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Top 8 sandwich places in Thornhill, Toronto

by bella 2 months ago in restaurants

Are you looking for a place for eating sandwiches? Check this post to find the best place in Thornhill, Toronto.

Haida Sandwich

photo by owner

Region: Toronto

Phone Number: (647) 352-3344

Website: https://haidasandwich.ca/toronto

Address: 15 Northtown Way North York, Ontario M2N 7A2 Canada

Service areas • North York, Toronto, ON, Canada • Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Opening Hours: 11 AM–12 AM

Dish Type: Pizza, Fast Food

Special Diet: Vegetarian Options

Price: CA$30 for two people (approx.)

Delivery: Yes

Google Rating: 4

Zomato Rating: 3.6

Foursquare Rating: 6.8

Looking for the best halal restaurant in Thornhill, Toronto? Enjoy the best quality halal food in Thornhill at Haida Sandwich. Prepared using halal meat, our variety of pizzas and sandwiches are fulfilling and scrumptious. Whether you want to order food just for yourself, a group of friends, or for an entire party, Haida Sandwich provides food delivery and catering service to meet all your needs.

Place an order for our irresistible pizzas and sandwiches, either through our website or through our mobile app. And you’ll have your delectable meal delivered at your doorstep. It’s that easy and simple!

Centre Street Deli

photo by J Chow

Name: Centre Street Deli

Website: www.centrestreetdeli.com

Phone: +1 905-731-8037

Address: 1136 Centre St, Thornhill, ON L4J 3M8, Canada

Cuisines: American

Opening hours: 7 AM – 7:30 PM

Google rate: 4.5

Yelp rate: 4

Zomato rate: 4.3

Tripadvisor rate: 4.5

Foursquare rate: 8.8

Features: Delivery, Takeout, Accepts debit cards

Price range: $$

Centre street deli family restaurant has been serving Thornhill since 1988.

When you decide to experience a delicious meal, it is better to start with an appetizer. We recommend you to taste smoked crap and whitefish appetizers in Centre street deli. Then you turn to salads, and the best is their Greek salad as a salad dressing is excellent. It's time to select your main meal, so we suggest you choose old-fashioned, corned beef and mild smoked meat among their menu. Indeed, all sandwiches worth eating. Also, the desserts are top of the line. Somehow the specials in Centre Street Deli's menu are dairy dishes and kids' menu (12 years and under).

Sandwiches are hand-cut, so it does make a difference. In case of your event, Centre Street Deli is ready to cater. Many customers believe their service has remained efficient all these years.

Parsi Sandwich

photo by owner

Name: Parsi Sandwich

Website: parsisandwich.com

Phone: +1 905-597-1188

Address: 8199 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6, Canada

Cuisines: Iranian

Opening hours: 11 AM – 9:45 PM

Google rate: 4.5

Yelp rate: 5

Tripadvisor rate: 4.5

Foursquare rate: not enough review

Features: Many vegetarian options, Delivery, Takeout

Price range: $$

If you are going to experience unique entrees, the Parsi sandwich is the best choice. You can choose one of their kebabs. Any sausage sandwiches are available over there. Maghz (lamb brain) sandwich is popular among customers. Also, Barg kebab is so tinder and mouth-watering. Please note that their burgers have a fair price as they are homemade and serve with fresh-cut fries. Usually, it's enough for two persons. We guarantee if you try Parsi Zaban (lamb tongue) sandwich, you will be back for more next time. What a delicious delicacy!

The cuisine is Iranian. You can bite your halal sandwiches while you have a good view of the street.

Wimpy's Diner

photo by Marylou Malicdem

Diner decked out in '50s kitsch serving up staples like burgers, roast beef & all-day breakfast.

Name: Wimpy's Diner

Website: wimpysdiner.ca

Phone: +1 905-889-6799

Address: 8123 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6, Canada

Cuisines: American

Opening hours: 7 AM – 12 AM (next day )

Google rate: 4.4

Yelp rate: 3.5

Zomato rate: 3.4

Tripadvisor rate: 4

Features: Delivery, Takeout

Price range: $$

The first Wimpy's Diner was found in 1961, and the second location was opened in 1992. They save their outstanding success up to these days.

You can enjoy Wimpy's long menu. Everything you desire is here: home-style breakfast, salads, dinners, appetizers, wings, dessert, and beverages but the most popular items are between the buns. Sandwiches and burgers are fabulous in Wimpy's Diner.

Wimpy's is a casual dining adorned with 50's and 60's theme with coin and decorated with memories. The dedicated staffs are trying together to please their customers routinely. Pick-up, take-out, and delivery are rapid and available at select locations.

Jasmin Sandwich

photo by Mike

Name: Jasmin Sandwich

Website: jasminsandwich.ca

Phone: +1 416-666-4442

Address: 6119 Yonge St, North York, ON M2M 3W2, Canada

Cuisines: Iranian, Canadian

Opening hours: 11 AM – 2 AM ( NEXT DAY )

Google rate: 4.4

Yelp rate: 4

Tripadvisor rate: 4.5

Foursquare rate: -

Features: Delivery, Takeout, Debit cards

Price range: $

Jasmine sandwich tried to reduce the lack of restaurant with both traditional Persian sandwiches and modern ones. It is not a typical restaurant.

Jasmine offers a wide selection of stunning traditional Persian sandwiches. Try them out. Indeed, well-baked burgers are worth being eaten. You can find hot, delicious sandwiches filled with savory flavors and delicious scents. We recommend you to taste their veal tongue and brain sandwich.

Jasmine prepares juicy, grilled sandwiches with the freshest ingredients ever. What is exciting about Jasmine's sandwiches is they are not greasy. They consume organic vegetables topped with tasty sauces on their sandwiches. Online ordering is possible through their official website.

What a Bagel

Name: What a Bagel

Website: www.whatabagel.com

Phone: +1 905-707-0101

Address: 7117 Bathurst St, Thornhill, ON L4J 2J6, Canada

Cuisines: American

Opening hours: 8 AM – 5 PM

Google rate: 4.5

Yelp rate: 3

Zomato rate: 3.6

Tripadvisor rate: 4.5

Foursquare rate: 8.4

Features: Accepts debits cards, Delivery, Takeout

Price range: $$

What a Bagel has switched on its oven since 1997. It is mixing, boiling, dressing, and baking bagels the same way during all these days.

What a bagel provides catering offers for breakfast, lunch, corporate and special occasions. They can deliver sandwiches daily in their bakeries. What a Bagel offers warm bagels and pastries. They served freshly straight from the oven. Mouth-watering pastries to soft cinnamon buns filled with healthy options.

Nowadays, they are home to the best bagels in Toronto. The seating area is so cozy; also, some benches are available. Excellent service and outstanding quality seem to be the reasons to drop a Bagel several times in a row. Its cuisine is American.

The Corned Beef House

photo by owner

Name: The Corned Beef House

Website: cornedbeefhouse.com

Phone: +1 905-597-1994

Address: 8707 Dufferin St #22, Thornhill, ON L4J 0A2, Canada

Cuisines: American

Opening hours: 11 AM – 8 PM

Google rate: 4.3

Yelp rate: 4

Zomato rate: 3.7

Tripadvisor rate: 4

Foursquare rate: not enough review

Features: Takes reservation, Delivery, Takeout

Price range: $$

The corned beef house is offering the best tasting corned beef sandwiches since 1978. They achieve success over the decades with the families working.

The most delicious item is a BLT sandwich, which serves with some fries and tasty coleslaw. Roast beef can be another delightful item. When you look at the Corned beef house menu, you will face vast delicious things to pick up. It will be hard for you to choose one or two, so you need to drop in the Corned beef house several times. The sandwiches' taste makes them unforgettable.

Good quality meals, very value-oriented prices, and excellent service make customers eager to return. The Corned beef house caters to your needs based on its American cuisine.

Ramona's Kitchen (Thornhill)

photo by owner

Popular spot offering breakfast plates, burgers & hearty sandwiches in a snug, modern-rustic space.

Name: Ramona's Kitchen (Thornhill)

Website: www.ramonaskitchen.ca

Phone: +1 905-597-9220

Address: 7355 Bayview Ave, Thornhill, ON L3T 5Z2, Canada

Cuisines: American

Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Google rate: 4.2

Yelp rate: 4

Zomato rate: not enough review

Tripadvisor rate: 4

Foursquare rate: 7.9

Features: Takeout

Price range: $$

Romona's Kitchen is a part of the Thornhill community, providing every family with the best food.

This restaurant is serving American breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The most favorite meal is brunch in Romano's Kitchen. Moreover, Schnitzel Egg Benedict is the most famous item on the brunch menu. Brunch burgers are yummy and bigger than your expectation. If you don't taste Ramona's Kitchen's western omelet, you cannot say you have eaten omelet since today. Romano's Kitchen consists of a lengthy, vast, and professional menu.

You can use both patio and indoor seats. There is a Gameday in Romano's Kitchen. They prepare food with a passion for customers as they consider customers' health. Freshness and quality have happened through the hand-selection of each ingredient. You will meet a professional and friendly team in Romano's Kitchen.

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