Satisfying Seattle Local Mexican Restaurant Fonda La Catrina

Top Happy Hours in Georgetown with amazing drinks!

Satisfying Seattle Local Mexican Restaurant Fonda La Catrina

Georgetown is one of those vortex neighborhoods where an absence of public transportation implies you're not leaving except if you need to. This is certainly not an awful thing in the event that you like messy divider wall paintings and scorn individuals. Yet, you should locate some great reserve eateries in the overall region, and with regards to Mexican food, your pickings are pretty thin. There are a couple of incredible counter-administration spots to get a fast modest bunch of tacos and a Pacifico, however Fonda La Catrina is one of the main choices for something plunk down.

It's not terrible, but rather it's additionally not extraordinary. The stockroom look fits in well with the remainder of its Georgetown environmental factors, and it certainly works for tasting tequila trips outside with a date under string lights or parting a starter with a companion (however be careful that you'll most likely be situated close to somebody who ought to have gotten cut off two sangrias back). The tamales are fantastic, and the queso fundido is a good appetizer.

The lounge area has an open mechanical stylish thing going on, however so does each other café in Seattle. In the event that you end up being meandering close by with a date, and drinking palomas in an alluring space with two or three tamales seems like an ideal next move, halting in here will take care of business. In case you're with your group and everybody needs to simply do a few lagers and queso, pull out all the stops.

Food breakdown

Queso Fundido

It's nothing unexpected that queso fundido is ordinarily pretty oily, yet Fonda's is a pleasant change in that division. It's gooey, stretchy, not very slick, and presented with avocados, corn tortillas, salted onion, and pico de gallo. Adding chorizo or asada and making this your supper would be a worthy course to take here.

Chicken Tamale

Masa loaded up with pulled chicken and finished off with a Mole sauce, onion, cream, cilantro, and queso fresco. To the extent tamales go, this one is incredible and our #1 thing here to eat.

Chicken Tacos

I love how the chicken is fire grilled and taste much like you are at soulful BBQ. However once the onions and cilantro hit your tongue you are delighted by this wonderful fusion and approach to street tacos.

Chorizo Tacos

The flavor is respectable here, yet the surface of the chorizo is so finely ground that it sort of feels like extravagant banquet paté. Add avocado and top with some accumulated tortilla chips for crunch.

Camarones A La Diabla

Shrimp sitting in a pool of oily oil and sautéed in flavors so hot, your taste buds will likely flatline for some time. Which is something to be thankful for in case you're wanting to keep eating this. Skip no matter what.

I have recently recommended this place to a good friend. We partook in an afternoon feast in which included their Tamales, chips, salsa, guacamole. As well as one of my favorite dishes to get and share with someone:

Rajas con Crema y Papas - Roasted poblano peppers, onions, corn & potatoes in a cream sauce, black beans, queso fresco, warm tortillas.

My drink suggestions would be the El Diablo if you like something light and refreshing. For my stronger drinkers and sippers I would suggest the Old Cuban. Something classic, simple yet effective in the alcohol department! As you always know you can never go wrong with a House Margarita. The ambience here has always been warm, inviting and the music will keep you lifted.

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