The Benefits of Fresh Juices

10 Reasons To Consume Fruit & Vegetable Juices

The Benefits of Fresh Juices

Fresh juices have the power to nourish, cleanse, protect, soothe and heal. They are nutritious and easy to digest which give us life energy in a naturally delicious drink. Modern food is getting less and less healthy as commercial farming is intensive and competitive using chemical fertilisers and pesticides to sustain high yields. Food processing further depletes and destroys the vital nutrients in our food.

It is not what we eat or drink occasionally that determines our wellbeing, but what we consume everyday. The drinking of fresh juices is a wonderfully healthy habit. It is because juices are easily digested that they have such a health-building impact on the body.

Juices have the power to protect us from illnesses by strengthening the immune system. They cleanse the blood and vital organs and stimulate our metabolism. To get the value out of fresh juices, they need to be consumed within a couple of hours, otherwise, they lose vitality and nutrients.

Leaving a juice to stand means that the enzyme, a molecule that help chemical reaction to take place in the body, is vastly reduced. Most shop-bought juices are pasteurised or sterilised to give a longer shelf-life and also contains additives and chemical preservatives. So, fresh juices not only taste great but the best!

10 Reasons To Drink Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices

1. Juices can help to keep us beautiful

Sparkling eyes, glowing skin, and vigour are all signs of a healthy working system. Raw fruit and vegetable juices aid the body's natural functions of cleansing and repair, which keep us looking young and feeling great.

2. Juices are rich in active enzymes which aid digestion

Without enzymes, the human body would be lifeless. Raw foods provide the body with the complete package of enzymes needed to break down a particular food and release its valuable nutrients and vitality. Freshly squeezed juices give live enzymes and the more you consume; the better nourished the cells will be for a healthier, happier and longer life.

3. Juices are packed with essential vitamins & minerals

Fresh juices provide one of the best ways of consuming adequate supplies of vitamins & minerals with the minimum of loss or destruction. Correcting mineral deficiency takes much longer than correcting vitamin deficiency and juices can help to do this.

4. Juices boost vitality

The fresher the foods and juices, the more vitality they contain. Juices are great energy boosters. They are rapidly digested in the stomach and taken up by the blood. This makes a speedy and efficient process of nourishing and revitalising the cells.

5. Juices help to eliminate toxins

It is cleansing ability of fresh fruit and vegetable juices that makes them a must for all detoxification diets. Some are more aggressive in their cleansing action than others. Juices from vegetables, sprouted seeds and beans are mild cleansers, whereas fruit juices are strong cleansers.

6. Juices are rich in antioxidants which protect from disease and premature ageing

Antioxidants are hailed as the secret to living longer and looking younger. They do the job of removing the nasties in the body, called the free radicals. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent way of getting enough antioxidants in our daily diet to fight against free-radical damage inside the body.

7. Juices contain essential amino acids

Fresh fruit and vegetables enrich the diet with amino acids in an easily digestible form. Raw fruits and vegetable juices help to bridge the gap between health and illness by supplying a daily dose of essential amino acids. Juices made from leafy greens and sprouts are especially rich in amino acids.

8. Juices are rich in chlorophyll

Chlorophyll provides the body with life energy, it cleans the system and builds the blood and cells. One of the best ways to get high amounts of chlorophyll into the diet is by drinking green juices.

9. Juices help balance the body's acid/alkaline levels

Fruit and vegetable juices help maintain and restore the correct acid/ alkaline balance in the body. Juices really come into their own and provide a delicious way to keep the balance right. Fruit, especially citrus, comes out top in its alkalising effects on the body.

10. Juices help in weight loss

Juices are virtually fat-free, low in calories and packed with vital nutrients which makes them a valuable addition to any weight-loss regime. They also help to curb the appetite and speed up the metabolism.

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