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Deep Fried Twinkies

Even if you have reservations about snacks that are fried to the deepest of the crunch, there sure are going to be days when your ‘health-consciously to-be-in command’ taste buds surrender over little treats of crisp and crackles! After all, doesn’t life seem soulless without a slight hint of flaming sizzles? And isn’t having an occasional deep-fried guilty pleasure a mandate to celebrate the joy of living? Affirmative! For sure!

Since the presence of frying deserves such high esteem and worship, definitely one needs a perfection of putting it into real practice! The Clearer the Frying, The Crispier will be your munching! To ensure a perfect deep-fry to anything and everything, abide by the following tricks…Bon Appetit !!

# Drying the Cooking Station!

The first rule is to create a space that is clean and water-free. Pans, shelves, plates, spoons, tongs, and every single thing has to be withered. Hot oil and water are not very fond of each other, please separate them for a while. Else, your frying will be a mess!

# Picking the Perfect Oil!

Trust me Oil is a real-time game changer! If you want to nail this, make sure you wisely select your oil. It should perfectly enhance the taste and fragrance of your crackly tit-bits. Every oil has a peculiar flavor and aroma which mingles with the batter or food component of your resulting deep-fried treats, So, try to create the perfect taste combination out of the two to be able to hit perfection. It will vary from individual to individual as per different savory preferences. Figure out yours!

# Acing the ideal temperature!

Again a must-tip to nail the art of deep-frying. You have to ace and maintain the right heat in this process, else you’ll lose this game. There are two ways of doing this-either check it using the oil thermometer which should flash between the scale of 350-375 degrees of Fahrenheit or use your common sense by sliding a little bread piece into the flaming oil and if the color changes to brown, you’re set for the next step.

# Ensuring evenness to the batter pieces!

Prepare your food items that need to be fried in uniform shapes. Be it a sweet delight like Deep Fried Twinkies or simply potato poppers, finely chop and shape the base food to the same sizes. The teensy pieces are easier to handle and will give your mouth an amazing deep-fry snack feeling!

# Bidding goodbye to salt!

I know how much you love the salt sprinkle above your teeny-weeny snack bites but it’s not a deep-frying thing. You’ll splatter the oil and this splash can be a little pain to your skin. It’s a grilling trick to enhance the taste but with deep-frying, do the deed after the climax.

# Keep away from Overfilling!

Hold on patience to achieve the excellence or else you’ll lose the ideal temperature or will end up into soggy and squishy ones. Ugh! NO, a definite NO!

#Releasing it pro-style!

The newbies find this the toughest. Shed the fear of oil drop spills and pops on you and take it slow and deep. Instead of dropping it directly, hold the food item below the oil surface with a tong for 3-4 seconds and then gently release. This will seal that tiny eatable thing with a thin outer layer of crunch which avoids it from sticking with the others. This part requires sincere attention but if you’ve sailed through this then certainly you are a pro at the art of deep-frying! Kudos!



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Crumbs Carnival treats
Crumbs Carnival treats
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Crumbs Carnival treats

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