Keto-Friendly Options at Jimmy John's

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Keto-Friendly Menus

Keto-Friendly Options at Jimmy John's
Make it an "Unwich!"

We've all been there. Late going to lunch, or perhaps you spaced out and left your food on the counter before going to work. Possibly you were running late and didn't have time to grab something as you rushed out the door. While running your errands you start to feel famished and need something fast. But you have a couple of problems; you are on a diet - a keto diet. And most keto items are pricey. Because for some reason, eating healthy costs more than an arm and a leg in today's corporate America. Not to mention, where the heck can you find a healthy, fast food joint that isn't going to cost you over five to ten dollars for a simple meal?

On a day like this, you go to the safest bet - a deli choice which is normally cheap, easy, and fast. Who doesn't like a good sandwich? Of course, bread is a no-no on a low carbohydrate diet. Subway is great for people who don't count carbs, even their wraps have extra carbs in them that people on the keto diet just can’t afford. Panera Bread while healthy and having some keto options is expensive. Gas station food is an untrustworthy, probably the least appetizing choice. So, what's a faithful dieter to do?

Lucky for us, Jimmy John's is reasonably priced and in every state except Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont (sorry North Easterners). Jimmy John's is a favorite because they deliver, they're fast, and generally have great service. And thankfully, Jimmy John's pretty keto diet-friendly. Although every sandwich on the menu with bread is over 55 carbs, they have an alternative called: The Unwich. Which is a lettuce wrap instead!

When you replace your bread with lettuce, you're intaking precisely one carb from the lettuce. And depending on what meat and fillings you choose, you can meet your carb counting requirements easily. The ordinary choices on the regular menu, you're getting a wrap that is under 10 carbs. And "The Gargantuan" choice, is 10 carbs. Although, if you're on a diet you're probably not getting that ginormous wrap.

For a side, they have their regular Jimmy John's chips, each bag is seventeen carbohydrates, or you can choose their "Thinny Chips," which is twenty carbs, or a safe dill pickle which is four carbs. For a drink, you're going to want to go unsweetened iced tea, vitamin water or water. They have diet soda options, but they're so full of sucrose and additives and other awful ingredients that it's better to cut out soda altogether.

And of course, you can order off the menu, and create your own. For your pleasure, I am going to list here some of my favorite combinations. They are all under five total carbs, they hit the spot, and of course, I wouldn't eat anything gross - so they are all super yummy. Feel free to try them out the next time you're feeling in the Jimmy John's mood!

Keep in mind - these are all made as a lettuce wrap! No bread!

Lettuce, salami, provolone cheese, mustard, basil and oregano, Jimmy Peppers, and tomato. Total carbs: 4

Lettuce, turkey breast, bacon, Kickin Ranch, tomato, and provolone cheese, Total carbs: 4

Lettuce, turkey breast, light avocado, basil and oregano, oil and vinegar, and tomato and sprouts. Total carbs: 5

Lettuce, provolone cheese, avocado spread, cucumber, and onion. Add some sprouts, tomato, mayo, oregano and basil, Jimmy Peppers, and oil and vinegar. Total carbs: 5

Lettuce, bacon, tomato, mayo, and mustard. Total carbs: 2

So if you're ever in a hunger pinch, look up your nearest Jimmy John's, and have them deliver you a keto-friendly wrap, whether you ordered off the menu or made your own creation. You won’t feel any regret or the repercussions of sudden carbohydrate intake. They have a lot of great options to choose from. And your “oops, I forgot my lunch“ days don't have to painful - for your diet or your wallet. And if you're ever unsure or want a nutritional guide to their menu, they have one available online on their website! You can find it here:

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