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Pepperoni Pickle Pizza

by Jeremy Cavenagh 11 months ago in cuisine
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An invention for Mexican customers at my restaurant

Pepperoni Pickle Pizza
Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

So I had a restaurant in Mexico, i made burgers and Pizza, and many were my Mexican Clientele, I offered the best food for the lowest price, and my customers returned, sometimes for seconds and thirds. Now it may seem strange, until you realize that this pizza is not your normal pizza, it is a roll. So one roll is equal to a piece of pizza, and yet people would buy three or four to consume for a meal. I now share with you the recipe, for your tastebud's pleasure.

We start with making a dough, I never used exact measurements, just what felt right, and after a while this became the norm, and it worked out more or less the same, depending on outside temperatures, and humidity levels.

In a Mixing bowl add 4 cups of white flour, 4 cups whole wheat, and yeast, and a pinch of coarse salt, mix these together, then add warm water, and keep stirring. Add water until such time as you achieve the right consistency, where the dough is not sticky, but will refill when you poke it with your finger.

Now you wait... get a good book, or do something else, because you must wait a minimum of 12 hours before you return to the dough to use. Before you go off, cover the dough, or place the bowl in the oven, and close the door, leaving the light on and door closed. As it rises you may have to punch it down a couple of times, depending upon your ambient temperatures, and humidity levels.

Ok, so the 12 hours have passed, you return to your dough, and she has more than tripled in size... this is a good thing, do not worry. Now You make certain you have your necessary ingredients on hand. Fresh Tomato sauce would be great, if you know how to make it, if you do not, then take the sauce you have from the store, and warm it up too. You will be needing Cheese, naturally, Pepperoni (dry), and pickle slices, simple right?

Now you need to clear out some space, a fair volume of clean counter space, and when you have that, sprinkle a little white flour on the surface. Next take the dough, scoop it out of the bowl, it ought to have begun to smell a little like beer, this is a good thing, no worries. Roll out the dough into a rectangle, at least a quarter inch thick or thinner if you can without it tearing. Next spoon your warm tomato sauce onto the dough, and do it liberally, the sauce makes the pizza, so they say. Next lay out your pepperoni, i like to make patterns, but I also spread out until every square inch has at least a part of a piece of pepperoni, then i lay the pickle slices on each pepperoni piece.

I know, I know it sounds a bit odd, but no worries, hakuna mutatta, as a friend of mine used to say. When you have the Pickles laid out in an appropriate pattern, put your grated cheese on the top, and add lots of it, until the entire rectangle has been covered and your stomach is rumbling saying " I can't wait to try this". With the last of the cheese, you have a very simple sounding task to perform. Start with one of the long edges of the rectangle, and start rolling the dough, as if you were making cinnamon buns. Roll this up until you have the last inch or so, left. then wet your fingers, and smooth the dough onto the remaining side, to seal it up.

Now you have Two tasks left, One you use a bread knife, and saw off pieces of the roll, about an inch thick, place the cut pieces, on a tray with cooking paper, or silicone baking mats. When you have cut, and placed the last piece place the tray, or trays in a prewarmed oven. If it is prewarmed it will rise, and cook faster than if it is not. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, you ought to be able to smell the finished product, and the cheese ontop ought to be turning Golden brown. If they are soggy on the bottom you can cook for another five minutes, keeping an eye on them, to be certain they do not burn.

Last and most important task, enjoy, as they say in Mexico Buen Provecho!


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Jeremy Cavenagh

I am one of those people who has been almost everywhere, and done almost everything, I write stories, mostly fiction, or Science Fiction, and I write poetry.

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