy where they both landed on the ground.

It took ten minutes for Egon to come to, he then turned to his wife, and he saw that she isn’t moving. When finally on his feet, he wobbled over to her to check, he picked her up and held her, started to speak her name then she started to come back to life. As he helped his wife to her feet as well as his own; as he is about to mention his son to his wife and try to hurry to go check on him; both Egon and Princess Emma were surrounded by Lord Randall’s foot soldier’s militia, took them by surprise.

The militia surrounded them by using their horses to block any chance of escaping their capture. Next, the militia threw around them thick ropes; then four soldiers got off their horses to tie up the Prince and Princess separately. They started to bind the feet, next their hands, thirdly bonded their mouths with gags in it and lastly, put a sack on their heads so they can’t see where they are being taken too. The couple were scared. Not knowing what is going to happen next. Princess Emma couldn’t hold back her tears. She started to weep softly; and inside her head, kept thinking about her baby boy.

While all this was going on, not one peep out of him. Emma so worried he could be hurt. Thinking about if he hit his head, broke an arm or leg. Maybe, he is unconscious. Emma kept telling herself, “Stop it! Stop it! Have faith! God will look after him. He will keep still in the buggy, and someone will find him bring him to their home to keep him safe, look after him until mommy and daddy finds a way out of this mess.

Once the militia is done doing a fantastic job of tying up the Prince and Princess. They prepared a horse and helped both on the animal, riding until they reached their destination. It took them three whole nights and part of the morning to reach Lord Randall’s Castle. The militia entered through the gates; Lord Randall’s Viscount greeted the foot men. The foot men announced that they were back with Prince and Princess Earwig. The Viscount told them to bring them to the garden for tea while they wait for Lord Randall to join them.

The royal couple waited in the garden scared; not knowing what is in store for their fate. Both feeling confused, worried sick about their son; trying to console each other. Lord Randall finally joined in the garden. When Princess Emma saw him, she at once broke her silence with words that aren’t very nice, and her husband tried to stop her but was a tiny bit late. Lord Randall didn’t seem surprised at all; he actually expected them to mouth off.

Lord Randall decided to quickly silence Emma of her bantering by raising his voice violently, screaming “Shut Up!!” Randall continued. “You are probably wondering why you were captured and brought here in the middle of the night.” The young couple stared at him with disbelief and dismay. Egon answered him. “Yes, why are we here?” Randall replied. “Well…first, I have gotten word from my men that a few months ago a certain fire breathing dragon was held temporary captive by being netted and bonded by my men. When my men returned, a certain fire breathing dragon has vanished. So! That is why you are here because some of my men were on the lookout, while you were helping it free itself from its binds. Emma looked at him with shock and Egon feeling very much on edge, listening to what Randall just said. Egon replied. “So, what if I helped a poor defenseless dragon. Your merry men had the unfortunate thing cornered, tied and bonded.” Randall gave a snarky remark. “So, you admit you were there.”

Egon replied. “Yes, I was. So what?” Randall replied. “So what?... So what?... What do you mean. So what? Why did you free my dragon! It was none of your business. That dragon would have been my trophy, I wanted that beast in the ring to fight my lions and to put on a show for my men’s amusement.” Egon and Emma’s reaction to Randall’s comment showed that they were appalled, angry and literally disgusted. Randall continued. “Do you know the penalty of what you have done? I have put stakes on your lives.” Egon retorted. “Leave my wife out of it. She has nothing to do with what I have done. So, you are looking to punish us both, is that right?’ Randall smiling at Egon replies. “Yes and no actually; I do have something in mind, but you must go through with my demands, or your wife will be a permanent fixture to my castle. The choice is yours Egon. Well…now that you have set free my trophy; you’re now part of my men. You and my men will go back to the forest that I own. Egon interrupted. “What! Forest, do you own? I don’t think so Randall. Phantom Forest as always been a part of Earwig Kingdom! What are you talking about.” Randall smirking while he speaks. “Egon, your father didn’t tell you that we placed a bet on Phantom Forest on one of my games here. Your father lost his bet. I now own Phantom Forest, so get used to it.” Egon screamed. “NEVER! I will win back Phantom Forest again. I’ll tell you what Randall, I’ll help you find your precious trophy and hand deliver the beast myself. I don’t need your men. However, if my wife is staying here in this castle with you and your men around; not one person is to bother, speak, or touch my wife while I’m gone looking for the beast. Is that understood.” Randall smiling ear to ear. Egon, yes, it is understood but my men will go with you. You will not go alone. I don’t trust you that much my friend; with fingers crossed behind his back.” Egon, answered. "Randall, we were never friends.”

Randall screamed for the militia. “Men! Go back into Phantom Forest and take Egon with you to find my prize. Egon, I know you know where to find the beast, so don’t try anything funny or my men will run you through. Go now! At once, all of you. Men! Keep your eyes on Egon, he is fast, cunning and slick. He does know the forest like the back of his hand. Go!”

The militia along with Egon had left in a group, heading out to Phantom Forest. Egon fuming with anger, they left in such a hurry he didn’t get a chance to talk to Emma; not even to say, “I Love You.” All he can do right now is pray to the lord to look after his wife and keep her safe from Randall. He can feel his heart being badly tugged so hard between his wife and son. He must focus on a game plan; play Randall’s game for a while then turn the game rules on them with the help from his ally. With one thought in his mind, his ally finds his son and keeps him safe from the dangers of the forest. Their voyage will take them at least three whole days and part of the morning on the fourth day of riding to the destination.

Meanwhile, Prince Egon’s buggy stayed in the same position; on its side when Egon and Emma were captured by the militia. While the young couple was gone, there were seldom movement inside the buggy. Their three-year-old son, Conor; started to move around inside the buggy. Conor must have been unconscious while his parents were gone and he’s now coming around. Conor made his way out of the buggy, looking around the forest for his parents. He started to walk slowly, still shaken up because of the buggy accident; calling out for his parents. Conor yelled. “Mommy… Daddy!” Conor is so upset, trying so hard to fight back his tears. He doesn’t know where he is. Doesn’t recognize this place. Afraid to stay by the buggy because it is not a good hiding place. So, Conor is on foot wondering around in an unfamiliar place, crying, calling out to his mother and father. It is in the middle of the night and the forest is so dark, creepy, and noisy because of the animals that live in the forest. Conor found a hole on the side of a hillside; big enough for him to move around in. He went inside this cave – like hole, made a spot to lay down and cried himself to sleep.

As the sun coming up to shed sunlight on the forest. Conor opened his eyes, its morning. The sound of birds chirping gave him a familiar feel. He slowly got up off the ground, walked towards the opening of the cave – like hole. He slowly poked his head out to see if the area is free of danger. He’s covered in dirt. Conor decided to walk around the area not far from the cave – like hiding place. He noticed the endless trees that are surrounding him.

He noticed a frog hopping on the ground; he started to follow the frog towards a flowing lake not far from where he was hiding. As he was following the hopping creature, he snapped a twig when he stepped on it and fell on one knee. In fright mode, Conor stayed low to the ground in pure astonishment. He couldn’t move to run to his hiding place. His whole body started to shake. But he couldn’t resist to be watchful of this creature he has never seen before. This creature in the water, looks like its bathing or just sitting in the water cooling off. Conor started to move slowly away from the spot he was in, but the beast knew he’s being watched, so the beast moved its head in the direction of Conor. Conor sprang into action and started to run for his hiding place; the beast stood still motionless.

At last, the militia and Egon made it back to the spot where the dragon was held down by its constraints. So, one of the militia men started to probe Egon again where the beast could be hiding. Egon replied, “I don’t know, Phantom Forest is a huge place it could be anywhere.” Egon’s answer is not good enough for Clyde; so, he decided to show Egon what happens when you don’t want to cooperate. Clyde who is the one in charge of the militia told Egon that if he doesn’t start talking, he will appoint a different man to show him otherwise.

Egon answered quickly. “OK! I’ll tell you. But, first let me think because it has been months since I last saw the beast.” Clyde replied. “You better think fast before I appoint the first man to give you a licking.” Egon had to think of something; but didn’t want to lead them to the beast. He told them to follow the lake but go North and then West; it will take more than a week on foot to find a campsite. There is no campsite but only broken down burned trees and brush. A food source for other carnivorous animals instead. A trap for the militia men; a way of escaping the captors and to find his son.

However, Samael knew Conor was there; but didn’t get out of the water to hunt him down. He will find this small creature and slowly figure out who this little person is, with time. Conor made his way back to his hiding place. He sat all the way back up against the closet rock that is there. Trying so hard to catch his breath and trying to stay calm. Conor started to cry thinking about his parents, he is beginning to get hungry. He sat there with tears streaming down his checks, thinking about what his mother use to say when they were in the garden about the berries. Conor remembered her say. “Let’s pick some berries. Watch the birds closely, they will tell you which berries are safe to eat.” Conor, stopped crying, decided to leave his hiding place to look for the berries that the birds eat.

Conor roamed not far from his hiding place, trying to remember where he saw berries on the tree before. As he’s walking, he noticed some birds were tree hopping just ahead of him. He walked towards them, he sees berries on the branches, then the first bird to snatch a berry and eat it. Conor waited a while, to see if the bird is ok. As it turned out, the bird is fine, which means that the berries are safe to eat.

Conor made his way to one of the trees that were loaded with berries; he found a big leave, cleaned the debris from it and started to put the plumb berries on it. As Conor is eating, Samael is flying above to land on a nearby treetop so he can oversee this little person, watch and observe him. The beast realizes that he is young but can’t figure out why he is in the forest alone. Samael wants to get acquainted with it; but he must approach him with ease and gentleness. So, right now let the little guy enjoy his berries for now. When the time is right, I will find a way of introducing myself.

Meanwhile, Egon led the way to find the beast. They were on foot for three and a half days; the exhaustion is mounting so badly on all the militia but not on Egon. Egon is too busy concentrating on his escape and longing to find his son. Clyde the head militia, gave the order to take a rest for the night. Egon deep in thought when he heard Clyde’s announcement. Egon thinking to himself. “Ok, I will lead them another four whole days and the next time Clyde announces for us to rest, I will then escape their bondage hold on me. I am getting closer to where I was captured.”

Night fell on Phantom Forest, Conor sitting still near his hiding place, huddled in a ball; praying to the good lord to bring back mommy and daddy. In his prayer, he made a promise to the good lord that he will be a good boy for now on.

Waiting in pure darkness, Samael watching the little one who cradled itself in a ball for warmth. The air tonight is a little too cool for him to withstand without a blanket. The beast crawled closer to him, trying to not to make a sound to wake him, nor not to scare him. The beast placed firewood on the ground and very gently using its breath to make a big enough fire to create warmth for Conor. Samael stayed with Conor all night long to keep him safe; still trying to figure out why he is in his home territory all by himself. The beast concluded; maybe something has happened for this little one to be here. Then he decided to check things out in the morning or even better dawn, to find some clues to this mystery. Soon enough, the dragon will soar through the air swiftly and quietly; no one will know.

Egon has led the militia men into the thickest parts of the forest that he knows. He can see how quickly they can not withstand the harshness terrain, the thickness of how the trees is spread and how fast you can lose lighting during the day. The forest can become overbearingly hot then it can be super cold at night. You need to be careful because this forest, is extremely active at night; it come to life at a certain time with the wild animals. Egon didn’t mention any of this to the militia men because his goal is to wear them out; also, in hope that his ally Samael would find him and return the favor they have agreed to a long time ago. The treaty between Egon and the dragon’s family have been a part of Earwig’s Kingdom for centuries. The pact was created when Egon’s Great…Great…Grandfather was King. The dragons have been living in Phantom Forest for centuries. Egon will continue to lead them further on the same path a little longer. They are almost there to make a stop for rest. Then he will use the down time to escape without them knowing.

Dawn is peeking. The dragon opened its eyes, gave a huge yawn and looked over to where the little one is. Conor sound asleep, all stretched out on the ground. The fire put out by the wind. Samael realized he pledged his duty to find out the mystery with the little one. He must keep his pledge. The dragon took flight into the air, every now and then he looks down for clues. Then he saw something, laying on its side. Samael quickly made a landing. He went over to where the buggy is. He put his nose near the buggy and sniffed it for scent. He looked inside of it, then noticed a design on the side of the buggy. Samael’s eyes widened; he knew who the buggy belonged to. Samael sensed his good friend is in danger, he must find him quickly. He realizes the distance from the buggy to where the little one’s hiding spot is. A very smart boy. Not sure where to start. Samael decided to take flight Northbound looking for Egon.

Randall’s militia continued to go Northbound until Clyde made his announcement to take a rest for the night. Egon thinking to himself. “This is it. I will escape tonight. My one chance to find my son and rescue my wife from that creep Randall. Uh…Samael where are you?” It took several hours before everyone fell asleep, except the lookout person who is on duty. Egon took out his knife that he had on him all along and slashed the lookout person’s throat without a sound. Then Egon disappeared into the dead of night. He ran into the forest without stopping to catch his breath until he stepped on a sharp rock. Cutting through the Sole of his sandal. He sat down for a moment, took his sandal off only to see that the rock did cut his foot. He tore a piece of his clothing, turned it into a bandage; to try to control the bleeding. Egon put the sandal back on; he found a nearby shelter to hide in for the night.

Samael came back from his flight searching for Egon. He flew a great distance so far and found nothing yet. Samael noticed that Conor is gone. He is not in the cave. The dragon decided to look by the lake. Samael found Conor by the lake in the same spot he was in the other day. The beast from a distance waiting for Conor to turn around, so he can introduce himself. Samael grazing the leaves and making some noise to cause Conor finally turned around to face the dragon. Conor stood motionless, helplessness and frightened. Samael stood there looking at the boy. It took courage for him to say “hello,” but he did. Conor stood there in shock and answered “hello” back. Samael continued. “My name is Samael. I am a good friend of your daddy’s. What is your name?” Conor feeling hesitant in answering. “My name is Conor. Do you know where mommy and daddy are?” Samael replied. “Not yet. Do you know why you are in my woods all by yourself? Conor answered. “Not sure, really. I woke up from sleep looking for mommy and daddy. No one around so I roamed over here.” Samael continued. “Conor, I need you to stay in the cave you found until I come back with your daddy, is that ok?” Conor replied. “Yes, I can do that.” Samael continued. “Go! To the cave, I will be back.” Conor did as he was told. Samael realized that the little one is Egon’s son. Samael took flight one last time.

The sun is coming up. Egon is already on the move. Clyde and his men are slowly coming around to start their morning trek further into the forest. One of the weasels like men noticed blood on the ground that is supposed to be a lookout post. He walked closer to it and saw it was Bentley with his throat slashed. He ran to Clyde telling him of what he found. Clyde now fuming; looking all around for Egon. Clyde shouted as loud as he can; Egon has escaped. The men rounded themselves up, started to hunt for Egon. Searching for clues, until Clyde found some blood in the dirt; not much blood but enough to tell them the direction he was headed. Clyde screamed. ”Onward men. Egon is running in this direction.” They start running after Egon.

Samael is now flying Northbound above the treetops. He looks down, he sees a man trying desperately to run but he is hobbling. Samael flies lower to get a closer look. He recognizes him; the dragon lands to cut Egon off in his tracks. Samael calls out. “Egon! Over here.” Egon hears him and follows his voice. Egon replies. “Oh My God! It is you, my friend. I’ve been praying for you to find me. My prayer has been answered.” Samael continued. “Egon, I have found your son Conor. He is safe. I found the buggy you were riding in too. It looks like one of the wheels got caught in a trap and tipped the buggy over. What is going on?” Egon spoke fast. “Samael, its Lord Randall and his mighty men. Do you remember being caught by them? Samael answered. “Yes!” Egon continued. “Well…Randall I guess has been tracking me to get to you. Now I’ve been sworn into helping them in exchange of Randall keeping my wife. They don’t know about Conor. He is only three years old.” Samael answered. “Don’t worry, I will help you fight.”

A voice from the distance shouted. At last, I’ve found you Egon. So, you think you can out smart Clyde and my men Uh! Well…guess again. Prepare to die. I am running you through. You have put me and my men on a wild goose chase looking for this dragon. You had no intentions of conducting your orders that were given to you by Lord Randall.

Clyde not noticing his men turn white like ghosts behind him. Samael tapped Clyde on his shoulder then said. “Hey big mouth. Do you want to tell me what Lord Randall’s orders were?” Clyde slowly turned around looked at Samael and turned as white as a ghost himself. All of them, stood motionless and a few of them may have soiled themselves too.

Samael continued. “Now did I hear you say you were going to slay my friend Egon. So, fellas let’s make this a fair game of slaying.” Clyde and his men screamed like little girls. They started to run into the depths of the forest to get away from the dragon.

Samael and Egon started to laugh so hard at them. Samael said. “I’ll catch up with them later, I know where they live.” Samael asked. “Egon, how about reuniting you with Conor right now?” Egon nodded his head with pleasure. Egon hopped on the dragon’s back and they took off into the air.

Moments later, Egon and Samael have landed near the cave. Egon calls out to his son. Conor slowly comes out to see who is calling. Conor yells. “Daddy! Where have you been?” Egon answers. “I’ll tell you all about it later. We need to get back to mommy.” Conor nodded in agreement.

Father and son hopped on Samael’s back again. Samael took them to Lord Randall’s castle to help save Egon’s wife. A small payback is overdue.

Moments later, Samael landed on the grounds of the castle. Egon left Conor with Samael while he ran to find Emma. Egon yelled. “Emma!... Emma! Where are you?” Lord Randall intercepted. “Egon! Where is my dragon?” Egon retorted. “Where is my wife!” Emma yelled. “In the garden, dear! Egon replied. “Randall open the doors!” Randall replied. “The dragon first” Samael heard him and asked him. “Do you want to tell me why you want me as a trophy?” Randall turned the purest white and screamed just like a girl himself.

Samael and everyone started to laugh. Samael said. “I will catch up with him later. I know where he lives.”

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My name is Roseanne. Outside of my natural born profession; I consider myself to be a Writer. I realized while attending the College of Staten Island, what my second passion in life is; "Writing." I absolutely love writing.

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