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To Love and Question

by orangepeachapples about a year ago in recipe
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Holiday Food and Thoughts: Coco-Choco!


Ahh... I am a strange one because I do not eat the common household delights such as sugary treats for the Holidays, anymore. I eat amazing, delicate, food that is made with ACTUAL maple syrup (the pure kind) Most people don't even know what that is in my experience. I just began this in 2020 by the way, I had to create change. But I understand, everyone loves to do things in a common pattern with the world that surrounds them, and sugar is one of them. I just like to do things uh... differently! Yes, I love all cookies. Yes, I enjoy sugar. Yes, I am a beast of a cook and when I throw my self into the comfort and serenity perhaps, of creating something from scratch I get a surge of energy that I chase and it is comforting. So why do I need to put more fat storage in my body just for a quick bite of happiness that does not last? Being free is what matters. And personally I have discovered that maple syrup goes down oh so nice... and it makes everything taste like sugar anyways.

Why do we celebrate most Holidays (indiviudal perspectives) Why doesn't anyone engage in that conversation. Better yet why don't we learn to QUESTION. To question why, why we celebrate holidays like they are a ritual every year. Hmm. So many unanswered questions myself and others have. But now I am asking myself these questions.

I absolutely LOVE HOLIDAY COOKING. YES. Not much desserts are better than that, since we all know and prepare every single year for this Holiday built in America and a variety of Holidays around the globe, to drive the consumer to buying and spending money. At least that is how I view it.

So many unanswered questions, once again, I ask myself: Why do we drop money on Holidays each year? And why do I think its okay to teach my kid that Santa exists, and why is Santa even important... I thought those like MLK were prominent and to be celebrated. Better yet why don't we celebrate something that matters to our fulfillment of a purpose and direction or inspire someone else to that! Most people I know don't celebrate the birth of Christ so my perspective is that Christmas bleeds out the consumerism that fat America is addicted to.

Personally, I LOVE baking and hanging out around holiday time.. But I also am not a brainwashed robot anymore either, I have learned the path of questioning everything.

These desserts only have 3 ingredients! You got that right. I never thought I could eat what tastes just like regular food with sugar when it only has 3 ingredients! I call these Coco-Choco.

Let me tell ya a little something. Holidays are bred on holiday shopping of course right? Do you think its strange that we started mass producing candy that has the same flavors as fruit? Actually, there's a name for it. Its called "fruit flavor," that to me is SO 2020 vision. We are fat in America even if our body is skinny. We have stores EVERYWHERE, but where are all the factories in America making the items such as clothes and household goods? Well, my friends, you will likely NOT see a factory making your favorite clothes here. If you read the tag it would probably say Made in Taiwan or China or anywhere else but the USA.

Why is it difficult for us humans to ask ourselves these, well, simple questions? If the Holidays meant more than enticing the everyday consumer we would know about it and we would be talking about it, but we don't. Basically everyone wakes up everyday and lives their own personal schedule based on what WE want out of life. So, why do we wake up everyday then assume based on what the world around us tells us, that one Holiday is a more, oh how do you say, "prominent" day compared to the rest of the days in the year?

I do not intend to side track to far out, but what comes to mind and what I think is worth celebrating is the entrance of someone into this place (aka birthday.) Taking their birthday to encourage their personal purpose and reconnect, rather than letting ourselves become consumers every year on Holidays. While getting products from who knows where factories outside of our Free Country, where we have PLENTY of people who could be making these products! (Being a creative writer can be hard to do). End of rant.

Why is it difficult for us humans to ask ourselves these, well, simple questions? If the Holidays meant more than enticing the everyday consumer we would know about it and we would be talking about it, but we don't. Basically everyone wakes up everyday and lives their own personal schedule based on what the person wants out of life. It seems to me that we as Americans may just be ignorant of the forces driving our nation and our Holidays.

Question everything, question everything ...

Today will never be the same/things have changed the world has changed, 2020 is not ending the same as 2019. No, our world has changed... our PLANET has changed.

We can all agree on that last statement! Sorry not sorry for having little side rants, I am a creative writer and I enjoy spreading truth and peace to all.

I LOVE HOLIDAY COOKIES. They rock. And I am grateful that sugar does NOT rule my baking world... anymore! We all should know that ALL the GMOs are not natural so I encourage myself and all to stay clean and healthy!

The way these delicacies melt in your mouth is amazing. The way this treat does bad all by themselves, is simply naturally naturale.'

Try it out. I make various simple recipes that are made without sugar and taste the same!


Coconut Butter– For the creamy, coconut filling. Coconut butter is NOT the same as coconut oil

Chocolate Chips– Stevia sweetened chocolate chips or you can also use a sugar free chocolate bar. No sugar.

Coconut Oil– Mixed with the chocolate


Melt the chocolate

Pour into muffin liners/silicone cups

Add in softened coconut butter

Top with chocolate

Throw in a dash of sea salt, or anything you like if desired

Refrigerate until firm!


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