The Best Iced Coffees in London

When you're on the go and you need a pick-me-up, what should you reach for?

The Best Iced Coffees in London

Coffee: The elixir of life. The cocoa coloured drink that awakens our senses, stirs our emotions, and fuels our fires. The humble coffee bean, whether it be Arabica or Robusta, shapes our world by keeping us going in our hours of fatigue and need.

Many of us will be slaves to the coffee chains and stores that reside on the corner of practically every street: Starbucksion, unite! Cafe Nero Nerds, raise your hands! Costa Coffee Crawlers, say what!?

But what about those of us who want to enjoy a delicious iced coffee on the go, at home, or in a foreign country? That is what the bottled iced coffee was invented for. Becoming loved by more and more by the day, iced coffees that are bought in supermarkets have an edge in popularity. For you see, these iced coffees are milkier, as opposed to being made up of 50 to 70 percent ice cubes, saving you both money and saving your tastebuds.

With so many iced coffees to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to reach for... but fret not, for that is why I am here: to give you the 101 on iced coffees and help you decide which little bottle is to become your little superhero.

Emmi Caffe Latte Iced Cappuccino

Smooth, milky, with a rich aromatic twist to the senses, made with freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans, Emmi describes this drink as a masterpiece that every barista in town will give the okay to. At 80mg of caffeine per cup and retailing at £1.45, it's a win-win situation for both your flavour cravings and your wallet.

Califia Iced Mocha

For the dairy avoiders out there, Califia is a brand with a range of iced coffees to cater to your vegetarian/vegan needs. Noticeably less sweet by being made with organic ingredients and no refined sugars, this drink has a wholesome, earthier feel to it, whilst delectably smooth on the tongue. It should remind you ever so slightly of Bailey's Irish Cream minus the alcohol... Did someone say yum?! Get ready for a toasty coffee character, a subtle sweetness, and a nice nutty-infused finish, with a touch of bitter chocolate. £1.95

Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Prepare your senses for a powerhouse hit of intensity, robustness, and delectability. Not to be mistaken as "just a black coffee," oh no, this little can is made by an enduring process of steeping fine coffee submerged in room temperature water for 24 hours. This time and precious process produces coffee with a mellow, sweeter flavour. Perfect for a mid afternoon, kick-me, pick-me-up! £1.95

Starbucks Iced Mocha Frappuccino

Really not a Frappuccino, but we'll go with it for the sake of not having an argument, hey? Milky coffee, infused with the delicate aroma of cocoa beans and cane sugar, this little 250ml bottle encapsulates the senses and quickly revitalises nerves that need a little zing to them in the early hours of the morning. Smooth in texture, oddly refreshing, and palatable in every other sense of the word, this is a win for Starbucks and I may even go as far to say that it is better than the store bought drinks. £1.75

Arctic Coffee Caffe Latte

The winner in my undoubted opinion is Arctic Coffee, a new brand of iced coffee that has gained recent success on the market in the past year. Having launched in May 2016, this blend of fresh, creamy, Devon-sourced milk with Arabica coffee beans creates a combination of sensory pleasure with every sip. And it's the cheapest of the bunch at only £1 in most major supermarkets! Refreshing, subtly chocolatey, and richly-coffee drenched, this is a drink for the ultimate coffee bean lover.

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