Make Tea Not War, But If It Spills Make Some Art

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Iced Green tea Frappucino for all your summer worries and some art for the tired eyes

Make Tea Not War, But If It Spills Make Some Art
Artist Giulia Bernardelli makes beautiful art with spilled Tea

The history of tea is said to date back to ancient China, a long 5000 years ago when Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when leaves from some tree blew into his pot of boiling water. He was transfixed by the pleasant smell and taste and discovered the tea's soothing effect on the body. From there on, tea spread to many places all over the world. Tea has been used for various medicinal purposes and many swear by its amazing effects.

Credits: How important the tea was in ancient China

The Boston Tea Party

By 18th century, tea was one of the largest and most valuable things exported by Britain. Circumstances changed when the British government ordered a specific "tea tax" to capitalize off its popularity in America. Due to the greed of the people who handled the tea, the tax rate reached 119%, more than doubling the initial cost of tea as it entered the American wholesale market. This caused huge loss for many businesses.

In defiance, the American ports refused to allow any tea ashore. 92000 pounds of tea was dumped into Boston Harbor on 16 December, 1773. This incident resulted in the infamous Boston Tea Party, as the British government closed off Boston harbor. Soon, British troops arrived on American soil. This series of events marked the beginning of the American War of Independence. Boycotting tea became an act of patriotism and American people started preferring coffee more.

Credits: NPR The tea party in America

I have my own process for making some delicious tea. Let's make some amazing Green tea Frappucino on the rocks, while you admire some amazing tea art.


1 ½ cups milk

1 fluid ounce vanilla-flavored syrup

1 ½ teaspoons green tea powder

3 cups ice cubes

Giulia Bernardelli tea art


Blend the milk, iced cubs, tea and vanilla syrup in a blender. Wait till the consistency becomes smooth. Pour into a cup, add more ice or vanilla syrup to your liking and enjoy!

Calories: 300

Tea is believed to suppress the appetite which is great for people looking to lose the extra pounds. It also contains antioxidants, and reduces the risk of of heart attack and stroke by many margins. It keeps you healthy and awake. While you're sipping on your tea don't forget the Dark history of Tea.


The Golden age of tea started during the Tang Dynasty. It was a neutral, soothing drink that would take on literary and artistic overtones. It was popular, widely consumed and believed to have many medicinal properties.

Giulia Bernardelli makes art. It looks like a ship set to sail across the Shenghai by the spy for east India Company

It was in the 1700s, that East India company began to monopolize on the tea trade with China. Black tea mixed was with milk and sugar. Soon tea became a staple in many British households. By the late 1800s, China was producing 250,000 tonnes of tea, with 134,000 tonnes exported to countries such as Britain.

The East India Company wanted to balance the tea trade and hence began to transport opium into China. When China put a ban on opium due to its harmful and addictive effects, the British government became enraged and went to war against China. Two wars called the First and Second opium wars commenced. The British won these wars and the demand for tea soared.

However, East India Company fearing another uprising started planning to steal China's tea seeds. A man named Robert Fortune became the chosen Botanic spy for East India Company. He set sail to Shenghai in 1849 and made his way to the tea producing regions of Zhejiang and Anhui. He shaved his head and dressed as a wealthy Chinese merchant and managed to integrate himself into several tea factories. He learned the method behind their production.

The spy trekked across China in search of tea factories and seeds. Credits: Giulia Bernardelli

When he left China in 1851, he took with him precious seeds and tea leaves. Several Fujianese black tea farmers accompanied him too, they farmed for the East India Company in the Indian Himalayas. East India Company was successful in their political tactic but they destroyed China's tea industry. Huge losses occurred due to this incident and China's tea productions fell dramatically.

Tea and greed caused the loss of a country's fortune. It wasn't until recently when China regained its position as the top Tea trader in the world.


I take my tea loaded with ice cubes in the warm summer. It is great for weight loss and keeps me healthy. It is certainly preferable to the many sugary drinks many consume that lead to heart problems.

During summer time my mother would make tea with Lipton tea bags. After the steeping process, she would pour it out from the pitcher for my sisters and me. We would sit in the shade playing and drinking iced tea. Sometimes it would rain. I remember fondly, splashing and playing in the rain with my sisters, while we took the neighborhood by storm with our gleeful screams. Tea was a wonderful addition to all that fun.

Giulia Bernardelli

''There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.'' -Henry James

So make yourself some and enjoy but don't forget its history!


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