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Red beans do not make bean paste, add some flour rolls steamed

by emmet solomon 2 months ago in cuisine
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1 week breakfast are done, delicious and save trouble

Red beans do not make bean paste, add some flour rolls steamed
Photo by Ashton Huang on Unsplash

The old family brought some red beans, sun on the balcony, day by day, looking at, very happy, every day thinking about how to eat them!

If the beans know what I think, I wonder how they would feel.

In addition to making porridge, soup, and fried red bean paste, what I like most is to make them into honey red beans, from time to time scoop up a few spoons, put in yogurt, milkshake, or rice paste, and mix a little, delicious and sweet!

However, the honey beans do not have additives, and can not be left too long, there is still a small bowl left, make a red bean buckwheat roll!

Red bean bun

The simple, quick, nutritious, healthy, dough does not ferment, a roll and steam, a week of breakfast!

Under the sun, the smooth skin faintly shimmering, a red bean, hidden under it, extremely tempting!

Cut open, a circle of beans arranged in order, so beautiful ah!

Buckwheat is now a more popular health ingredient. Its nutritional value than rice and flour is high, and the elderly and infirm women and children are suitable for consumption, but also the production of a variety of cakes, sweets, and other high-quality raw materials.

Recently, I've been hooked on all kinds of coarse grains and beans, but a few times the texture is too rough, and the husband ate to tears. Today also added buckwheat and red beans, but the texture is delicate and quite tasty, this time did not cry, haha!

There are many ways to make red beans into steamed buns, you can make them into bean paste buns or bean paste buns, or you can throw them into the kneading machine and knead them directly into the dough, or you can spread them on the dough sheet and roll them into the buns.

However, I want to be able to see the beans on the surface of the bun while eating them on the inside of the bun. So, it's one more step than knife-cut steamed buns. It's easy to make, yet it's happy to meet my requirements!

Here's the fun of making your own steamed buns - it's as easy as you want it to be, delicious and fun!

Here's how to do it.

The honey red bean recipe has been posted before. After the beans are soaked and cooked, add the right amount of brown sugar or white sugar, mix well, put it in the refrigerator, and chill, that's honey red beans.

I refrigerated these honey red beans for a few days, the color is so ugly, haha.

The recently steamed buns are not water, with milk to do, fragrant, creamy, very tasty Oh!

200 grams of flour, 100 grams of buckwheat flour, about 160 grams of milk, 3 grams of yeast, and 20 grams of sugar, all into the kneader or chef machine, and start the "kneading" program.

Knead into a smooth buckwheat dough. The dough does not need to ferment, go straight to the next step.

Roll out the dough and place the red beans on top, taking care not to make any soup.

Wrap the red beans like a bun, trying not to have any air or soup in the dough.

Gently roll out the dough with a rolling pin to get a large dough sheet.

Be gentle so that the dough does not break, while you can faintly see the beans on the surface, and you're done.

When I was wrapping it, some gas might have gotten inside, so when I rolled it out, I broke the edges and let the gas go out from the edges, so that the surface is smooth and the beans around the edges can be rolled inside anyway, so you can't see them.

Roll up the dough sheet.

Roll it a few more times, the surface will be smoother and the inside will be tighter.

Use a sharp blade to cut into several dough pieces.

I cut it bigger this time to save space, haha!

Put the cut dough on a steamer rack, you can brush the bottom with oil or put a cloth underneath, and put it in a warm and moist place to ferment.

Now the weather is cold, room temperature fermentation is too slow. So, I put it in the steamer oven to ferment. If you don't have one, you can put it in a steamer with some warm water inside the pot, so it will take about the same amount of time as normal fermentation.

I set the 40 degrees, fermentation for 20 minutes, wait until the volume is significantly larger, directly open the steam for 15 minutes, 2 minutes off the heat and open the lid.


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