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Top 10 Vegan Chocolate Goodies

by Becki Friendly Food 3 years ago in vegan

Enjoy your old favourites in a cruelty free way!

My love of Chocolate incapsulated in a photo!

As a sweet loving person, Chocolate needs to be on hand for any "I don't want fruit" emergencies. Although I must admit, I'm actually not that much of a "let's eat a Chocolate bar" kind of person. Saying that, when I open the packet it does tend to disappear pretty quickly.

So my Mum had a genius idea. Chop all my favourite Chocolate bars up and pop them in a tub, then when the mood takes me I can have as much or as little as I want. Normally a bite here and there, I swear. After all Vegan Chocolate can be pretty expensive and hard to find!

Without further ado, here is my guide to the top 10 Vegan Chocolate bars that you all need to try at least once! (In no particular order, my favourite changes daily.)

1. Vego

This is the ultimate bar for those fondly remembering Ferrero Rocher and Nutella. Creamy chocolate with chunks of hazelnut throughout the huge, almost ruler sized, bars. You can get them in small or large bars, I always get the large... more cost efficient right? Plus you get five big chunks rather than three, so two chunks on one day and three on the other makes me feel less hard done by.

2. Buccaneer (Go Max Go)

This is an American chocolate bar so you will need to look online or in specialist Vegan stores for this one! Trust me, it's worth the hunt. This is the equivalent of a Milkyway bar. Soft, squidgy nougat surrounded by melt in the mouth chocolate. Memories of lunch boxes in playgrounds should come flooding back!

3. Twilight (Go Max Go)

This is the big bold sister of the Buccaneer bar. It is the Vegan Mars bar in all it's nougat, caramel and chocolatey glory! The caramel is perfectly gooey, the nougat soft and the chocolate smothers it perfectly. The only way you should be eating this is by biting around the edges and then eating the caramel, nougat finale last! For me, this is a version of Kit Kat eating etiquette recreated in a vegan style.

4. Vivani White Nougat Crisp

OK, I see the connection with these last three. But trust me, this one is amazing too. Although this one is more of a white chocolate melt in the mouth nougat bar with added crunch. It's crazy delicious and definitely right near the top of the list. Dangerously, I've just noticed it comes in a big share bar. I hope I never come across this on a weak day, it'll be gone in a minute.

5. Cleo's (Go Max Go)

Another sibling of the American Go Max Go family. Cleo's are for the ultimate peanut butter fan, as we all are I'm sure. Not only are they a great substitute for Reese's, they also do them in both white and "Milk" chocolate. These should come with a warning though, they are so delicious it will make you want more immediately and again, they are not easy to come by. So, eat and drool over with caution.

6. Rhythm 108 Sweet n Salty Almond

This one is for your less sweet, sweet tooth. It has a nice tang of salt in the flavour, which really brings the sweet almond flavour out. It also makes the chocolate beautifully quirky tasting and different for your most experimental days. It definitely doesn't compare to anything I had pre-Vegan days.

7. Jokerz (Go Max Go)

(Not gluten free—contains Barley)

I have tried this one before, without realising that it has a bit of barley in the bar. However for veganism alone it is perfect. This is the equivalent of a Snickers bar, nutty, packed with caramel and the stuff of dreams. I absolutely adored this bar when in America, give it a go. Perfect for any nut lover!

8. Green & Black's Velvet Edition

This is the new kid on the block, dark chocolate from the Cadburys world with a twist. It's smooth with an added kick of flavour from a range of options. I went for the Salted Caramel and the Orange & Almond. My absolute favourite flavours when it comes to chocolate. Perfect for those who enjoy a treat that isn't as bad for you as the normal bars.

9. Sainsbury's White Chocolate

Back in the day, I adored all the classics in the cupboard that were smothered in white chocolate. The more the better, like White Lion, Dream and Milkybars. Of course, now, that means Easter Eggs from Sainsbury's or little Chocolate bars. Just for a dose of over the top sweetness that only comes from White Chocolate.

10. Tesco Giant Buttons

Last but by no means least are the pack of Giant Buttons from the Free From section in Tesco. Like any good English kid growing up, Cadbury's Buttons were life. So to be able to relive this British staple is the best thing ever. I absolutely adore this treat, however, I will never endanger myself again by taking them into the cinema. They'll be gone. Quickly.

Well, there you have it, my drool-worthy Vegan Chocolate favourites. If you're like me, when you see any of these you'll buy them. Most of these are hidden treasure and need to be cherished, bought by the bucket load and stored with great care.

My most important bit of advice. Don't leave this around hungry non-Vegans, Chocolate is Chocolate and they'll be gone before you know it. It's happened to me before and it was a very sad day.

Becki  Friendly Food
Becki Friendly Food
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Becki Friendly Food

Having Crohn's disease, means I have a complicated relationship with food which started in my teens. At this time, I am Vegan and Gluten Intolerant which can make my eating lifestyle quite an adventure. Join me on my food adventures!

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