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Something About Black Forest

by PC Melpez 2 months ago in cuisine · updated 2 months ago

Why the Black Forest Gateau should be so much more appreciated than just Chocolate Cake itself

Something About Black Forest
Photo by Jacob Thomas on Unsplash

Chocolate, the sweetness and luxury to the tongue and the blessing of life for every mouth on planet earth, so mouth devouring for the children especially yet unfortunate to those who dislike or allergic to it. Still chocolate is what it is no matter the different or adjoined flavours of brands and other foods of desserts and snacks.

It comes from far and wide from over the Atlantic and Pacific from the South American regions from the Coca Beans, all manoeuvre to many different factories to be melted, designed and packaged of any particular flavours of brands. To be made of chocolate bars in the likes of Cadburys, Galaxy, Maltesers, Lindt, Mars, Kit Kat etc. even joining other brands in the likes of Nestle and Kellogg's through many different chocolate flavoured cereals devouring the milk to turn into chocolate to the bowl included.

It especially comes with the cloying tastes and mixtures of Ice-Cream such as Ben & Jerry's, Cornetto, Magnum and with the ice-cream flavour itself (perhaps to enjoy with a Flake bar).

But the most enjoyable, famous and loving favourite side of chocolate to be mixed and made to bring to being in life to make one of the best ideal choices of dessert after a plate of dinner, would be the notorious flag-ranted Chocolate Cake.

Yes Chocolate Cake, the most irresistible temptations of pudding and dessert in the world to devour with such a yummy sight even before eating with your mouth, it is virtually eaten and seduced with your eyes as a treat to the sight and so heavenly appetising for the dripping mouth the moment you set your eyes firmly pealed on to the plate or in a cake shop displayed outside the window. It would be placed down to you sitting on a table after being baked either at a restaurant or at home with nothing more than a spoon to gobble it down to enjoy the sugar softening sweetness ravishing the tongue of tickling texture to dissolve so thoroughly and meaningly. Whilst eating the melting, milky brown textures of a creamy bliss, it would just feel so right to the mind, stomach and mouth for creamy, gooey desire to the teeth and tongue, it would feel so great you would be tempted for another slice or perhaps a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or perhaps crumbs of Oreo's to go with the enticing joy of eating even though too much is bad for you but still graceful for the pleasure of the sweet toothed minded.

Yet somehow, one dessert that stands out the most in a ravishing temptation to the tongue and yet does not get the credit it so deserves as much in the likes of being served in many restaurants, displayed in advertisements or even being baked as much at home, especially only appeared and baked during the festive winter periods are the German bred Black Forest Gateau Cake, warmed, displayed and decorated baked in a cloudy murky texture in features of whipped cream, sprinkles of dark chocolate granche and reddish cherries with a hint of chocolate sauce to add for a mouth-watering, intriguing cherry creaming rouse of perfection.

It is a personal favourite choice of pudding and even of a Birthday Cake choice of mine as it's so enduring to gaze upon to just reach out and grab a slice to gobble and just let the taste and texture take over your mouth and mind despite the messy creaminess of your hand leftover to lick of no matter how sticky is left behind. If your not a cherry lover, not a problem just simply remove the cherries of the cake and enjoy the rest of the chocolatey creamy taste to endeavour.

This is perhaps highly recommended alot more than just the Chocolate Cake and should even be granted with such satisfactory for many dessert lovers. Over all besides the Black Forest, chocolate cake (along with chocolate itself) is embedded and designed with Souffles, Brownies, Whoopie Pies, Sticky Toffee Puddings, Macarons, even a chocolate flavoured Cheese-Cake is also made quite frankly. Think of this a nonsense for most chocolate lovers just preffering to stick to the famous Chocolate Cake no matter what else comes on the plate or ingredients and flavours come along on the recipe, but until you come across at least one slice of a Black Forest Gataeu using either a spoon or a hand, you'll learn to love and appreciate it ten times more with the craving lust of affection to the mouth to try, taste and devour with nothing left over but an empty plate with smears and wafts of cream left behind to lick the plate.


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