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by Isis Lyons 2 months ago in how to
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The perfect tuna melt

Photo by Youjeen Cho on Unsplash

The perfect tuna melt

If you’ve never tried a tuna melt, you’re missing out. This sandwich is a perfect combination of salty with a bit of sweetness. The tuna is of course made with mayonnaise and mustard; I’m not sure if anyone else puts relish on their tuna, but I sure do(this is what makes it sweet). Before you can put the tuna on your beautiful Natural Owl butter bread you have to make sure you make it crispy and cheesy. Make sure you have a pan on a stove with either a little bit of butter, mayonnaise or any oil of your choice; make sure it spreads all over the pan. Get a slice of bread and plop it onto the pan; as the bread is toasting, get the cheese out. When one of the sides of the bread is done and toasted, flip it over. Put your cheese on the toasted part of the sandwich; before taking the whole piece of bread out of the pan let the bread toast, and cheese melt. When that part of the process is finished take it out. (If you’re making two tuna melts, do that to another piece of bread). While the other piece of bread is on the pan, make sure you put two other pieces of bread in an actual toaster. Most of the time I add bacon to my sandwiches to give it more flavor. (if you’re not a fan of bacon you don’t have to worry about this next step.)

Baking the bacon

I get a metallic pan and I wrap aluminum foil all around it. I then put a little olive oil all around the aluminum foil, so the foil won’t stick to the bacon. We don’t want to eat foil, scary and traumatizing events could occur. Take four slices of bacon out of its baggy and lay them on the aluminum foil. (I prefer maple bacon, but it’s whatever you have a taste for.) Put the bacon for however long the directions say on the bacon baggy. Usually I’d put my oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, I leave the bacon in there for 15- 20 minutes. Depending on the brand of bacon I’ve gotten.

When the bacon is finished I then put all the bread on one plate. You should have two pieces of bread with melted cheese and two other pieces of bread that are just toasted. Then you get your bowl of tuna, you get a spoon and you scoop the tuna onto your bread however you’d like it. Take the two pieces of bacon and put it onto your sandwich. Close the sandwich and you have a perfect tuna melt, the best summer food you could possibly taste. The savory flavors of the tuna, cheese and bacon will have you obsessed.

(If you don’t like bacon I promise you the sandwich is still just like heaven either way).

The reason this meal is so important to me

Growing up my mother and I have always been extremely close. We don’t agree on everything, we actually don’t agree on many things but the one thing we do agree on most of the time is food. She’s always been the person I’d look to for food recipes; I mean I wouldn't ask. I would just observe what she would do in the kitchen. I’ve always been the type of person to sit back and go with the flow of things. If I have a question I know the universe will answer me through my experiences and other people’s actions. My mom shows her love through hugs, kisses and food. This meal is the number one example of that; it acquires five of my favorite foods, pickles(relish), tuna, bread, bacon, and cheese. I’m not sure if my mom meant to accomplish this task of putting all of my favorite things together and making it a rockin’ meal, but she definitely did. When I take the first bite of the sandwich a flare of hope washes over me. With the second bite happiness uplifts my heart, the third I just feel completely whole.

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