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What is the significance of the culinary delights hidden inside Hong Kong's market?

Culinary Adventures in Hong Kong

By Sewmini James Published about a month ago 3 min read
What is the significance of the culinary delights hidden inside Hong Kong's market?
Photo by Krista Stucchio on Unsplash

Hong Kong’s sophisticated food scene treats locals and travellers to Michelin star dim sum brunches, succulent goose and much more. And, if you’re looking for cheap delicious meals, it doesn’t get better than the hawker market. Let’s dig into the culinary delight in the glitzy city.

How to enjoy a dim sum brunch?

Dim sum is not just a meal but a gourmet experience that satiates your hunger and leaves you feeling satisfied and content. They serve dim sum everywhere from restaurants in Wan Chai to compact dim sum restaurants. A dim sum brunch includes a colourful and pleasing assortment of dumplings of all sorts served on bamboo steamers and hot tea. Whether you dine at a hotel like Dorsett Wan Chai Hong Kong or head to a street food market, dim sum is all about tasting authentic Hong Kong flavours. This is definitely an culinary experience not to be missed.

How to enjoy beef and offal noodles?

You can get these at the Bowrington Road Market. Simply choose your favourite noodles and then tell the chef your picks for toppings. They’ll fish the toppings from the simmering pot and place those in your bowl. Once you get your bowl of noodles, add pickles and chilli sauce from jars along the counter. You can pair your noodles with a drink of your choice.

How to enjoy BBQ meat in Hong Kong?

How would you like to tuck into a honey-glazed suckling pig? How about delectable pork belly or goose? Hong Kong’s BBQ comes in all kinds of flavours and textures. Try some charcoal–fired roasts or crispy pork belly bursting with flavours. Try these at one of the hawker stalls for an authentic experience.

What to enjoy at the Tai Po Hui Market?

Grab a lunch of Shanghai-style crispy pork chop noodles or freshly caught seafood. They display the day’s catch on open-air stalls and let you pick your favourite combination. Wrap up your lunch with some sweet Hakka mochi.

How to enjoy hairy crabs?

Hairy crabs make an appearance between October and November. These tiny and beautiful crabs taste as rich and creamy as egg yolk. You can get these in your fish sauce or pasta. It is always a gourmet delight.

How to enjoy a meal at the Aldrich Bay Market?

Tuck into clay pot rice served with Chinese sausage, slices of beef, eggs and even scallops and geoduck. The sweet soy sauce, flavoursome toppings and rich rice grains make a meal fit for royalty. But, the absolute star of the show is the charred rice crust that awaits at the bottom of your clay pot.

How to enjoy curry fish balls in Hong Kong?

Fishballs rarely contain any fish. These bite-sized flavour-packed floury balls are served on bamboo sticks or in takeaway bowls.

How to enjoy beef-filled French toast and milky tea in Hong Kong?

This sounds like a breakfast dish but you can have it any time of the day in Hong Kong. Order your French toast with a filling of beef. Wash it down with Hong Kong’s speciality milky tea. They make tea with condensed milk and you can have it either hot or cold. The tea is always silky smooth and satisfying.

How to enjoy pineapple buns?

Pineapple buns have no relation with the exotic fruit. Hong Kong’s favourite buns are made with eggs, flour, sugar and lard. They bake the sweet concoction until it turns golden brown and crumbly. The buns do resemble the outside of a prickly pineapple. Add a dab of creamy cold butter to the buns (right off the oven) to enjoy the cool, rich sweetness sliding down your throat.





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