My Review of 'Game Changers'

A much-hyped documentary about vegan eating patterns and how it's good for you.

My Review of 'Game Changers'

I have a few friends that have become vegan, and they're really into the diet. I understand the reasons why they've become vegan, but I still haven't become full-on vegan. I obviously know that too much meat is bad for me, but I eat it not because of the nutrition, but for the taste. It's sort of like asking everyone to go sugarless for the rest of their lives. We all know it's good for us, but we're all addicted to it, so we can't.

So Game Changers is a deep dive into the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet. The documentary surrounds James Wilks. He's a trained fighter that has fought in UFC, but had gone through a tragic injury that had sidelined him for a while. During his recuperation, he researched vegan diets to see if it would help him out, and his findings resulted in this movie.

A disclaimer was placed in the beginning of the movie. It basically said that everyone has different conditions, and no single diet is good for everyone. I'm sure that a ton of audience members will forget this disclaimer right away when they watch this documentary. It means that even though they have found some research to be true, it isn't true for everyone. A vegan diet isn't for everyone, but if your body is able to do it, then maybe it might benefit you.

This documentary goes into various issues concerning vegan diets. For the most part, they want to tell everyone that people can get all the nutrients that they need from a purely vegan diet. This means you don't need supplements. Apparently, there are ways of getting all the nutrients you need, and they have a whole slew of athletes to testify that they've been doing it, all natural.

The vegan diet is supposed to not only give you more strength, but also give you a ton more endurance because it helps open up blood vessels for blood flow. It's supposed to be an anti-inflammatory, so it is supposed to also help us recover from injuries a lot easier.

They went into a ton of medical and scientific jargon, that I'm sure nobody is going to factcheck. That's kind of typical of a ton of documentaries that want to make you change your opinion on something. I'm sure their facts are sound, but I can't really verify any of them for you.

Another issue they wanted to tackle kind of goes on a tangent. They wanted to tell the audience that vegan diets are better for the environment. It even claims that climate change issues can be resolved if everyone stopped eating meat. The claim is that if we stop eating meat, then we don't have to use so many resources to feed the livestock, our water wouldn't be so polluted because of the livestock excrement, and much of the world's land would be forested area because we wouldn't need so many ranches to keep the livestock. It makes some sense, but I can't really factcheck that there are that many ranches for livestock. I always thought meat was always more expensive than vegetables, and much of the developing world (which is most of the population) eat vegan diets because of the cost of meat. That opened my eyes a little. I always thought meat was a luxury only a small portion of the world's population enjoys.

Really, they didn't really need to make a movie like this. It's pretty common knowledge that vegetables are good for you, and meat isn't. Even if you ask an older person, they'll tell you to eat more vegetables and less meat. I don't know why vegans think that we don't know this already. People eat meat because they like eating meat, not the nutritional content of meat. We've all taken the drug, and we're all addicted to it. What they're doing is the equivalent of asking a heroin addict to stop taking drugs.

Overall, the movie was entertaining and was pretty fun. I thought it was interesting, but a lot of the stuff was kind of no-brainer preaching. I like the thought of going vegan, but I know that I can't get myself to do it unless I had that much more time in my life to really prepare great tasting vegan meals. We all live busy lives, and we just buy whatever is fast and convenient. I'll try to eat quick and easy salads, but that'll only last me so long before I get tired of it. I'll have to give this documentary an 8 out of 10 because of the entertainment factor, and the fact that it made me want to consider moving over to a vegan diet. I know I won't though...

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