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When you don't care about Christmas

But the whole world needs it

By Sprint FactsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
When you don't care about Christmas
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Decorate the halls with lots of tinsel fa-la-la la-la la la la la

Or something like that... right?

The thing is, I don't celebrate Christmas. Why? Because I'm Jewish. This seems like a pretty valid reason, yet the world is still screaming "Merry Christmas" in one ear and overplayed (yet catchy) jingles in the other.

Why can't Hanukkah songs also be catchy radio jingles? Also, why can't anyone agree on how to spell Hannukah?

Now Hanukkah is held on the same day as Christmas every few years and is then more festive for the average Jew. But in years where there's quite a bit of time between holidays, it's quite anticlimactic. You see, when everyone celebrates something together, no matter what it is, everyone is in a much better mood. It's much more fun, everyone gets their gifts at the same time. Double the delicious treats.

But in years where there's a week or two between Hanukkah and Christmas...it's kind of awkward...

This year, Channukah began on December 10 and ended eight candle lighting later just a week before Christmas. So while I'm celebrating alone because it's COVID-19 and I'm the only Jew in the whole small town, everyone else has continued with their Christmas decorations. Many decorate honestly from the beginning of the month. Why does it take 24 days to decorate for one holiday that lasts for two days? (don't eat me for that)

Anyway, this is probably my first year celebrating the holiday by myself since I don't have a roommate this year. (Though that's 100% a blessing)

Last year, even though I lived further away from civilization than I do now, I still flew into town to celebrate with my parents. In addition, I was even able to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas with my girlfriend in another country because the holidays were close enough. It's been quite a busy time, I lit the first candle with my parents in Toronto, and a day later I flew to Mexico to see my girlfriend and her family for Christmas!

''Moosey'' on a Christmas tree in Mexico (2019)

However, this year it was just me and my dog ​​lighting the Chanukkiah (like the Menorah, but not from the old temple and 9 feet of gold). Although this year was a little special in that I was lighting the Chanukkah that I made in 2nd grade; coincidentally, I also teach 2nd grade this year.

I'm not entirely sure why I didn't bring this crafty Hanukkah with me in previous years, but I did bring a very heavy gold painting. But I found this one in my parent's basement and knew I wanted to (re)claim it. My mother likes to have a lot of them available for the holidays, along with quite a large collection of dreidels.

My Chanukkiah made in 2nd grade

So this year I celebrated Hanukkah with a random assortment of birthday candles and flimsy wicks because I completely forgot to get enough candles. But everything worked out and I didn't set the nearby couch on fire once! I promise.

But back to the main topic, where everyone is going crazy for Christmas...

I just finished celebrating the holiday by myself while everyone is getting ready to spend the holidays with their families all sitting around big piles of turkey, ham, stuffing, and more. Under the decorated trees, candy is handed out to children to distract them from the presents, and hopefully, there is plenty of laughter in the air. And I just want to avoid it all.

I don't know if it's jealousy, fatigue, or just a general lack of enthusiasm. And I'm not trying to be a Grinch, I promise. I'm honestly, really happy for those who get to spend time with their loved ones this year, especially after such a roller coaster year. The holidays bring hope to people, and I'm grateful for that.

Although maybe I want to be a bit like the Grinch in terms of holed up at home and avoiding all the fun. I'm tired of randomly humming random Christmas songs (they're too catchy!).

I think for everyone celebrating any holiday with family and/or friends, I hope you have a great time. And for anyone who's doing it solo like me and wants to hide in a cave, we can do it. A little together.


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