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What Is Breadfruit?

by Ashley Terrell 6 months ago in organic

The Up and Coming Vegetable

Photo credit: Health Benefits

When I was introduced to breadfruit, I saw it on Christina Milan's Instagram. I was intrigued by her Instagram post when she sliced into the bright, yet mellow green skin vegetable exposing the pale yellow whitish interior. As she was perplexed on if she could or should eat the vegetable, Milan expressed she enjoyed tasting breadfruit for the first time.

Knowing this, I wanted to know more about the mysterious vegetable.

Breadfruit, also known as Artocarpus altilis, comes from the same family as the mulberry tree. It's popular in the South Pacific and various tropical areas.

African breadfruit, also known as Treculia Africana, originated from Africa. African breadfruit trees grow as tall as 40 to 60 feet high with large, oval green glossy leaves.

Photo credit: NPR

The mother tree of breadfruit originated from New Guinea and grown throughout the Pacific Islands and popular in Hawaii.

Growing breadfruit is very interesting because planting the vegetable requires less labor, maintenance, and pesticides than rice and wheat.

Breadfruit is a blessing to kitchen tables - 250 breadfruits a year can feed a family for generations!

Breadfruit is rich in fiber and amino acids.

Help your friends and family's digestive system by adding breadfruit to your kitchen table. Fiber is essential for promoting healthy digestion.

Not to mention, the fiber found in breadfruit can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Amino acids, like phenylalanine, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, are considered protein.

Amino acids help support all major body functions.

More importantly, amino acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 helps grow healthy hair follicles. Eating breadfruit regularly to strengthen and thicken locs to be beautiful and glossy.

Breadfruit is rich in antioxidants.

Breadfruit is high in antioxidants such as phenols and phytochemicals.

I love foods that are high in antioxidants. I believe foods rich in antioxidants are ideal for healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin C aids in cell damage from free radicals. The powerful antioxidant builds and maintains collagen which is necessary for glowing skin.

Foods rich in antioxidants [like breadfruit] can reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Studies show diets high in Vitamin C can reduce the risk of cardiovascular difficulties including, but not limited to heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Photo credit: Masala Herb

You can eat breadfruit in different ways!

As I mentioned, when I saw Milan's Instagram post of her sharing her thoughts about breadfruit, she tried it while it was raw.

According to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens Breadfruit Institue, the protein-rich vegetable can be eaten at any stage. When the breadfruit is small and green, it has the flavor of an artichoke.

When the breadfruit is medium and maturing, it has the flavor of a potato. I think this is the stage Milan tried breadfruit in her Instagram post.

When the breadfruit is ripe and soft, you can enjoy it as a dessert.

Most often, breadfruit is eaten raw.

You can enjoy breadfruit whether you roast, baked, boiled, fried, or ground as flour.

I think I'm going to try breadfruit with Stella Bistro Foods Universalt Sultry Spice depending on the stage I try and experiment with the vegetable.

African breadfruit is popular in Jamaican cuisine. African breadfruit could be an alternative for normal potatoes used in Curry Chicken.

I think Stella Bistro Foods Tasty Turmeric, Stella Bistro Foods Caribbean Jerk Sultry Spice, and Stella Bistro Foods Sazon Sultry Spice would be accomodating in flavor and taste.

Have you ever tried breadfruit? What do you think of breadfruit's taste and texture?

How did you like to cook or eat it?

Tip and let me know below!

Ashley Terrell
Ashley Terrell
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