Navigating All Things Vegan

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Navigating All Things Vegan

It's interesting that a lot of us decide to become plant based in Japan. It was that way for me. My whole life I had been craving the freshest fish that was on the Earth and then when I arrived I became vegetarian eventually and then vegan. Vegan can be an interesting game in Japan. While a lot of the food is very plentiful in vegetables and greens and is quite vegetarian in Japan, it still can be quite hard to find supplements especially for the traveling foreigner. Here are some tips on being vegan in Japan.


Be compassionate with yourself. Are you critical of others? Usually the mirror of judging others is that you are critical of yourself. Everything is constantly changing.

Search Pages in Japanese

You're living in Japan and as you acquire more Japanese explore the new layer of the internet. Input "Syshokushya" "菜食主義" into Chrome and maybe "burogu" "ブログ" There are a lot of Japanese people trying out the vegan way of things on the island. I've found it is similar to finding the climbing community in Japan though. It can be hard to find, but I think you'll find it's a magical community. Here's a link to a Japanese person doing his thing! I found more results when I started to search in Japanese as suppose to navigating the internet in English.

Plant Based Channels

Maybe you know these channels already, but when I found these my creativity blossomed once again. These guys are thriving I do believe. If you want a really professional channel check out the way this guy is doing things. I really enjoy his professional approach. If you're looking for comedy maybe check out this girl. When I was in Japan and learned about the raw vegan way I was surprised people were flourishing this way. I wasn't able to flourish with raw and I remember thinking that I was doing something wrong. In the end, food is something that is constantly changing. My devotion lies with way Oneness University puts things.

Vitamin D3

Taking a vitamin D3 supplement is essential I have found. Here's a supplement which is combating depression, anxiety, and heart health. It seems to be supporting many health ailments. Many people are not getting enough sunlight or are having a more difficult time absorbing the mineral due to having darker skin.

Vitamin B12

These days this supplement is also quite essential regardless if you are vegan or not, many are saying. If you're going to get the supplement you could buy a chewable form, but watch out for the sugar content in gummy's as it can cause tooth sensitivity. I personally like the Jarrow brand currently.

Omega 3

The vegan version of this powerhouse comes often from the ocean. Many plant based milks are including this supplement in their product, but I'd say watch out for sugar content and try to steer clear of Carrageenan when you can.

Vitamineral Green

I don't know why I love this product, but I do. It has a price tag, but giving and taking are opposite sides of the same coin. If one stops the other stops. Have gratefulness when giving and receiving. In the end it's energy. Oneness University really helped me with this and still is! It's a process and you can only be at where you're at.

Plant Based Protein

It doesn't matter which one you decide to do. They are all improving with their quality and all have a good intention. I went away from "My Vega" products and now I'm back on. Let's see what'll happen next. I'm currently including both of these in my selections. One seems to be only for workouts, but I've found it to be helpful regardless and the other is delicious. I usually add some gluten free oats and "Juice Plus" capsules to the mix as well. Juice Plus is planning on going international very soon. The capsules are gelatin and so I take the capsules apart and empty out the contents. They are working on introducing a vegan capsule so stay tuned!


If you venture to Tokyo there is a plant based noodle shop on one of the bottom levels in Tokyo Station. They serve delicious ramen and other dishes. There are many vegan restaurants in Tokyo and when I was there I had an adventurous time navigating the place to explore new eateries. In the reggae district of Tokyo or Kunatachi Station there is a Chinese restaurant that prides itself in serving only plant based dishes as well.


As always eating lots of whole plant based foods seems to render the vegan more successful. I encourage the traveler to explore the world of ayurvedic knowledge to gain more insight as well.

Mountain Sage
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