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Top Creative Ways To Use The Orange Peel

by Sunshine Jane 10 months ago in how to
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Do you throw away the orange peel?

Top Creative Ways To Use The Orange Peel
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Oranges are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, have few calories, and help strengthen the immune system. These juicy and tasty fruits have multiple benefits and are pure "gold" for the health of our bodies.

They can be consumed in many ways, as such or included in various preparations, but after peeling, most people throw away those shells because they find them useless.

You would be surprised to find out how many uses they have and how many ways there are ways to reuse them. Even if they are not as famous as lemon peels, orange peels can be a real help in your household.

Here are some uses of the orange peel

For cooking: they add a fresh note to any dish and can be used to make cakes or salad dressings.

Keeping brown sugar in good condition: The oils in the orange peel help to remove moisture from the brown sugar and prevent it from solidifying.

Olive oil: you can add to the olive oil and grated orange peel - a perfect dressing for salads or baked vegetables.

For tea: dry these peels well before using them, then add them to the pot in which you prepare your favorite tea. Orange will give a subtle citrus flavor and much more flavor to the drink.

Sponge: Orange peel can quickly turn into a sponge for a stove or sink.

All you have to do is rub the surface with the pulpless part, then rinse well. The oils in it are a natural degreaser, so you no longer have to spend money on expensive products.

Grease stains: You can use orange peel to clean stainless steel objects. You will immediately get rid of residues, stains, and grease and make them look like us, without too much effort.

Furniture: the white part of the orange peels can be used to polish wooden furniture. Provides extra shine that lasts a long time.

Non-toxic cleaning spray: you can make a home cleaning product yourself. All you need is a few orange peels, which you can add to a bowl with a few tablespoons of white vinegar.

Leave the liquid in the fridge for a few weeks, stirring occasionally. Transfer to a spray bottle, shake well beforehand, and use to clean floors or windows.

Natural air freshener: orange has a sublime citrus scent and can help freshen the air in your home.

All you need is a few orange peels to dry and then transfer to a small plastic bag. You can place it in drawers with clothes or in any other place inside the house.

Scented candle: this can be a fun project that you can do with your child.

An orange peel can be turned into a scented candle with just a few ingredients, such as wax and a textile string.

Cleaning the bin: If it has a strong odor, which persists even after you have washed it, you can use the orange peel for its inner walls. The wonderful citrus scent will replace the unpleasant one.

Bird food container: for this, you need half an orange, which you should clean well inside. Let it dry for a few hours, then tie a string outside, add bird food and place it in the tree in front of the block or house.

Mosquito repellent: choose fresh orange peels and grease all over your skin to keep annoying mosquitoes away. Insects do not like the smell of citrus and you will get rid of this problem immediately.

Get rid of garden pests: if snails eat your garden plants, you can place orange peels in all its corners to keep them at bay. It is a much safer option than a toxic pesticide, especially if there are children or pets nearby.

Keep cats at bay: Orange peels will also remove stray cats that roam your home. In addition, you can use them to prevent your pet from destroying things in your home, such as houseplants.

Body scrub: Wrap a few orange peels in gauze and use it as a skin scrub during the shower. The skin will look great and will get a special glow.

Bath powder: let the shells dry for a few days, then grind them with a blender until they turn into a fine powder. Use the mixture during a relaxing bath, to which you can add your favorite oils.

Funny teeth: you can also use the shells as props during games with your child. They can be turned into funny teeth that can perfectly complement the outfit for a Halloween party.

A boat: this can be the next fun project you can do with your child. Orange peels can be turned into boats very easily. All you need is a muffin tin, in which you place the previously cleaned orange halves, then add your favorite cake mix. In the end, you can put a toothpick with a flag on top, to look even more like a boat.

Jewelry: you can make jewelry from orange peels. You have to dry them very well beforehand, then shape them to your liking.

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