Sustainable Urban Farm with Video.

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Urban Farming Half a Acre ❤️🌶🧅🌱 👩‍🌾

Sustainable Urban Farm with Video.
Urban farm=Free Smiles

This was the heat of summer , with onions , multiple herbs , massive Sunflowers 🌻 , potatoes 🥔 for days , beans , mint, Thyme , several types of basil 🌿 to include one that taste like lemons 🍋 .

Repurposed Apple storage
A few pictures of the farm evolving over time
Home aid koi pond with waterfall

This koi pond took several times in the making . This was version two , the waterfall kept losing water and wasn’t efficient . Because the Texas sun is very hot , losing water is unsustainable for a koi pond.

Pot Gardening is still sustainable

Multiple potted plants , herbs , peppers for days , tomatoes.

Raised Garden Beds also do the trick

Got to teach them young .

Bell Pepper for Days

Using wood as mulch is a excellent way to keep in the moisture on hot summer days .

Cherry Tomato Yum Yum

Children absolutely love to eat cherry tomatoes, our daughter Olivia loved to pick and eat them all the time.

Early stages of the peppers 🌶

When you have a garden , you would be surprised at how much children love to help, and water plants .

Banana Pepper caning

Canning is pretty cool , long term storage , to eat year round.

Pepper Harvest

Seriously, peppers are so easy to grow, just plant a seed and see what happens. ❤️

Chilies for days

Getting ready to make that spicy salsa .

Kids love to water plants 🌱

Kids love love love to grow in gardens .

Onions 🧅

Onions are super easy to grow .

Got to teach them young

I can not explain enough the power that teaching a child to plant seeds and grow food gives them. It should be standard across all education systems .

Corn 🌽

Corn is another easy one to grow .

Love 💓 Olivia

Love her ❤️

When they help you rebuild ❤️

When you work in a garden , the first plans may not work, that’s why you change and evolve over time . Until you find a idea that works , that’s what sustainability is all about.

When you accidentally grow pumpkin 🎃
Learning about when to harvest onion
Kids also love to water dogs
Banana Peppers

This was the urban garden, almost in full glory , with animals , Chickens , pigs , dogs , rabbits . And multiple free raised garden beds almost ready for planting . Nearly everything seen here was thrown away by someone else . From kids play pens , slide , raised beds , pig cage , and the pallet wood chicken coop . It’s not hard to get free items second hand , people throw away stuff all the time. It s about finding a way to reuse it and make the best with what you have. Second hand products are like gold , a rare Dimond , covered in dirt , no one knows what they have until they wash it off and see what it can be used for .

Sustainable living , reduce , reuse , upcycle , don’t throw anything away unless it absolutely not of use . It doesn’t look the greatest , but had time been passed , it could have turned into something magnificent. Can’t wait until I can get my family a place again and really become sustainable. Plant seeds , so we can reap what we sow ! ❤️❤️❤️

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