Unpopular Opinion: Sweet Tea is Overrated!

Tea should be consumed hot !

Unpopular Opinion: Sweet Tea is Overrated!

Try living in the south where everyone is a major fan of Sweet Tea. At least five times a day, you will be guaranteed to hear something along the lines of, “let me get a Sweet Tea with that order”. The phrase never gets old. I moved to Atlanta, Ga. towards the end of 2017. Before that, I was living in good ol’ Cape Cod, Ma. We ate Cape Cod potato chips and drank Nantucket Nectars. Atlanta, was a huge culture shock, but definitely a place I had to experience.

I, for one, have never been interested in cold tea. Just the idea of tea being cold made me quiver. I thought, “what was the essential purpose behind cold tea” ? In my Jamaican household, we drank tea as a remedy to heal colds, headaches, stomach aches, fevers, etc. Or to keep our immune system in tack. So, I had no intention of drinking tea if I didn't necessarily need it; let alone drinking it cold as if it were lemonade, fruit punch, or any other cold beverage. I wouldn’t say that I was completely oblivious to folks drinking cold tea, but I was more so curious to how it taste. Especially, the famous ‘Sweet Tea’.

Here I am in Atlanta,Georgia. I am determined to experience the culture and its diverse scenery. Better yet, this Sweet Tea, I’ve been hearing so much about. I didn’t know where to start my search but I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got my hands on the prize. I arrived at an old-fashioned, southern restaurant. This should be a great place to experience my first cup of Sweet Tea. The waitress walks over as I scramble to decide what I wanted to eat. She asked, my choice drink and I said with a huge grin, “I would like to order a Sweet Tea, please,” she smiled back and automatically knew I wasn’t from Georgia. Maybe it was the way I responded with such glee, I had a long way to go before I was considered a Georgian! I placed the rest of my order and waited patiently for everything to arrive.

In about 10-15 minutes, the waitress walked over with a basket filled with cornbread and a tall glass of Sweet Tea. I was ecstatic! What I was waiting for was right in front of my face. I had several mixed emotions; hoping that this drink would live up to its hype and I would reconsider my dislike for cold tea. Without hesitation, I placed my lips on rim of the glass and took a huge gulp. Inside of my mouth was tingling with such bitter yet sweet taste. I forced myself to swallow what was left of the Sweet Tea, but I couldn’t. I ran to the bathroom and spat everything out. The taste had such discomfort. It was as if my taste buds were crying out for help. “How could this drink be so loved?” I thought to myself.

As I gathered myself to walk out of the bathroom, I got angry stares from left to right. That’s when I knew I probably should of just forced down the Sweet Tea, instead of spitting it out. The waitress was still standing around my table with a confused look on her face. She apologized and asked if there was something wrong with my drink. I explained how unfamiliar I was with Sweet Tea and asked if I could get a lemonade instead. A few minutes later, I was given a tall glass of lemonade as I continued to finish the rest of my meal. When I left the restaurant, I was a bit disappointed but not surprised. I knew how strongly I felt about cold tea to begin with; I didn’t expect that to change over night.

So I rest my case. Tea should not be consumed cold and Sweet Tea is a bit overrated. This unpopular opinion will spark a few nerves, but until I am proven wrong, I will never drink another Sweet Tea again.

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Georgette Smith
Georgette Smith
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