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Tabbouleh By Muzaffar Khan – Best Lebanese Restaurant In Singapore

Tabbouleh Lebanese Restaurant.

By Tabbouleh RestaurantPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

We hope you enjoyed this article about tabbouleh Lebanese Restaurant. Eating at an authentic Lebanese restaurant is a great way to get a taste of the culture. If you are looking for authentic Lebanese food in Singapore, we hope you’ll visit us at www.tabbouleh.sg.

Tabbouleh, although similar sounding as tak boleh in the Malay language, is anything but.

A quick google search shows that Tabbouleh is a middle eastern salad dish, and its uncanny counterpart, Tabouli, is in the same vein a Mediterranean salad dish. We sat down with the owner of Tabbouleh Lebanese Gourmet Cafe and Restaurant as he shared with us more about his Lebanese eatery.

“Although grilled meat dishes are usually the staple of middle eastern and mediterranean cuisine, we chose the name Tabbouleh as it is a very popular salad dish in the Levantine,” explained Muzaffar Khan, the owner of Tabbouleh. “Tabbouleh is well-known in the entire middle eastern region, and we want the restaurant name to be easily recognized by people in the region.”

With a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Muzaffar decided to venture out and open his very own F&B restaurant. “I am actually from Pakistan, but my mother is Lebanese, and since young I have thoroughly enjoyed Lebanese cuisine and have always had a strong interest in serving Lebanese food, that is why I started Tabbouleh,” shared Muzaffar.

Tabbouleh first opened in 2008, and Arab Street was easily the number one location together with Haji Lane as the popular location for all things Middle East. Constantly buzzing with tourists and locals alike, Arab Street is a hotspot even amongst the younger generation to simply chill and have dinners and suppers.

“Some people do get confused when they come to Arab Street, as there are Turkish, Arabian, Persian, Lebanese and even Greek-Mediterranean cuisine within the vicinity — but what makes each cuisine stand out is the main spices used in these dishes,” quipped Muzaffar. “Of course, there are exclusive dishes that set each country’s dishes apart as well.”

While many locals are familiar with dishes like Falafel, Kafka and Shawarma wraps, there are other dishes such as the Hummus Fatteh and Lamb Mandi that we have heard of but rarely see being served locally.

Lebanese cuisine is famous for a reason, it is delicious. Lebanese cuisine is a combination of Mediterranean, Arabic, and Turkish cuisine. Lebanese food is known for its flavors and variety in ingredients. Lebanese food is influenced by the different regions they have lived in throughout history. The Lebanese restaurants are a craze in Singapore and the Tabbouleh Lebanese Restaurant has the best Lebanese food in Bussorah Street, Singapore. The restaurant is owned by Muzzaffar Khan.

The restaurant has been open for over a year now, and they are still serving up delicious dishes like tabbouleh salad and hummus. For those who are not aware, tabbouleh refers to a Lebanese salad that is made using tomato, parsley, mint, onion, and lemon juice. (Tabbouleh is also known as tabouli, tabbouli, tabouleh, tabouli, and tabouleh). It is an extremely popular dish in singapore.

Tabbouleh Lebanese Restaurant is a family-run restaurant that serves authentic Lebanese food. The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, and their customers can enjoy the unique taste of its dishes at any time of the day.


Contact No. — +65 9450 3507, +65 6291 4100

Visit now — 54 bussorah street Singapore, Singapore 199470.

1. Tabbouleh Lebanese Restaurant - is the perfect choice for family gatherings and celebrations. With mouth-watering menu choices and a huge selection of unique and delicious Lebanese food, the restaurant is sure to please everyone.


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Tabbouleh Restaurant

Lebanese cuisine is famous for a reason, it is delicious. Lebanese cuisine is a combination of Mediterranean, Arabic, and Turkish cuisine. Lebanese food is known for its flavors and variety in ingredients.

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