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The best thing to eat after a workout.

by Praveen Sharma 2 months ago in healthy

What we should eat after a workout.

The best thing to eat after a workout.
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Welcome everyone, hope you all are fine at your home.

Most people ask me that "What should we eat after workout" and all the questions related to the same topic. So today I am going to share the best things to have after a workout so that everything should go in a flow.

So please read till the end to get the essence of it.

* I usually take a black sugar-free coffee before going to the gym, and when leaving the gym, then 10 minutes or so later I eat one or two banana,s or apples, or perhaps an energy bar. 15 minutes after that I take a good protein shake with an Animal Pack.

About one hour later I am back to full strength. ready to take on the world. That's it. Its all you need to rebalance your energy stamina and protein needs

Don't let anyone tell you anything else.. Very very simple

Good Training

* Second thought- We don't grow in the gym, we grow outside the gym, we create the need for nutrition in our muscles by ripping the muscle sacraments apart and then when we supply our body the nutrition it demands, our muscles grow back stronger.

So after a good workout, what you provide your body will determine how fast you attain your dream physique.

I recommend you to provide your body, a high whey protein liquid shake in the 45 min window after your workout, so that you grow back stronger, the reason for a liquid is that liquid takes less to no time for digestion and your body will receive the nutrition it needs in no time.

My Experience- When I first started training I spent a lot of time and effort and also money investing in the correct diets, foods and supplements. I was told you have to eat at least a gram of protein for every pound of body fat.

The thing I’ve come to realise is that it's utter nonsense. It’s snake oil. It’s marketing, selling bodybuilding products is big business. You don’t need any of that stuff. The only thing you need to do when it comes to diet is to eat a well-balanced diet. Meat, vegetables and some kind of carb.

Your body will let you know how much. When you train your appetite goes through the roof and you just naturally eat as much as it needs for recovery and growth.

It’s a pretty neat little system, your body. Nature has been evolving for millions of years. No nutritionist or personal trainer can improve on what foods your body requires. Just stay away from junk food, have the odd chocolate if you like but it’s simple. A balanced diet in sufficient quantity to satiate your hunger.

Must Read-

Post work out whatever you eat the body will use the nutrients for restoring energy and then for muscle building even if you eat a protein diet it will be used for restoring energy and then for muscles.

It is recommended that post work out you eat any fruit (my preference is banana) and then your protein diet which will be entirely used by the muscle development process.

Other benefits of eating fruit immediately post work out are that you get the energy to reach home and stay awake to have your breakfast after that rigorous workout ;)

This is also needed to understand that Many say grab a protein shake. Many say consume your biggest meal right after. It's all about preference.

The argument for that is because your body is starving for nutrients directly after lifting weights or an intense workout — Literally anything.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter overall. So long as you get your full macronutrient and daily calorie count for the day, there’s no need to worry.

I’m following two methods of eating:

If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) — Flexible diet that allows you to eat many of the foods you like so long as you meet your macronutrient needs for the day.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) — Method that pushes your first meal to later in the day from the time you wake up. Usually, the standard is a 16 hour fast (8 hours you will be sleeping) and an 8-hour feeding window.

When it comes to eating, buy ingredients that you can use for multiple meals so that you can follow a realistic meal plan (basically one that you don’t have to think about too much). Getting bigger or leaner will come from simply following a plan that YOU can stick to no matter how “feel” that day.

Also, It's good to understand what happens during exercise first (besides feeling amazing and terrible simultaneously)

1. Perspiration of water and electrolytes

2. Expended energy

3. Torn and stretched muscles

4. Inflammation!

5. Pressure and impact

Food alone isn't going to solve all these issues, but we can solve some of them. In order:

Rehydrating with water is always best. However, you also need to replenish electrolytes, which are salts that your body uses to maintain an electrical charge, an important aspect of your biochemistry. If you can't send electrical signals, you will feel sluggish and might end up watching reruns of Highlander on the couch.

Don't let that happen to you. You could drink a sports drink, but electrolytes are best found in fruits and vegetables. Consider oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, berries, celery, lettuce, pineapple, beans, spinach, avocado, and raisins as numerous options to both hydrate and replenish electrolytes.

Energy comes generally in 2 ways: carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates are easier for your body to consume and derive energy from. Fats are stored for a long term, like the wintertime and boom, there are your love handles! You probably want some of both, post-workout.

Carbohydrates again are found in fruits and vegetables in their best forms without bogging you down (noticing a theme here?). Also, rice, oatmeal, pasta, and bread are high in carbs. The main problem with some of them is the ingredients that come along with them (lots of cheese, sugar, etc). You can get fats from beans and other legumes, as well as some lean meats.

Muscle repair happens through a combination of carbohydrates and proteins. Not to mention soreness, grumpy attitudes, and plenty of whining. Anyway, guess what's high in carbs and proteins, along with other numerous vitamins and minerals? Vegetables! Dark leafy greens are fantastic here. Also, lean meats can be good if you're just looking for protein and can afford the additional cholesterol and fat and lack of vitamins.

Inflammation can be reduced with nuts, seeds, and berries, as well as dark leafy greens, many squashes, and sweet potatoes. Whether or not you would feel like eating those after exercise depends a whole lot on you.

Pressure and impact are pretty much only relieved with sleep and rest, and maybe some ice. Food isn't going to help there!

If I were going to recommend a single meal after every workout, I would eat this:

Salad made of dark leafy greens, with some nuts, berries, and avocado or beans on it (400-600 calories, 10-20g of protein). Broccoli, spinach, romaine, and kale are high in protein per calorie.

A banana (100 calories)

An orange (60 calories)

Lots of water

Cheese fries, which are high in vitamins and low in calories (right?)

If you are doing a workout that is burning more calories, you may need to increase the amount of food you eat proportionally. You will also know if you need more calories if you find yourself dealing with heavy and specific cravings 2-3 hours post-workout.

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Praveen Sharma
Praveen Sharma
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