Milwaukee...The Coffee City?

Milwaukee's Coffee Shop Run Down

Milwaukee...The Coffee City?
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Brats, cheese, beer, the things you come to Milwaukee for right? Yes! If you leave Milwaukee without eating cheese curds, did you even come to Milwaukee?

So, would you guess that one of the best things about Milwaukee is the amazing local coffee shops? I certainly did not. However, if you look around, there are so many unique and delicious coffee shops all over the city. Let's break down the best coffee shops around town (although you really can't go wrong, so let’s try them all!)

Anodyne Coffee

You coffee lovers out there, get ready. Anodyne is truly a gem of Milwaukee and your taste buds will thank you for indulging in their coffee. Their coffee is the real deal, not too bitter, not too sweet, and just the right variation on classic coffee.

They also have beans for you to purchase so you can take Anodyne home with you. They will grid up the beans for you or you can take the beans as is.

One of the things that make Anodyne unique is that they serve coffee, but at select locations, you can get wood-fired pizza as well. This makes for the perfect rainy day outing.


Colectivo is a staple in Milwaukee. And luckily they are pretty much everywhere! This is by far one of the largest and leading coffee shop chains in Milwaukee.

If you are looking for new mixes of your favorite coffee and tea items, they will always have something new for you to try.

Something special about Colectivo is the location by the lake. So sit back, sip your coffee, and watch the water.

In each location, there are also different specialties. Bakery, coffee beans, all of the coffee essentials. You can see the actual bakery being made or the coffee beans being roasted. It is a great behind the scene look.

Are you looking for a great date night? At some locations, Colectivo hosts local bands and has music nights in their summer concert series. You can find a list of these concerts on their website.

Stone Creek

Now, stone creek truly has the perfect coffee shop vibe. It is a coffee shop with a modern twist.

If you are a foodie and want breakfast that is not just pastries like most other coffee shops, Stone Creek is your coffee shop. Their menu is filled with healthy and scrumptious options. There are sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, quiches, and much more. While you are there, there are these waffles dipped in chocolate, drool-worthy.

Stone Creek also has the option to purchase their coffee and take it home with you.

One of the things that gives Stone Creek its charm, is the big garage doors that slide up and allow the space to become an indoor/ outdoor space. The patio even has some charging stations for those of you wanting to work while indulging in all of the coffee.

Are you craving coffee yet?

Fuel Cafe

Fuel Cafe is one of the coffee shops that can do it all! Fule is known for the experience that they provide. It is a restaurant, it is a cafe, and it functions as a bar where you can sample some of the local beers and marvelous cocktails.

They have even made it so that once you have tried their food and become obsessed with it, you can order the food for your events and parties. They do catering! Or, if you want to host a party at the cafe itself, they do private parties. The options are endless with Fuel!

Okay, so now I think it is time to go out on the town and drink all the coffee that Milwaukee has to offer...and maybe some cheese curds too.

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