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Make healthy breakfast for your family on weekends

The 6th kind of food delicious nutrition full, children love to eat but also grow

By gaston raphaelPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Make healthy breakfast for your family on weekends
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Enjoying food is an experience that all people enjoy. Different places, different environments, different cultures, and customs have given birth to a variety of cuisines in many different forms and flavors. Today I would like to introduce you to 6 nutritious breakfast dishes. Weekend to do a healthy breakfast for the family, the 6th food delicious nutrition full, children love to eat but also grow, I hope you like and benefit from it.

Celery leaf cake

Celery leaf cake

Vegetable Cake

Prepare ingredients: main ingredients: celery leaves 50g, carrots 50g; auxiliary ingredients: oil, salt, five spice powder, flour each appropriate amount.

Steps to do.

1, wash celery leaves, scalded in boiling water, celery leaves out of squeeze water, chopped, carrots scraped and chopped, basin with the right amount of refined salt and five spice powder, then add the right amount of water, add the right amount of flour mix well, not thin and not thick paste, add chopped celery leaves and carrots, mix well, thin can add flour, thick can add water.

2, grease the pan, add a spoonful of batter spread well, the top is almost solidified, flip until both sides are cooked and ready to serve.

Finger cake strawberry rolls

Finger cake strawberry rolls

Ingredients: main ingredients: 2 eggs, 50g sugar, 40g low flour, 10g corn starch; auxiliary ingredients: the number of crushed almonds, light cream 180g, powdered sugar, strawberries.

Steps to do.

1, egg whites + sugar whipped to 9 distributions, add the egg yolks in stages and mix well, sieve into the powder cut and mix well, mix the cake batter, very smooth, very thick, into the laminating tape squeezed into the baking dish.

2, sprinkle with powdered sugar and chopped almonds, into the oven, 180 degrees, medium, 10 minutes, cooled coated with whipped light cream, put the strawberries, rolled up, refrigerated for half an hour slices can be served.

Cranberry cupcake

Cranberry cupcakes

Ingredients: Main ingredients: 100g butter, 60g sugar, 100g low flour, 1/8 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp milk powder, 2 eggs; Accessories: 50g dried cranberries.

Steps to do.

1, weigh the ingredients, soften the butter and beat with a whisk until smooth, add granulated sugar, and continue to beat with the whisk until the color is white and the volume becomes large, add the egg mixture in three batches, each time to mix until the egg mixture and butter are completely mixed well, then add the next.

2, mix well after the butter batter should be thick and smooth, and delicate, add milk powder to the butter batter and mix well, low gluten flour and baking powder mix sifted into the butter batter, pour dried cranberries into the batter, and mix well.

3, brush a layer of oil inside the small mold, and put a few small dried cranberries in the bottom of each small mold, and then squeeze the batter in the mold, 2/3 full can be put into the preheated oven baking, the middle layer, 180 degrees, about 20 minutes to serve (according to the size of the mold, adjust as appropriate, baked until the surface is slightly golden brown).

Shredded Curry Lentil Fried Rice

Curry lentil fried rice

Prepare ingredients: main ingredients: 100g rice, 100g lentils; auxiliary ingredients: oil, salt, chili, curry each appropriate amount.

Steps to do.

1, lentils shredded, chopped chili, and a small piece of curry.

2, boil oil, put in the shredded lentils and chili peppers stir-fried well, put some salt, put in the curry, put some water to cook the lentils soft, then put in the rice, stir-fried loose.

3, stir-fried evenly can be removed from the pan can be served.

Curry potato flower package

Curry potatoes flower buns

Ingredients: Main ingredients: 240g flour, 110g milk, 52g eggs, 40g sugar; Accessories: 1g salt, 100g potatoes, 10g curry powder, 50g onion, 20g white sesame seeds, 2g yeast.

Steps to do.

1、Prepare the baking ingredients, pour the flour, sugar, and yeast into a cooking bowl, beat the eggs, pour in the milk, mix into a dough without dry flour, and knead the dough repeatedly by hand until the gluten is initially extended, organize it and set it in a warm place to ferment for 80 minutes.

2, prepare the potatoes, onions, and curry powder; potatoes peeled and washed in the microwave ding cooked into a puree; onion finely diced spare, curry powder, and an appropriate amount of salt mixed spare;

3、Heat oil in a pan, pour in the onion, sauté the aroma, add the mashed potatoes, sauté well, pour in the curry powder, sauté until the mashed potatoes are evenly coated with curry, and serve as the filling, ferment the dough to two times its size, divide it into several parts, wrap each small part in the potato curry filling, organize it into a round ball, cut four small openings with scissors in opposite directions, then cut into eight parts and flip it into a flower shape.

4, bread embryo into the second fermentation of baking pan 35 minutes, brush with egg wash, pat sesame seeds, preheat the oven, the lower middle oven, the upper and lower heat 160 degrees, 15 minutes to serve.

Five spice pork and cucumber pancakes

Five spice pork and cucumber pancakes

Prepare ingredients: main ingredients: pancake crust 500g; auxiliary ingredients: pork 500g, cucumber 500g, five spice powder appropriate amount, soy sauce appropriate amount, oil appropriate amount.

Steps to do.

1, wash and shred pork.

2, frying pan with oil, add pork fried, add five spice powder and soy sauce to taste, pancake crust buy ready-made, cucumber shredded on the side of the fried pork, the pork and cucumber on the pancake crust.

3、Wrap the pork and cucumber into a roll with the pancake crust and serve.

Do you like to eat nutritious breakfast food? Welcome to the interactive discussion and leave comments.


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