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The Joys of Crafting in My Kitchen

by Nadia 13 days ago in cuisine

The Joys of My Kitchen featuring my favorite assistant: The Scissors

The joys of crafting in my kitchen

Let me take you on a little adventure and show you the joys in my craft. Fyi, to me, my kitchen is wherever I and my tools are present. I feel like especially with the right tools there is no cooking top or ingredient that I can't tackle and turn into something beautiful yet enjoyable to eat. Now close your eyes and imagine you're here with me in my kitchen...


I woke up starving! The kids do too! Time to craft a beautiful smoothie! Use my scissors to cut open the smoothie bag and or trim some fresh fruits. Add a cup of natural juice nectar or frozen almond milk plus 16 Oz of those mixed fruits. We prefer tropical fruits over in this house plus some berries for that antioxidant boost! Once again I need my scissors to cut open the oatmeal pouch and add it with some milk to the smoothie. This is how the babies like their smoothies. Day after day I quickly craft colorful, yummy, and healthy smoothies with the help of my scissors.

Lunch Time!

Hey! What do you guys want to eat? I think I am going to make some chicken! or we can craft some artisan pizza! So you guys want pizza !? Let me trim this chicken with my kitchen scissors. I'll also need some chopped onions. Let me grab these scissors from the drawer so I can cut open this bag and sauté them a little with some sauce. Now I layer my creation one beautiful layer over the other. Fresh tomato sauce cooked with my special seasoning blend I will layer it with some freshly grated cheese and add another layer of my special barbeque shredded chicken and another layer of beef pepperoni. Top that with some freshly grated pizza and mozzarella blend. Put it in the oven for thirteen minutes and here we have a beautifully crafted Artisan pizza. All that is missing is for me to cut some fresh basil with my scissors and sprinkle it on top!

Dinner is here! I am going to craft a steak dinner! Did you grab the steak from the meat market? Okay great! I am going to trim it down with my scissors. Also, I am making a side of garlic potatoes and some sautéed vegetables. Let me grab the scissors and open the sack of potatoes. I will also need my scissors to open a bag of vegetables and trim them down. Or should I make some salad? I don't think we had any fresh salad today? I just need my scissors to cut the lettuce and some tortilla chips into strips for that extra flavor. Also, I am going to cut open my taco seasoning pouch and sprinkle some onto the salad.

Let's smoke some stuff!

My scissors also come in handy when making my special natural hickory-smoked barbecue! I collect natural sticks and then trim them down with various leaves using my scissors creating the perfect bundle of flavor to add to my coals. This is what gives my barbecue the ultimate flavor and I couldn't have done it so seamlessly without my scissors!

The truth is...

My scissors don't look the prettiest anymore but I love them. They have been with me forever. One move after the other they are there, my black scissors, my little helper soldiers. My cooking contains my little joys. The beautiful relaxing silence of my mind while I am just deeply lost in my creation process. The sound of the water from the faucet as it hits the crisp vegetables from the market while I am cleaning them. The crackling of the fire as the aroma of the wood fills the place. The sound of butter sizzling as it hits, my favorite pan, my hot iron skillet. The different colors and shapes of the fruits as I cut them and drizzle them with my sweet wild honey blend. There is nothing that I love more than gathering and creatively bringing my ingredients together to craft something so fulfilling, tasty, nourishing, and good-looking! To just enjoy the final results with my family, friends, guests and loved ones is just an honor. I do not take for granted the accessibility to a single ingredient or tool, especially my trusty black scissors! And therefore I believe by carefully crafting my meals and taking good care of my scissors I am showing my gratitude to God, myself, and the universe for all that we are blessed with daily and this is what inspires me to keep crafting.

From smoothies to full meals to yummy sides and treats. Grills, barbecues, you name it. I am there with my scissors crafting some magic. And this is how I create my happiness day after day using my simple yet important tool: THE SCISSORS!

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