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A Dragon Soul

Book 1

By Samantha DulakPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 6 min read
A Dragon Soul
Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

The child had just woken from their slumber. Their eyes darted across the room. Noises coming from all around. Not the peaceful noises one hears when they go to sleep. She was in a beautiful dream. She was running through the meadow. Lost and not entirely alone. She should have been scared but wasn't. The sun was just sitting. This sky was a crisp gold with streaks of red and pink. The wind was blowing through her hair. Her spirit felt free. Joy was on her face and in her heart. She looks up and sees a magical beast... And that's when she woke up.

This was the dream she had many times. She always felt longing after these dreams. She knew they couldn't be real. Magical beasts don't roam this world anymore. They were stories; legends. Longed wing, graceful flyers, and intellect that could rival the oldest scholar. Some said they could talk. Others said they read the minds of every beast. She always wished she could see one or meet one. Her heart would always race at the idea.

She didn't know why, but she would imagine he would be a boy dragon. With black and brown spikes going down his back. Where the color of stone would protrude on his tail kind of like a fin. His body masculine yet rounded. His face is sleek with what looks like whiskers coming from his chin. His eyes were always particular. As they were a deep forest green and would sometimes shimmer to a violet purple depending on his mood. His outstretched wings were the sizes of two horses put side by side. Sometimes when she thought about this too hard she would start to cry. For a beast to be so beautiful, Was like a sin.

She steadied her breath. As she came back to the reality around her. She had been woken up with the screams of women and men fighting. Her home was on sacred Land. Why would there be fighting. Everyone knew they were part of the forest. They had no ill will towards anyone. The king himself forbade anyone to enter these woods. Much less attack them. This rule was as old as time itself. When men scorched the Earth and metal ruled with a poisonous tip.

Why was this law being broken? Her mother grabbed her; hard... "Momma" she cried. and swiftly picked her up. Even to this day she could still feel her mom's hands on her arm.

She felt her mom's body swiftly moving throughout the house. She clung to her. Fear gripping her heart like a vice. She could smell the berries in her hair. A hint of vanilla mixed with strawberries. Then without warning another odor came through. This was the opposite. It smelled wrong. Like the smell of chicken coop mixed with horse manure. But with the smell of wood burning. She coughed and gagged a little. She dared not open her eyes. Her mama's voice whispers in her ears. It's going to be all right. You're safe in my arms.

Her mother ran. Her feet hitting the earth made a pattern. Her heart matched that rhythm. Thud... thud.. thud...exhale and inhale. She had no idea how long she had been running for. She knew she had to get her child to safety. They had come for her. All the signs pointed to the prophecy. This was her baby girl. She needed more time. Anger and sadness swirled in her head.

She was 6 years old. Six she wanted to scream. She was a normal girl. She laughed and cried. She didn't have anything the prophecy stated. Except... Those eyes. None dared to tell her about those eyes. And none did.

Her mother darted from left to right, picking up the faintest of trails. Her village might have been destroyed, but the elder had taught her how to run. She was from a long line of women hunters. Taught from a young age how to run, hide, and kill if necessary. The women in her family passed down from generation to generation. The fire of anger. The swiftness of the wind. The power from within. She never really understood this till now. Kiara she snapped in her head. Focus... She was coming up to the river. This river was the border. Just passed it was an unfamiliar territory. She slowed down, needing to catch her breath.

The moon was overhead. It's sliver light penetrating the treetops. The child in her arms shivering in the coldness of the night. Keira knows how to bring comfort. The song that has been handed down. Comes to her mind.

" When the candle falls. Look to the sky. Your enemy is there. But it's heart lies underneath. Your strong your brave. The powers you have will multiply. Take courage. One two three... but look to the 4th with hope. Because knowledge is power. 4 corners of this earth you must walk . Tread lightly for the path is unknown and bumpy. You're strong you're brave. The powers you have will multiply. Take courage. Friend from foe you must know. As the turn of the tide is upon you. Embrace love and as it beats fears. For in the heat and darkness you find the source of all power. Just look to her birth and dig deep. Follow the wolf and trust. You're strong you're brave the powers you have will multiply. Take courage... " Remember momma loves you".

Kiera wept that night on the edge of the river. The fear of unknown. Was she strong enough. Would she have enough time to do what was right. Her mind when back in time. She was racing agents the other hunters. Kira was in first place. She knew these woods. She had no fear and without a doubt that she would win. As she rounded a corner. Her foot twisted on a root. And she fell hard. She woke up in her tent. Her mother bent over her. She gasped for breath. Momma. The race.. hush now Kiara. You fell and hit your head hard. As she patted the wet cloth on her head. Kira cried... Her mom said. This was not for you to win. The world has a plan and this isn't it. And gave her a kiss on the cheek. I'm proud of you my daughter. And waked out the tent. She had to remember. This was her task and she could do it.

Chapter 2

The hairs on his back rose. The cave which has been his home forever now. Seem different. His whole family has graded this place. The prison was his home but also his duty.. As the last remaining pack of lycan Athor layed in his bed, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. He closed his eyes hoping for sleep. As time ticked on. His subconscious faded and darkness took him.

Darklings paced back and forth in his cage. He was tired of this place. He wanted .. no.. yearned for freedom. The guards had no idea. Time didn't mean anything for his kind. He was a dragon of royal blood. He had started this plan this hundreds of years earlier. Neither the minotaurs nor the lycans knew.

His second in command, Goloth, was just as ruthless as him. They had been using the left-over bones to chiseled the stones down. They were Soo close to the surface.

I vowed to have her. I will and this world will be ours. He thought lovingly about the past. Oh how he enjoyed watching the men and women being tortured. How their pleas didn't bother him. His kind was supposed to be rulers. Not worthless humans who were just food. Cattle to be eaten. He had been living for such a long time. He was patient.

Goloth speaks telepathically to Darklings. Sir, it is done. Freedom is now. As a wicked laugh escaped his mind. You know the plan. We take our revenge and our freedom. They waited..

The minotaurs were tasked in this prison to feed them. Also, if a dragon got out of hand they were to put them back in there place or die. They had a grudge against these foul beast since the first war. They decimated their kind. Preferring their meat over humans. But here in this prison they were number one. This time of day was the worst. They had to feed them. Luckily as time had passed, few of them remained. Some died because they chose it. Other because they thought they could get away. Now only a handful remained.



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Samantha Dulak

I guess you can say I'm an ordinary Joe. My personality is like a River it's strong. I did graduate from high school and I have some college. I have a beautiful son. Im in love with the written word. Come on in and enjoy yourself.

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  • Kris Griffith2 years ago

    Awesome story!

Samantha DulakWritten by Samantha Dulak

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