What are your Baking Must-Have tools?

If you are having a hard time choosing the perfect one for you, choose the right place to shop instead.

What are your Baking Must-Have tools?

Having the right tools and complete equipment is essential in the art of baking. I assure you, investing in these materials is not a waste. You will reach out for these materials than what you may think. Most of the bakers have their favorite brand and type of items. But what is important is that you start with the basic tools.

However, selecting basic tools is not easy. It is hard to know which ones are really important and which ones you can live without. The shopping dilemma of all bakers is buying equipment that they will never touch again in the future because it is unnecessary.

Here is the list of baking must-have tools:

1. Piping Tips

Decorating cake should be a piece... of cake... But it's harder than it looks when you don't have the right tools to do it. Low quality bakeware can turn your dream job into a nightmare.

That's why we've included 37 of the highest quality frosting tips on this side of the solar system. They love our cakes on Mars. With a closed star, open star, French, round, plain, leaf and petal tips, and 30+ more tips to choose from. You can decorate any baked treat for any occasion with ease and precision.

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2. Piping Bags

Tired of the mess you get when using brushes and knives to decorate your cakes and treats? Then it’s time to bag it in.

Use the pointy tips of these strong and flexible Large 16"disposable bags to pour out the icing and start swirling designs, patterns, names, shapes or whatever moves you at the moment.

The icing doesn't end there as this kit comes with x6 icing tips, x1 coupler, x 2 icing bag tie. Limited Time Offer!

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3. Oven thermometer

Not all ovens have the right temperature as what you set it however, having the right oven temperature is very important. Incorrect temperature can ruin what you are baking and everything will just be a waste of time.

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4. Hand mixer

There are numerous ways of mixing blends in baking. There are some that require soft sifting while other needs hard and fast beating. This will add or decrease the lightness of the texture of the mixture.

5. Measuring cups and spoons

Measurement of all the ingredients is very important. Make sure that you have the complete set of measuring cup and spoons. Also, use a separate one for the dry and liquid ingredients. Note that measurement is different between dry and liquid goods.

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6. Food Scale

You can read some recipe books stating the required weight of the ingredients. Remember that when the recipe says grams, it means it needs grams. If it says that it needs an ounce, then you will have to deliver an ounce. A missed gram or ounce can ruin the whole process so make sure that you have the best food scale you can have.

7. Spatulas and whisks

This is not just important for mixing and folding together wet and dry ingredients. Spatulas and whisks are also for making sure that there will be no wasted ingredient left in the bowl or pan. You will also need different sizes of spatulas and whisks for different ingredients and sizes of bowls.

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8. Rolling pins

If you are planning on making bread, cookies, pie crusts and puff pastries, then you will definitely need a rolling pin. This can also be used in crushing cookies, crackers, chips, or crackers that you need for a recipe.

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9. Baking pans

This is essential in baking. This will be the container of your batter when you are baking. It comes in different sizes and shapes. There are also different pans that you will need for cakes, cookies, bread, and pies.

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10. Mixing bowls

You will always have to mix your ingredients when baking. Having the right size and shape of the mixing bowl will help you lessen the wasted ingredients that will be left in the bowl. Also, this will help in a better.

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The right set of tools and equipment is essential in baking especially if you are just a beginner. If you are having a hard time choosing the perfect one for you, choose the right place to shop instead. Come to Baker’s Dozen and find only the best baking tools. Visit our website for more information.

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