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Sweet African Rice Dish | Most Popular African Food.

by Eyitemi Nurain about a month ago in cuisine
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How To Make African Dish With Rice.

Sweet African Rice Dish | Most Popular African Food.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

African dish with rice is often one of the most popular African food. These delicious various African rice dishes have been one of the most important food in the history of our childhood. As we all know, rice is often known as a staple in many parts of Africa. In this article, I am going to be mentioning various African rice dish and how to prepare them in short some of these foods are one of the most popular African food in history. This article about rice dish is more of awareness rather than a full list of recipes. Here is the list of African rice dish that may also be one of the most popular African food, and how to prepare them. I will be skipping the preparation of some. Hang on with me to salivate your taste bud.

1. Jollof Rice

Oh sweet food, the African rice dish that wins most of the kid's hearts, and it is still able to convince adults to love it. Jollof rice is often of different flavors and is prepared in different ways based on different African countries. This most popular African food is commonly served in various parts of the continent and it is also the sweetest of all African rice dish. Writing this makes me hungry, I'm sure it made you hungry too. Jollof rice is one of the most popular African food and is also rich in nature, a lot of spices are added to this tasty rice dish. One of the recipes used in this is: T0mato, Pepper, Onion, Salt, and other recipes. The list of these delicious meal recipes is endless. This particular African food is eaten in various parts of West Africa an 8O% out of 100% and can be cooked with ease.

Jollof Rice | African Rice Dish | Most Popular African Food

How to cook Jollof rice

Building a flavored basis is critical when preparing Jollof rice. Don't rush into dumping your components into the pot; else, you'll wind up with a badly cooked rice called a "concoction" Every step is important to follow in this African rice dish preparation, you can also check Wikipedia for the various region of Africa this food is being prepared. You miss a step, you miss the food!!!

  • Get a ground nut oil (Arachis epogea) on the cooker, then fry the oil and make sure it is well heated, however, do not denature the oil to enjoy this most popular African food.
  • The next step is to get all your sauce ready for action this involves slicing your onions into the hot ground nut oil, adding your tomato paste and blended pepper to make this African rice dish sweet on the palate, so yummy. By now you should be perceiving the aromas of this sweet ready-to -be-made most popular African food.
  • The next recipe to add to this aromatic sweet aroma is ginger and garlic. slice a bit of ginger and garlic into the hot oil in step two. Do not forget your Thyme and curry, this would make this African rice dish a very taste-savoring one. Add your salt, and seasoning cube. You are on your way to making the most popular African food.
  • Now it is time to add your washed rice. You need to gauge the water, just as you cook your normal rice. the water should be gauged so as not to create a bowl of mushy rice. So add the appropriate amount of water to the pot. One thing I forgot to mention is to make sure you add all the spices in excess and in proportionality to the measure of rice you are cooking. Allow this to steam up a lot, as it needs to make the rice soft.
  • Finally, your meal is ready to be served with Fried Chicken, Spicy Grilled Chicken, Grilled Tilapia Fish, or Gizzards and plantains. Below is a video you can find helpful on one of the most popular African food.

2. Waykee (African Rice and Beans)

This African rice dish keeps me salivated every morning. Because this is typically what I eat in the morning which is a one of the most popular African rice dish that is served in various parts of West Africa. Wakyee is obviously one of the most popular African food in West Africa and is usually served with meat chicken or egg. Wakyee can be prepared in various ways ranging from using palm oil or groundnut oil in cooking it. This delicious African rice dish originated in the Northern part of Ghana and the Southern part of Nigeria. Toppings can be added like spaghetti, avocado, and a tomato-based soup as a sauce. And is also the second most popular African food on the list.

Rice and Beans | African Rice Dish

How to cook wakyeee

The method used to prepare rice and beans that I will be describing is the palm oil method this is one of the most palatable on the tongue. Thus making this African rice dish so sweet if prepared.

  • Step 1: Fry your palm oil in the pot and make it eat enough to reduce how thick it is, you can proceed to step 2 of making this most popular African food.
  • Step 2: So you can add your spices ranging from blended pepper to onions, tomato sauce, and seasoning cube.
  • Step 3: Then you add your Rice and your water to quantify the rice.
  • Step 4: When you add water and add your beans and allow it to steam up for about 30 minutes before adding your right so as to allow the police to get softer before adding the rice.
  • Step 5; After some hours of steaming depending on your cooking method you can steer the rice together and you have a wonderful most popular African food staring at you.
  • Step 6: You can serve with chicken or boiled egg which is preferable depending on your choice.
  • Step 7: You also need to note that this is not the only way to prepare rice and beans as there are some other methods such as the groundnut oil method and some other methods such as preparing rice separately and preparing the been separate. This is all making it more palatable for this African rice dish.

3. Nigerian Fried Rice

This African rice dish is one of the most popular African food in history, although not as popular as jollof rice but quite popular in its own right. Fried rice is mainly composed of stockfish, carrots, green beans, sweet corn, and green pepper added to make this rice less spicy and more palatable to eat.

Fried Rice Most Popular African Food


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the most popular African food.

  • Step 1: The First point to note is that the making of fried rice is quite different from the making of jollof rice.
  • Step 2: To prepare the spicy Nigerian fried rice, you need to parboil in the pot by putting your rice in the specific amount quantity of water that is required, you then add groundnut oil, green beans, green onions, and various other spices you have prepared into the oil pot then you will fry it, and add your parboiled rice to them. Make it steam, then your fried rice is ready.

Other African rice dish are so nice but I do not know how to prepare them as they are not commonly found in my region. Hang on with me as we go more into other most popular African food.

Ghanian Geelrys rice

Geelyrs Sweet Rice | African Rice Dish

This African rice dish is soft, sweet, and palatable for the mouth, the Geelrys rice is being cooked today in present South Africa it looks similar to Nigerian fried rice however a special type of rice called basmati rice is used in cooking African rice delicacy. Tumeric, Pepper are added and steered to make this rice. This is one of the least most popular African food in the African rice dish niche that you can find.

Burkinafaso Riz Gras

Riz Gras | Most Popular African Food

If you're looking for a vegetable and a protein-rich food we should be looking at the African rice dish R i z g r a s this special delicacy is made in Burkina Faso by using the Jollof rice method that was stated earlier on in this article. This rice is being prepared from various vegetable sources: eggplant, carrot, and chili pepper.

Egyptian Roz Me Ammar Rice

Looks like Asian biryani made with butter cheese and chicken broth this is put together with this African rice dish to make this Ancient Egyptian African rice dish. Most of this type of delicacy may be seen across various parts of North Africa. Not as popular as others on the list of most popular African food.

Roz African Dish With Rice

So here are the top 10 list of African rice dishes in summary however I have not mentioned some in detail. Some are part of the most popular African food, while others are not.

  1. Jollof rice
  2. Nigerian fried rice
  3. Geelrys rice
  4. Riz gras
  5. Cabidela
  6. Wali wa kukaanga
  7. Waykee
  8. Thieobudienne
  9. Kushari

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