Sweets for the Sweet Tooth

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Sugar, spice and everything sweet.

Sweets for the Sweet Tooth

I believe everyone crave for something sweet every now and then. I, for one, love sweet things. Sugar-lovers like us tend to crave for something sweet all the time. It's horrible!

Sweet tooth. We all have that. Sometimes, we crave for a certain chocolate, or cakes, or candy. Most of the time, I crave for cakes. My favourite type of cake? It's definitely Tiramisu. An Italian dessert, primarily flavoured with coffee, and sometimes, rum, or other type of liquor. With the sponge cake soaked with espresso coffee and layered with mascarpone and zabaglione. Finished off with sprinkled cocoa powder or chocolate flakes. Giving a subtle sweetness with just the right amount of bitterness from the coffee and cocoa powder. Mmmm, delicious!

Alternatively, ice cream is the best way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Vanilla, mint chocolate chips, brownies, strawberry, chocolate, rum and raisins, the list never stops. All flavours waiting for you to try them, taste them, and devour them. Just grab the whole pine out of your fridge, put on your favourite Netflix show and there goes the whole pine of ice cream. Satisfying that sweet tooth while filling your tummy up. Ice cream does the job best at combating our sweet tooth. Or it could leave you wanting more.

Sugar craving also known as sweet tooth affect everyone. It's a way for us to fuel our body up as sugar gives us quick energy. Hence, sugar rush. Sweet tooth happens anywhere anytime, no heads up for you at all. No warnings. It just goes BOOM and now you'll want that sweet sweet taste to fill your taste buds up.

The most common way we satisfy our sweet tooth is by eating chocolates or candies. With them coming in different variety, flavours, and sizes, they're an easy on the go, carry on for us to grab it whenever and wherever we want. What's your favourite brand and type of chocolates? Plus, they are super easy and small to carry. Just toss it into your bag or pockets and it's always ready and available for you to grab it and pop it into your mouth. Easy peasy right?

However, do you ever wonder why we tend to get sweet tooth? Apparently, it is caused by a hormone called the FGF21 which produced in our liver. Study shows that the hormone plays an important role in regulating sugar cravings and people with a certain variant gene that makes FGF21 have 20% higher chances of sweet tooth. I guess this is the reason why we always want desserts after a meal.

On the other hand, are you on a diet and craving for something sugary sweet? I struggle with it a lot when I'm on a diet and wanting something sweet. Trying hard to stop myself from grabbing something that may ruin my diet is difficult. Hence, I feel you there, guys. But there's always a healthier option we can incorporate to calm that sweet tooth down. You can opt for fresh fruits, smoothies, dark chocolates, frozen yogurts, and the list goes on. They're all natural sweetness with no added sugars. Two birds, one stones. Am I right?

There are tens and thousands of healthier options for us to satisfy that sweet tooth baby. If you're not on a diet, grab that chocolate or the variety waiting for you. Or, if you are, grab something sweet but healthy with the number of recipes available on the internet that's easy to make.

Of course, we all love something sweet every now and then. Or should I say, all the time? Don't feel guilty about it, just grab yourself that slice of cake, or that piece of chocolate, maybe that pine of ice cream and enjoy them. You deserve it. Savor it to the fullest.

I know you are thinking about that sweet delicious delicacy. So, why not go grab them?

Cherii C.
Cherii C.
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