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Plant Burgers?

by Tim Reynolds 4 years ago in cuisine

Comparing Plant Based Burgers to Beef Burgers

For the people out there that really enjoy the juicy and flavorful burgers that we have enjoyed for over 200 years, are now challenged with another challenge. There are now burgers that taste like our patty, but is made of plants. This raises another question against beef patties with the worlds newer outlook on healthy diets. To make a decision like this we need to consider aspects of what makes the perfect burger. This includes flavor, price, availability, and nutrition.

Before you can make this decision, you should really know the history of the burger. The first claim to the burger was in 1758 in the book called "The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy" by Hannah Glasse. She discussed it as a Hamburgh Sausage and it should be plated on a toasted slice of bread. The first burger in America is claimed to be the Menches brothers in 1885. Charles Menches and Frank Menches, two residents of Hamburg, New York. The two brothers were vendors at the 1885 Erie County Fair,(now called Buffalo Fair) the brothers were selling sausage sandwiches when they ran out and chose to start selling beef patties.

Even though this sandwich is similar to the hamburger that we cherish today, it was missing one key component. It was missing the hamburger bun. The hamburger bun wasn't discovered until 1916 by Walter Anderson. (Co-founder of White Castle) The bun didn't become famous until 1921, made famous by White Castle.

A lot of people don't know that the hamburger became very unpopular after World War I, due to the German creating the Hamburger. Instead we created the Salisbury Steak. The hamburger wouldn't become famous again until the finding of White Castle.

After tasting the Beyond Meat burger for the first time, I decided that there was a iron flavor in the meat. Even though it was a good attempt to mimic the flavor of actual beef, it was lacking in something. The one thing that I did not like about this new kind of meat, is the smell. The smell really reminded me of the smell of canned cat food. Even though the raw flavor was in the meat, the smell ruined it for the entire burger. For 8 0z. of this Beyond Meat burger you will pay a whopping 5.99! Even though at this price you will receive two four ounce patties. The largest problem with buying this product is that you can't just buy it at any grocery store. You must check out Beyond Meat's website for a store near you. The biggest reason why people would buy this product is the beneficial nutrition. This burger contains 22 G Fat, 0 Carbs, 20 G Protein, and 290 Calories.

When describing the flavor of the average hamburger you can only imagine the word classic. The flavor is accompanied by the crunchy texture which just completes the taste. Since the average burger weighs around 8 oz. so we can do the cost per patty. According bls.gov ground beef patties cost about 1.75. The positive aspect of buying ground beef patties is that you can buy it pretty much anywhere for around the same price. The one reason why most people don't like eating burgers is because the hamburger is slightly unhealthy. The four categories that I feel are most important are Fat, Carbs, Protein and Calories. In the average burger, it contains 9.77 G Fat, 34.25 G Carbs, 12.32 G Protein, and 272 Calories.

Comparing the two products ground beef is the way to go because they win in every category besides the nutrition standpoint. Even though nutrition is very important in today's culinary world, I personally treasure the classic taste of a normal burger over the cat food smelling burgers.


Tim Reynolds

Practicing writing and saving money so I can become a professional Journalist for the NFL. If you have any questions comments or potential discussions please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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Tim Reynolds
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