Unpopular Opinion But Coffee Doesn’t Taste Nice.....

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Most people don’t drink coffee for the taste.

Unpopular Opinion But Coffee Doesn’t Taste Nice.....

Unpopular opinion but coffee doesn’t actually taste nice. Don’t get me wrong, I drink coffee everyday, but I don’t drink it purely for the taste. I drink it to give me a boost, and I have to have it very milky with some sugar to take away the actual taste of coffee. I just think there’s so many drink options to choose from and coffee is not one of the options that people would choose for the taste. Now this doesn’t include caramel lattes for example, because they completely take away the taste of the coffee anyway. I’m talking about a standard cup of coffee you would make at home.

Beware, I enjoy going over the top when it comes to expressing my opinions.

People drink it for the caffeine and nothing else

Like me, a lot of people will just be drinking coffee for the caffeine. Take smoking as an extreme example, smokers don’t actually enjoy the taste of a cigarette (well most don’t anyway) they just smoke because they want the nicotine. Caffeine is the exact same, which is why most people become blind to the fact that coffee actually doesn’t taste nice. Most people who don’t drink coffee often will tell you they don’t drink it because it tastes disgusting. Also, most people who have never tried coffee will taste it for the first time and say it tastes weird, but you’ll find them drinking it because they like the boost they get from it.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought about grabbing a coffee purely because I fancy a nice tasty beverage. If I’m getting a coffee it’s because I need that pick me up.

Popular places like Starbucks and Costa hardly ever sell a normal coffee anymore. Most people order things like a mocha or a latte. Even coffee shops can’t sell it that’s how bad it tastes.

Now this is an unpopular opinion so most of you coffee lovers are probably cringing at your screen reading this. But I bet you never used to like the taste of coffee and now your brain is tricking you into thinking you like the taste in order to get that nex caffeine hit. (I love going over the top when I’m trying to prove a point)

Coffee needs help to taste good

Coffee cant taste good on its own. Even milk and sugar can’t save it sometimes. People have worked on perfecting the skill of barista in order for coffee to become enjoyable, to the point where the coffee cant even be tasted in the beverage.

I cant really think of another beverage that needs so much time and effort for it to taste nice. I can just enjoy a nice glass of H2O without any changes. The most I will add to water is some cordial, but that’s only if I want to drink something flavoured like orange.

Why do people choose coffee as a beverage

In Morden time there’s so many options for beverages I just cant understand why people would choose coffee as the beverage to enjoy. If I drink a cup of tea I drink it for the taste, not for its effects.

I would much rather drink a bottle of Diet Pepsi and enjoy the taste as oppose to drinking a cup of coffee which literally leaves a strong aftertaste in your mouth like you’ve just gulped some hot tar down your throat.

I think most People buy coffee just so they can post a photo on Instagram, because lets be honest, coffee makes for a good photo. This still doesn’t take away from the fact that it just doesn’t taste nice. If I’m sat in a coffee shop and for some reason see someone actually order a normal coffee, 9 times out of time 10 they spend most of the time snapping photos and then sipping the coffee a little, which is when they realise they’d much rather be drinking a mocha or a hot chocolate instead.

Espressos (the coffee equivalent of vodka)

I won’t lie, I love an espresso. But again its not really for the taste. It’s same way I love vodka. It’s for the effect it can give me. I drink an espresso fast, not really taking time to think about the taste. I’m the same with vodka, I get the taste for a few seconds, cringe, and then proceed to drink something else that tastes good. I’ll shot my espresso then proceed to drink my tasty beverage like a Fanta for example. Again, this proves my point that the actual taste of coffee isn’t nice, but the creations are.

At the end of the day everyone is entitled to like what they want, and this is an unpopular opinion, but no one can persuade me that coffee tastes nice, especially not people who don’t even drink a normal coffee (latte or capachino).

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