Surprise Facts About Food

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Do you really know where certain foods were invented?

Surprise Facts About Food

As a huge fan of food, I tend to forget where it originally came from. Such as croissant I always just assumed this was a french food, however, recently, I have learned that it actually originated in Austria. So, naturally, this inspired me to write a list about the foods which came from somewhere else than I had originally thought.

1. California Roll. Sushi is often interpreted as an Asian cuisine. However, this particular type of sushi was actually invented in Canada. It was invented by a chef in Vancouver, British Columbia by a fellow named Hidekazu Tojo. However, he is Japanese so, some may argue that the California Roll is still indeed an Asian food.

2. Chinese Buffet. We are all big fans of the Chinese buffet where there are many foods to choose from and different things to try and we all come back for seconds. However, this is not a Chinese thing. Once again the idea originated in Vancouver, British Columbia.

3. Peanut Butter. There are so many fans of Peanut Butter, the amazing spread that makes mouths water across the globe. (other than mine because I don't like peanut butter) gasp if you need to. Peanut Butter was once again invented and created in Canada. However, it was made in Montreal, Quebec.

4. Butter Tarts. Here is another food. I was convinced this one was made in the U.S.A. But, no once again the recipe belonged to someone in Barrie, Ontario.

5. Caesars. The drink where you need an aqcuired taste to enjoy it. I know that not everyone is a fan of the Caesar drink. Now, some people may think this drink came from Greece because of the name. However, it was created in Calgary, Alberta.

6. Ruby red grapefruit. This is my personal favorite fruit to eat. However, I always thought grapefruit was found in Australia. I am not wrong Australia does grow grapefruit, but the first people to grow and harvest the ruby reds are actually from Texas.

7. French Fries. Do not let the name fool you. The french fries were not invented in France. They were actually invented in Belgium in the late 1600's, which is another surprising fact for me.

8. Salmon and Shrimp quiche. I thought that this weird food item was invented in some part of Asia. However, this was actually invented in France. I thought about this and it makes sense because the french foods are very unique and different and they do eat clams and mussels.

9. Ginger beef. This is not an original Asian food, I knew that, but I had no idea where Ginger Beef came from. Well, today I found out that it was invented in Calgary, Alberta. You're welcome world.

10. Popsicles. I thought this was invented by some ice cream fellow, but surprisingly an eleven year old kid invented it. It used to be called after his last name which was Epperson and it was referred to as an Epsicle.

11. Perogies. Often, when Perogies are said either Polish or Ukrainian comes to mind, well no one really knows. They could even be Italian for all you know. However, it seems that most people agree that it is a polish food.

12. Quiche. I thought quiche was invented by the French because of the crumbly texture and the cheese that is upon the tart-like food. However, turns out quiche is actually a German food.

13. Fortune Cookie. Traditionally, when going to a Chinese restaurant they give you a fortune cookie as a dessert. However, this was actually invented in San Francisco.

14. Crab wanton. Wanton's are known as an Asian cuisine, but the crab wanton was invented in San Francisco. Surprise!

15. Egg Roll. Not Chinese. It's New York all the way. This is often confused with their spring rolls.

16. Garlic Bread. It is not even close to being Italian how shocking is that? It was invented by a Tibetan man who was on vacation in Idaho.

17. Italian Dressing. You guessed it! Not Italian it was invented in the united states; the specific origin is unknown.

18. Chicken Noodle Soup. It originally was not invented in the states as you thought, it was however, reinvented by the states but there are suspicions that it started in either Italy or Asia.

19. Teriyaki. This is also a misconception that it was created in Japan or China. However, the original sauce was invented on the islands of Hawaii.

20. Tacos with cheese. Not Mexican! I suspected that Texas had something to do with it. However, no one really knows where the cheese came in.

21. Sopapillas. Sopapillas sound Mexican, but they are actually from New Mexico, so if you count New Mexico as part of Mexico then sure they are Mexican.

22. Crispy Tacos, they come from the creator of Taco Bell, who was not Mexican. Once again, not Mexican. I also thought that Texas had something to do with that.

23. Fajitas. They are actually from Texas not Mexico.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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