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Romance Go Fish

Looking for love in the wrong place

By Roseanne F CassarPublished 4 months ago 10 min read

Romance Go Fish

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood in Fishville. It’s the first day of school for small fries who attend an all-boys I. S. Fish more School and across the street is an all-girls I. S. Shoal Fin School. These small fries are at an age of exploring their new habitat and each other. There are more than thirty different families living in this neighborhood. As the day went on; there first lesson in class, is how to keep up and swim with the other fishes. The use of their tails when swimming is especially important. Their second lesson they learned today is look out for predators; especially the bigger fish that inhabit their neighborhood. If not careful, the bigger fish will start trouble and give a great big chase. School for these small fries are never longer than four hours in a day. It varies from day to day. The first day is always the crash course and then after that the school is used as a haven for small fries until they are big enough to venture out on their own.

A new kid who started the seventh grade at I. S. Fish More. Clyde the Clown Loach, swimming down the halls to get to his first class. He is a thirteen-year-old boy, incredibly nervous but looking fly in his bright colors. Clyde wanting to get through the school day in one fin, hasn’t yet made any friends thus far. But not entirely sure if he wanted to; so, when recess came, he’s the first fry to swim through the doors.

During recess he noticed a school across the street. Clyde’s’ watchful eyes were fixated on all the fries that were in the school yard; until another boy swam towards him to make small talk. The boy said. “Hey! My name is Sam. What is yours?” I’m Clyde. He answered. Sam asked. “My friends and I want to know if you want to hang out with us. We see you’re in a corner all by yourself. You must be new to the school, right?” Clyde answered. “Yes, I am new. My family moved into the neighborhood about one month ago. Sure, I would like to hang with you all but tell me, is that a school across the street?” Sam replied. “Cool beans. Yes, it’s an all-girl school. Why?” Clyde’s response. “Oh because…being new and I don’t know anyone or know how this area is…I’m just asking that’s all.” Clyde’s colors gotten brighter has he answered his new friend.

So, Sam and Clyde swam where the other boys were, and everybody started to introduce themselves. Clyde and Sam noticed there’s a smaller boy swimming stagnating in a corner. They went over to introduce themselves and invite him to come over to hang with them during recess. Stan replied. “Sure, you bet.” All the small fries were complaining how long the first day of school is for them. They couldn’t wait to go home.

The bell finally rang. All the kids are finished for the day. All three boys lingered in the school yard for a short while because they were scoping out the girls from the school across the street. What caught their eyes; they were watching a few of the girls practicing their cheers for tryouts. Sam and Stan were ready to head home from school, but Clyde couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She’s beautiful; she sported gold, red and a little bit of black outline throughout her body. Her colors are bright like his. Clyde is so curious to know what species and where she is from. Meanwhile, Sam and Stan are ready to head home when they noticed that Clyde is too busy staring at one of the girls across the street. So, Sam very loudly cleared his throat. “Hey Clyde, are you coming?” Sam asked. Clyde answered. “Um… yes. But who is that girl over there?” Stan chimed in. “Who her?... Clyde.” Clyde pointed her out again. “The girl with the gold, red and black outline.” Stan nodded and then said. “I know her. She lives in my neighborhood. I don’t know her well; but only spoke to each other maybe once or twice. Why?” Clyde replied. “Do you know her name? How far does she live from you?” Stan answered. “Her name is Amber, and she lives two houses down current from me.” Clyde nodded. “Cool beans, man. Do you have a gaming system at home?” Stan replied. “Yeah, why?” Clyde answered. “Well, how about we come together later in the week for some gaming time? Also, I want you to introduce me to Amber.” Stan responded. “Ok, let’s make it Friday. I will ask my mom for permission. So, are we now ready to head home?” Clyde replied. “Yeah, let’s go.” Finally, the boys left for home. Clyde is floating on seaweed nine. He couldn’t wait for Friday; to meet Amber.

Friday came and Clyde looking fly with his bright colors. School was already finished for the day. All three boys were headed to Stan’s house. Once they got there, they saw Amber with her two older brothers playing swim tag. In the middle of the game, Amber took a quick look over to see Stan and his two friends reaching the archway of Stan’s house. Amber quickly turned the other way because she saw that Clyde quickly glanced in her direction and she started to turn redder than usual.

Stan showed his friends where he keeps his gaming system. Sam is ready to get down and dirty with some of the games, but Clyde is interested in getting to know Amber. His mind is all over the place; he can’t think, breathe, or concentrate without thinking anything else but Amber. Clyde showed no interest in wanting to play any of the games. Clyde noticed that one of the windows is facing the front of the house where Amber and the other two guys were playing. He peeked and can see that they went inside then he tried to focus on what Stan is talking about on how to play one of the games then heard laughter nearby. Clyde went back to the window, and right there, he saw her, playing a different game with the same two guys.

Sam and Stan swam backwards a little bit. They were watching Clyde and laughing. Clyde noticed this and asked. “What?” Sam replied. “The question is…What are you doing?” Stan chimed in. “Yeah…you don’t seem to be yourself. I can see how focused you are with wanting to learn how to play this game.” Sam added. “Yeah…Did you lose your head or something?” Clyde retorted. “Ok. I’m guilty of all the charges. I set this whole thing up because I wanted to get closer to Amber. Oh, by the way, I do like video games, but my mind is focused on Amber. I already consider you all my boys. Later, can we go out there to find out what game they are playing?” Stan replies. “Yeah man. Can we get on with the games.” Clyde answered. “Yes…let the games begin.”

After playing video games, they decided to go outside to check if Amber is there. As it turned out, she wasn’t. They hung out for five – ten minutes then one of Ambers older brothers came out. He swam towards them looking directly at Clyde. “Hey guys, what are you doing?” Charlie asked. The boys answered together. “Just hanging out.” Stan asked. “Can you ask Amber if she can come out to hang?” Charlie answered. “I’ll find out, but she has chores to do maybe for a little bit.”

Ten minutes later, Amber shows up. “Hey Stan, how’s it going? Amber asked. Stan replied. “Hey! Everything is good. I want you to meet my friends Sam and Clyde.” Amber asked. “Hey, weren’t you guys watching me and my girls practice our cheers today?” Clyde jumped in to respond. “Yes, we were watching. Sorry if us watching creeped any of you out. We couldn’t help but watch; you were great.” Amber replied. “Thank you. Aren’t you new? I’ve never seen you around before?” Clyde replied. “Yeah, I moved around here about a few months ago.” Amber answered. “Oh, I see.” Amber continued. “Well, I must go now. It was nice meeting you Sam and Clyde.” Clyde stepped in and swam closer. “Wait! Can I call by seashell? I would like to get to know you; if it’s ok.” Amber replied. “Yes, you can. Call me tomorrow around sixish.” Clyde answered. “Ok I will.” Clyde swam with Amber to her archway of her home. Amber smiled sheepishly at him; said their goodbyes and Clyde swam back to meet Sam and Stan.

Clyde couldn’t hold back his excitement anymore. He’s doing the swim somersaults in triplets. Sam and Stan couldn’t contain their laughing. Clyde told his friends. “Thank you for helping me out today. Today is the best day ever.” I am sure Amber does like me. I hope by tomorrow’s call will lead into a date with Amber. What do you all think?” Both Sam and Stan shrugged their fins and spoke. “I don’t know.”

Sam said. “It’s getting late Stan, Me and lover boy should start heading out before the patrol sharks come around. Clyde chimed in. “Yeah, we should. See you tomorrow in school.” Stan replied. “You bet. I’ll try to get some pointers from my older brother for you; so, you can make a move on Amber.” Clyde answered with a laugh.

A new day begins, and Clyde is sitting on seaweed nine because he can’t wait to see Amber today during recess and talk to her over the seashell. All day long he has been practicing what he wants to say to Amber.

Finally, the time came to make his seashell call. Spoke to the operator to connect him to Amber and when he heard her voice, he at first stumbled on some of his words but did manage to get it out. Amber started to laugh because she’s witnessing how hard Clyde is trying to impress her. As their conversation flowing fluidly and in the right direction. Clyde took a big breath and asked Amber if they can go steady. Clyde held his breath. Amber replied to his question. “Yes! I would love to go steady.”

As the weeks were moving forward, the word of Clyde and Amber dating each other spread all over the neighborhood and both schools. The reaction of the other fish was not so good. A lot of disapproval. Ambers parents had to have the “can’t date Clyde” conversation because of his background. Amber did not want to listen to anyone, but her parents forbade her to continue dating Clyde. Amber couldn’t hold back her emotions. When Clyde found out through his brothers; he blew up with anger. He didn’t understand why. What is the big deal about dating outside of the fish breed. Clyde needed to talk to Amber badly.

It took Clyde months to gain the courage he needed to confront Amber and to talk to her about what is going on. He wanted a relationship with her ever since he laid his eyes on her. Finally, the time came where he snuck off the school grounds during recess just to talk to Amber. He managed to grab her attention. She went over to the gate in the far corner, so no one noticed. Their conversation began civil, but it slowly turned loud and furious. Amber explained everything to Clyde. They were being judged by everyone because they come from two different backgrounds. Clyde is a Clown Loach and Amber is a Tiger Barb. If they were to spawn small fries, what would they look like; and besides the rules are no outside spawning allowed according to the Fishville Community. Clyde raised a question. “Amber runaway with me? Far away from Fishville.” Amber answered. “I can’t do that. I am the same age as you…thirteen. And besides my parents will have the patrol sharks after me. Clyde retorted. “Promise me you will not forget about me. Promise me that at eighteen, we will find each other again, so we can start all over with a brand-new relationship and start a new life in a different part of this ocean.” Amber replied. “I promise, we will find each other again. But you must go now before we get caught by the wrong people.” Amber continued. Go! Clyde. Clyde responded. “It is over for now until we meet again.” Clyde swam away with a heavy heart.

Years have passed. Clyde and Amber are of age now to go on their own. No one to stop them from exploring the open seas. One afternoon, Amber found a comfortable spot near a cozy seaweed bed. She nestled down and started to take a rest. She heard a soft voice call her name; she opened her eyes and there he was. All spiffy, glowing with vibrant colors. She beamed at him with approval; and their romance started all over again.

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My name is Roseanne. Outside of my natural born profession; I consider myself to be a Writer. I realized while attending the College of Staten Island, what my second passion in life is; "Writing." I absolutely love writing.

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