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Mcdonald's Celebrates The Iconic McRib Bringing It Back For Its 40th Anniversary.

by Jason Ray Morton 6 months ago in product review
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The McRib Is Back Again, And I Hope It Stays A While

It's been a tough year for everybody, and to reward our perseverance and continued patronage, the good folks from McDonald's have brought back the McRib. So, now that the McRib has returned for the late 2021 season, when will things slow down enough that I can get into a Mcdonald's and grab one or two before they're gone. While McDonald's celebrates its' 40th Anniversary of the McRib, it's still hard to get one they're so busy.

The McRib has been one of the most popular treats that McDonald's has come up with since its' inception some 40years ago. When it returns to the fast-food chain its' an instant boost for business as drive-thrus are busy for the first thirty days, sometimes until they're just out of the tasty seasoned ribs.

Living a short distance from a McDonald's, it's amazing to see the bulk of business during the month of November, as it's been packed every time I drive by. Everybody loves that seasoned boneless pork, barbeque sauce, onions, and pickles on a hoagie-style bun.

History of the McRib

First introduced in 1981 the McRib was the subject of poor sales by the global fast-food chain. It was removed from their line-up in 1985, generally being rereleased in the fall in areas where it sold well. For those that want the McRib all year round, it is a permanent item on the menu in Mcdonald's restaurants in Germany and Luxembourg. Which, tells this writer, I need to get a passport and take a trip a couple of times a year!

The McRib is a phenomenon in pop culture. Chasing the McRib became a thing and was the subject of an episode of The Simpsons entitled "I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can". In that episode, a parodied version of the famed sandwich, "The Ribwich," gains a cult-like following. Oh Homer!

Iconic Farewell Tours

Sixteen years ago, on November 1st, 2005 was when Mcdonald's issues a press release announcing that the McRib was permanently being removed from their menu. However, when it's an iconic piece of Americana, there are protests, pleas, and petitions that Americans turn to in the hopes of affecting real change. So it was, the "Save the McRib" petition was alive and humorously sponsored by the "Boneless Pig Farmers Association Of America". Much like the good old boys of the rock band KISS, by 2006 the McRib was on its' second farewell tour.

Returning to please fat kids and barbeque treat lovers everywhere, the McRib resurfaces in 2007 for Farewell Tour III. In 2008 the fourth farewell tour included performances in the US, Hong Kong, And Japan, as the sandwiches new song from "McRib DJ Plowman" in tribute to the creator.

In 2010 the sandwich started its' "Legends of the McRib" tour with an event in New York City that honored three of its super fans. McDonald's admitted that the 2010 tour saw a sales boost of almost 5%. The legends tour included the first national touring dates since 1994.

Proving that legends are legends for a reason, the McRib's farewell tours have been as farcical as that of other great icons, specifically from the world of Rock and Roll.

What To Do When Waiting At Long Lines At The Drive-Thru's

The lines at the drive-thru have been insane, even as most Mcdonald's locations have two lanes. Getting into the parking lot is doable, but navigating the lot and the 45 minute wait times during the peak of business, that's another story. So, what might one do while they wait in line, remembering they have to navigate their vehicle? And, I do mean, besides pray that Mcdonald's can find some part-time help to manage the rush better.

  • Text the girlfriend and tell her that you have an important meeting.
  • Online cell-phone games.
  • Stream an episode of your favorite sitcom.
  • Pull out your laptop and write an article about waiting for a McRib.
  • Did you bring a book by chance?
  • Check the local news on your phone.
  • Make a business call, for you industrious types.
  • Plan your afternoon, and move around meetings if you're on your lunch hour.
  • Run laps around your car.

In Conclusion

We, the fans of the McRib, would like to thank our area McDonald's for bringing back this deliciously fattening treat of our teenage years. Now, since Germany can have them all year long, who's with me on starting a petition to "Keep the McRib" all year long?

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