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Yummy hamburger steak recipe

by Ark 5 months ago in recipe


hamburger steak recipe

Hamburger Steak Recipe

Hamburger Steak Recipe reveals the secret of a perfect Hamburger steak often seen in famous restaurants. With several simple and easy ingredients, you can make your Hamburger steak within minutes!

"Steak cooked in the Hamburg style" is what the Hamburger Steak is all about! It combines minced beef with onions and breadcrumbs, served with fries or potato and salad or vegetables.

Hamburger Beef Steak Recipes show you how to mix the minced beef with several ingredients and resemble a steak. Usually, there are different ways to make your hamburger steak according to your taste and flavor. The Hamburger Beef Steak Recipe below is tested and proven great in famous restaurants. Try it at home, you'll love it.

Ingredients - Hamburger Steak Recipe

Ground Hamburger - 200gms

Flour - 50gms

Worcestershire Sauce - 20gms

Garlic Powder -20gms

Onion Sliced - 30gms

Bread Crumbs - 20gms

Ground Black Pepper -20gms

Seasoned Salt - 10gms

Vegetable Oil - 10gms

Pre Made Gravey - 50gms

How To Make - Hamburgers Steak Recipe

Mix the hamburger ground beef, bread crumbs, pepper and salt, onion powder and garlic powders, Worcester sauce together in a big jar

Make the above mixture into patties

If you use a skillet to cook, heat some vegetable oil in the skillet.

Cook the patties in the skillet until the patties cooked nicely browned

I normally cook the patties for about 3-4 minutes on each side

Place the cooked beef patties into a plate

Pour the pre-made brown gravy onto the skillet

Heat the brown gravy to warm

Place back the patties on the grave in a skillet

Add sliced onions in skillet

Flip the patties once to make sure both sides got the gravy covered

Cover and cook for 18 minutes

Check-in between and add water if the brown gravy is becoming too thick

Serve the cooked hamburger steak with french fries and fresh vegetables!

This hamburger steak meal is so inexpensive that some people call it "Poor Man's Steak Meal"! It is really easy to make and everyone can enjoy it at home!

The ingredients used here can be somehow different from person to person as per your likeness

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