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Is this for me?


By Samantha DulakPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Is this for me?
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As I heard the buzzing, the sound creeps up your spine, I couldn't help but ask myself why? This was only meant for the "ones". Each year your name is put into a pool. One is something you might need as you have done "good" for the year. The other? Let's just say the world watches your death.

As the thoughts of my year came flooding back, I'm pacing the floor. Why would this come to me? I look at the address, perplexed by the thing. It was maybe a 12x12 box. Wrapped in a brown grocery paper bag. It said: Head Of Household 1623 Robbin Ways Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee... Yepper. That's my address alright. I'm screwed I thought. But what have I done this year to be given this?

I been good at work. Late... Maybe once and I even did the Christmas party. Everyone knows you're golden if you go to that thing. Why is white elephant party sooo popular? Geez. Another book for the bookshelf... Oh snap! Did I forget to pay that parking ticket? Now that wasn't my fault. The sign had been laying on the ground I took a picture and everything... How was I supposed to know?

You could see tracks in my carpet. One way thoughts. Then opposite was the rebuttal. I pick the darn thing up again. I go to my table. My beautiful table. I've spent most of time in here with family. Tears swell up. Was this the last time I was going to see it? No, I thought to myself.

How can one drone with a present cause this much anxiety? I don't actually remember how long time had passed. I can tell you the light faded and it was dark by the time I chose to get up from that one seat. I've got to do this. Just suck it up buttercup. It didn't help that my bum was numb.

You see, we have the choice to call anyone. To say our goodbyes or to confess anything. Tell someone truly how we feel. But remember, it could be something you need too. Why was I sooo sure it was the bad one? Death on TV... Trial of the Fool. No one ever won that game. The truth is that you're not going to win it. You're the mouse and everything is thrown at you. Traps, animals, and even chemical warfare. But I guess it keeps people in line. Then why was this sent to me?

We only have 24 hours to open it. My time was ticking. Should I call my mom? I can see that now. " Hey mum, how are you doing?" "Oh, hey darling. I'm fine. Just went to the grocery store. Now I tell you what's up with this inflation? I won't be able to afford butter. It's gone up to $12 for just a small tub. Next thing you know I'll be on the side of the street I tell you. It was ten dallors to make you holler but now inflation. No, no ,no; now it twenty dallors and I'll make you haller... And you better not go asking me any questions." "Geez mom. That not a picture I want in my head...." How can I say "Hey mom, the drone came to my house" after that?

No, no, no... I won't call anyone.. If it's something I need then I won't be on TV. Still, doubt is in my mind. What is something I could use? Money was the first thought. Bills don't pay themselves. Everyone needs that. I do need a new car.

After getting into an accident and having to drive a rental. Plus the prices... Mom was right. Inflation sucks. Yes, a car would be amazing. But a car won't fit a 12x12 box... Hummm I thought. Secretly hoping for a title to a car.

I just need to get this over with and open this thing up. When this drone comes to you, you've got to call a number. They already know you have it. Still, rules are rules. I call the number and this automated machine picks up. Great. This could be your last days on earth and you can't even get a human being on the phone. Go figure... You follow the prompts and then you're ready.

Well, now it's just me and this 12 x12 brown paper bag wrapped present. I sit on the same chair and slowly bring my hands forward. Shaking is an understatement. I can't control them. Sweat is dripping off my brow... Why is it so hot in here?

I check to see if I smell. Because my back is drenched in sweat as if I've ran a 4 minute mile. Like that would make a difference to this package. I want to slap my forehead, just for that stupid thought. Just gotta open it.

I slide my fingers on the side of the package at the flaps and the sides come unraveled. My heart is in my chest. I close my eyes and rip open the box. I feel my youth flooding back like when presents were wrapped and left under your tree. Then you would wake up and you would be so excited you just had to open it and you couldn't take your time. That's what I did. Praying for something I needed.

I open the box. The instantaneous feeling of relief sweeps over me. Yes!!! I'm ok. I was a good person. For in that 12x12 box that came by the drone was laundry detergent. Not just any laundry detergent either. It was the sheets of detergent that didn't come in plastic bottles. I've always wanted to try them as plastic is an enemy of mine. For the first time I felt tears of joy. I'm glad I was chosen as a good person. I'm curious about the other drone so I sit down at my TV to watch. Relieved that it wasn't me going to the "Trial of the fool". Oh, maybe I should start a load of laundry.


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Samantha Dulak

I guess you can say I'm an ordinary Joe. My personality is like a River it's strong. I did graduate from high school and I have some college. I have a beautiful son. Im in love with the written word. Come on in and enjoy yourself.

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