Unique Dessert Ingredients

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Be a dessert master where your friends envy your skills

Unique Dessert Ingredients

Desserts are a great way to bring friends and family together for a sweet treat. They bring joy and comfort with their deliciousness. For bakers who feel they are getting a bit bored with doing the same old thing or for more bakers with adventurous palettes, there are fun takes that you can take on traditional desserts to spice them up and add some excitement to your typical routine. Consider swapping these ingredients for some additional zest to your baking routine.

Sour Cream

Sour cream is often thought of as a topping to various foods and considered a more savory ingredient, however, sour cream has wonderful benefits when incorporated into baking. By adding sour cream, the dessert will have added moisture and fat, providing a fluffy and creamy batter to give your cake, muffin or cupcake a wondrous end product. The added thickness of sour cream in comparison to different types of juice or milk can add moisture without thinning out the mixture. The tangy taste of sour cream mellows out as it is incorporated into the recipe, so there is a wonderful result. Try this sour cream cinnamon muffins recipe to start seeing how sour cream can change your life as a baker forever.

Green Tea Matcha

Green tea matcha is a wonderful recent fad in baking. The finely ground green tea powder comes in a distinct, bright, eye-catching color that is said to offer many health benefits. While it was often considered just for teas and beverages, it has opened new doors for bakers everywhere with its savory but slightly bitter taste. By using recipes that involve matcha, the richness and unique taste of the green tea matcha brings out a whole new flavor profile than most amateur bakers could imagine. Whether you are incorporating it into cookies, cheesecake, or a layer cake, this amazing taste will bring a smile to anyone who consumes your treats.


Alcohol has been used in foods for many years, offering richness and moisture resulting in complex and delicious flavors. However, not all bakers realize that the incorporation of wine can enrich any delicious treat. Particularly red wine, with all of its potential health benefits, can be a wondrous addition to many foods. With its versatile use, wine can be added to popsicles, cupcakes, cakes or other tasty treats. For those concerned about integrating alcohol into their baked goods, while most of the alcohol will bake out, this may be an avenue to avoid for folks with concerns or children. For those without those interested in a spiked dessert, during warm months, consider creating wine popsicles for a refreshing and indulgent summer treat.


Heat, as the temperature is a crucial part of the baking process, however, many bakers do not consider adding in flavor profiles into their baked goods that offer a flavor profile of heat. This opens up many opportunities to expand upon traditional treats, as flavors like chocolate and cayenne marry together beautifully. By offering a decadent dessert that has a small, but noticeable kick, you can surprise your taster with something well off of the beaten path. This additional can raise the bar for any baked good, and offer new paths for bakers looking to spice up their work.

Unique Ingredients

While baking has some tried and true recipes, including classics like chocolate chip cookies, confetti cake and rice crispy treats, there are so many opportunities for bakers to embrace unique and sometimes unusual baking ingredients. While these traditions can spark happy and wonderful memories, the added flavor profiles of unfamiliar tastes can take our desserts to the next level. Consider how you can incorporate something unfamiliar into your next delicious dessert.

Considering untraditional or even strange flavors that we would not normally incorporate into our baked goods, we can find ourselves excited by the new opportunities that these present. Excite your tasters with your adventures and embrace new ingredients to spice up your baking habit and add some energy into your next treat.

Sasha McGregor
Sasha McGregor
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