Why Now Is The Perfect Time For You To Begin Intermittent Fasting

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intermittent fasting and the science behind it

Why Now Is The Perfect Time For You To Begin Intermittent Fasting

If you're always looking for new ways to be healthy and lose those extra bounds

this following trend may be a great fit for you.

for several years people have come up with many diets and methods to lose body fat and live healthy long life and achieve the body of their dreams, and every time a new diet comes in, with a matter of a few years it will fade away because it wasn't sustainable way to continue following these diets or even safe in some cases and it could ruin people health for the long term

The more complicated it gets the more we go back to the original and basics stuff that older generations use to do in early stages of the human life and while intermittent fasting got very trendy for the past a few years, fasting has been there for a long time ago and approved to be effective for shedding that weight in a safe way.

“It's nice when something is popular and actually safe “

Robin Foroutan

What this article is about:

Introduction to intermittent fasting

what is fasting ?

what people did in the past ?

Why intermittent fasting is the way to go (best time ever to start was 5 years ago, and next best time to

Start is yesterday!)

What is intermittent fasting ?

different methods of intermittent fasting

what is the science behind it ?

Intermittent fasting health benefits

physical and mental benefits

who shouldn't do intermittent fasting ?

the thing to consider when you are doing intermittent fasting

implementing other diets with intermittent fasting

Cheat sheet and Key takeaways

Introduction To Intermittent Fasting

So now while intermittent fasting is getting more known these days you might want to know what it is all about and how to start doing it TODAY and why celebrities like Jenna Jameson, Vanessa Hudgens, Halle Berry, YouTubers, etc

swear by it, so does intermittent fasting suites everyone and is it the best way for us to lose weight and what other health benefits could we have starting this diet

and more so this lifestyle

what is fasting ?

fasting: is the practice of stop consuming any kind of food or drink for a specific amount of hours and then break the fast .

what people did in the past

While fasting may seem new for some people, Muslims actually have been doing this practice for thousands of years, before people discovered intermittent fasting, only Muslims did it for religious and spiritual reasons and their way is to start fasting from sunrise until sunset, therefore they managed to commit and do it every day for 1 month,

called Ramadan for many years and some of them was volunteer fasting throughout the year on several days, and only recently in the past a few years researchers have discovered the health benefits for this method and now they are using it as a cure and promote it for general health and it only can get bigger now

Why Intermittent Fasting Is The Way To Go (Best Time Ever To Start Was 5 Years Ago, And Next Best Time To Start Is Yesterday!)

There's no wonder that intermittent fasting is spreading all over the place and people love it because it doesn't require to cut any type of food from your meal plan or force you to drink veggie juices that make you feel sick, while you could enjoy the blessing of trying new food, enjoy life and still lose weight without restricting yourself or feeling guilty for eating a meal out with a friend.

it actually only focuses on your eating pattern and schedule the meals to fit your lifestyle starting from hours that you sleep into your activities, and you can adjust the schedule of hours according to your preferences Which makes it way easier and take out the stress.

what is intermittent fasting ?

Is basically stopping to eat or add anything to your body that includes calories for a period of time including your sleeping hours and then eat your normal meals after the fasting period

different methods of intermittent fasting

And there are many methods of intermittent fasting so you can find the perfect one for you :

5:2: you eat 5 days of the week like usual and for the rest 2 days you will decrease your calorie intake to 500-600 calories / a day

O .m.a.d : one meal a day you simply consume all the calories in one meal and fast for the rest of the day

16:8 you eat your regular meals during the 6-8 hours time period and fast for the rest of the day

Alternate-day fasting: basically fasting every other day with any method you choose

Eat-stop-eat diet: this the one where you fast for 24 hours twice a week

So when you start fasting 10 pm you will eat again in the same time the day after, Its a bit in the harder side

14:10 it the same method as 16: 8 just with more longer eating period and it’s great options for beginners

what is the science behind it ?

Now let's take it from a science way

the reason we lose fat percentage using intermittent fasting is that our body takes fuel and produce energy from our daily food and the extra intake of food the body store it as fat simply cause the body doesn't need it so when you eat the sugar level in your blood wilL

increase and then the pancreas will produce insulin to manage the glucose after that the body give your mind signal that you are full to stop consuming more food so what happens when the body is fasting for long period of time the body will use the fat to get glucose they need to produce energy when it can't have it directly from food and it will give your pancreas a rest time from producing insulin

Intermittent Fasting Health Benefits

Can intermittent fasting make you healthier?

a lot of researches have shown that losing weight is not the only benefit you could get from intermittent fasting there are many bonuses including physical and mental health

physical and mental benefits

A lot of researches have shown that losing weight is not the only benefit you could get from intermittent fasting there are many bonuses including physical and mental health


  • such as reducing the risk of getting diabetes type2,
  • prevent having cardiovascular disease
  • decrease blood pressure
  • will make your body more disease resistance,
  • enhancing your physical performance
  • autophagy: which means (self-eating) the body create a system to clear all the toxins and damaged cells to perform the best


  • increase your mind memories
  • get better comprehension for adults
  • protects the brain from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease Who shouldn't do intermittent fasting ?

you shouldn't do it if you have the following cases :

  • people suffering from diabetes
  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding
  • children and adolescents
  • people using a medicine that needs to have after a meal
  • people with an eating disorder because it might cause a bad relationship with food
  • the thing to consider when you are doing intermittent fasting

    don't binge eat after the fasting period it will ruin the system and you won't gain anything ,during the first 4 weeks, you might experience some side effects which is totally normal and it will fade within the first month: hunger and maybe grumpiness, dizzy, mood swing drinking water, black coffee or tea may help the hunger in the fasting periods And lastly Try to stop eating 2 hours before you sleep

    implementing other diets with intermittent fasting

    while intermittent fasting doesn't restrict you with certain food and your not avoiding anything from your diet there are maybe some things to look at in this area for example

    if you want a healthier body, live longer you may want to keep this in mind

    what is the type of fuel you are consuming, are you getting your daily nutrients from it ?,

    and it doesn't mean that you won't gain the benefits as mentioned earlier, it means that changing the quality of your food will make it even better

    therefore you might consider implementing intermittent fasting with other diets that don't restrict you as much but still provides you with nutrients you need

    And the most known diet as a healthy option is a plant-based diet (1) when

    It's not requiring to cut tons of things and mainly focus on eating more vegetables and whole foods, So with changing the quality of the food, it will impact the health of your body.

    Cheat sheet and key takeaways

    intermittent fasting dosn’t require cutting any food types

    there is many different intermittent fasting methods to apply

    intermittent fasting have many health benefits menatally and physically

    while intermittent fasting is good for your body taking care of your food type is bonus .

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