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Small Adjustments to Be Healthier in the Kitchen

by Mason Kelley 3 years ago in healthy
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We are always trying to come up with new, creative ways to be healthier, especially in our everyday cooking.

The New Health Craze

We are always trying to come up with new, creative ways to be healthier, especially in our everyday cooking. There's always a new diet, or a new "secret ingredient" that comes out that is going to work miracles. But the truth of it all is that simply changing the things you do, the way you cook, and the foods you eat is the best way to make positive impacts on your health and livelihood. You do not have to be a master chef or a trained nutritionist. There are so many different options to being healthier from tools, to habits, to different kinds of foods.

Prep It!

Food prepping is always a good way to stay focused on your healthy eating habits. It can help with choosing the right foods, portion control and calorie counting. People think food prep is so tedious and not worth the effort, but it is totally worth the effort. Just pick an evening when the kids are in bed, you have a little down time or maybe your next off day at work. One day of fun in the kitchen gets you a week of no worries! Fortunately, if you can put in the effort ahead of time, you will be grateful later in the week when it is already done, and you will be happy long-term because your health will be getting better overall if you can keep it up.


Air fryer. We all love that little crunch that goes along with frying our foods. What if you can still fry, just do it a tad healthier? This is a new contraption within the last decade that has made a huge difference for home cooks around the globe. Having an air fryer allows you to cook and fry all your favorite foods with little to no oil. This means you can enjoy all that crispy flavor without destroying its nutritional integrity from being cooked in hot grease. There are so many air fryer options on the market today; the Nuwave Air Fryer reviews, along with several others, have definitely got me thinking about adding it to my kitchen!


Yup. Keep it organized! Organize with healthier foods to the front. Make those fresh veggies front and center. When you open your pantry, you're typically looking for something to snack on, or deciding on what your going to eat for supper. So, hide that bag of Doritos and stash the cookies. Place your healthier, better for you food in the places you used to keep junk. Next time you open that door, you'll be reaching for the homemade granola instead of Twinkies. Simply rearranging how things are stored in your pantry will make the biggest difference.


Everyone can enjoy a cup of fresh tea. Set up a tea stand in your kitchen, Pick your favorite flavor, or try a bunch and surprise yourself everyday. There are several benefits to drinking tea. They carry all kinds of vitamins, antioxidants and herbal elements to improve mood, body functions and emotions. Just one cup a day can help you feel refreshed, relaxed, stress-free, and ready to start or end your day. Not to mention, tea can also help with weight loss, and weight management.


No one is telling you to go hardcore on a new diet, or anything crazy like that. Just make a few small adjustments for a healthier you! Try a new air fryer, enjoy a soothing warm cup of tea, take a full day and meal prep, you know you'll absolutely love it, or simply just rearrange, reorganize and rethink your pantry and cabinets.


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