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A Basket Of Shadows

Why Is Irene Adler Walking Down A Street In The Rain In A Bright Red Coat?

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 17 days ago Updated 17 days ago 1 min read
Top Story - November 2023
An AI Imagination Of Irene Adler


The title is from a Polly Jean Harvey poem and Irene Adler is Elementary.

This is a microfiction based on her character.

This is for a challenge based on the image that you can enter by posting your story here.

The music is "I See Red" by Split Enz

A Basket of Shadows

It was a grey and rainy night. Irene had set the wheels in motion of her latest project.

She had had dinner with Holmes and Watson and told them not to interfere as she did know how much she would hurt them if they did.

Sherlock knew that he was second best but still tried to second guess Irene's plot but he knew by the time he worked it out her project would have succeeded.

One day he would better her, but that was not today.

To him, her world and plans were nothing more than a basket of shadows that he tried to unravel but they always flew away.

Irene always stood out but no one noticed her, they saw a woman in a red raincoat but not who it was.

Her phone let her know that it had happened.

The Prime Minister had been shot and killed, that was the news released.

The pound would plummet

Her broker would buy up a billion of the country's currency.

Then the news would be released that he had survived and the pound would rise again.

Irene's broker would sell at a huge profit.

Irene walked down the street in her red coat, leaving Sherlock and Joan seething.

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  • Healty Life13 days ago

    i love the way you write, literally you inspire me, can you please read my story and tell me on how i can improve, thanks inadvance

  • Rana Shafiq13 days ago

    I am professor Shafiq masters in Mathematics and post graduate,in computer science I teach maths, physics and chemistry. my interpretation is purely based on students' comprehension ability. If the student doesn't understand the subject, I explain with the basics until he understands the topic. Basically maths is a logical subject, if we grasp magic we don't need to worry about maths subject.... Very positive and productive content ♥️♥️

  • Harun rashid15 days ago

    Good,This content is very fine,so I love that it was a Challenge story and Congratulations on your top story.

  • Babs Iverson15 days ago

    Awesome!!! Congratulations on Top Story!!!💕❤️❤️

  • The Dani Writer16 days ago

    One of my favourite movies and dvd series to watch over and over again. You picked a winner of a subject Mike. Congratulations!

  • Daphsam16 days ago

    Great storyline!

  • Real Poetic16 days ago

    Congratulations Mike! 🎉

  • Sarah Danaher16 days ago

    Well done, good plot.

  • Yayyyyyy you got a Top Story! Congratulations!

  • Kendall Defoe 16 days ago

    Well done, MD! TS time! 🏅

  • JBaz16 days ago

    Congratulations Mike. interesting concept

  • Margaret Brennan17 days ago

    congratulations on TS. very interesting story.

  • Gerald Holmes17 days ago

    Congrats Mike!

  • Mariann Carroll17 days ago

    You asked for it, Mike. Here you go....

  • Great stuff here, Mike. Congratulations 🎈

  • Naveed17 days ago

    Well done! Keep pushing forward with your excellent work—congrats!

  • Mr Ahsan17 days ago

    Brilliant telling congrats on top story. Keep sharing just amazing content with us just like this.

  • Mariann Carroll17 days ago

    Congratulations on Top Story !!!!!! I just knew it!!!

  • Cathy holmes17 days ago

    Congrats on the TS.

  • Really good characterization and execution here brother very well done 💓

  • Simple & straightforward. But surely Holmes would know to check if someone purchased large quantities of currency & then unloaded them after the pound went back up. Then again, knowing it & proving it are two different things, kind of like a woman wearing a raincoat in the rain.

  • Oooo, Irene is so brilliant! Loved your story!

  • Embarrassingly I had to Google 'Irene Adler' but once I got that...all good 🤍 Brilliantly done x

  • Cathy holmes17 days ago

    Wonderful job. Well done, Mike.

  • Mother Combs17 days ago


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