Keto Delux Brownies

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If this is a "diet" - pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Keto Delux Brownies
The best guilt-free brownies I have ever had!

Anyone on the Keto diet knows that it can be strenuous at times. It's hard to count your carbs, check your protein, regulate your fats...

But then every once in a while, the clouds part, angelic sunrays shine down on you and the holy grail of recipes presents itself. I give you: The Brownie Delux. Sure, there are a ton of desserts out there that fit my macros, or are a great "fat bomb," but eating a creamcheese butter ball rolled in cocoa powder just doesnt FEEL like a dessert. When my family finishes dinner and are gathered around their long awaited sweet treat, I want to join them with more than just a xantham gum, almond flour, stevia nugget.

Clearly dessert recipes I've searched up and have tried in the past have been a failure, until I decided to make my own!


Lets dive right in, shall we?

Brownie Ingredients:

- One bag of brownie batter. No, I did not accomplish this brownie batter on my own (yet!) but i would probably get more of the ingredients in my hair than in the mixing bowl. I'm going to go ahead and cut this corner and make life easy. (It's enough for me to make dinner, make dessert, while refereeing the kids, and trying to pay attention to Netflix in the background, ok?) It's literally the best brownie batter I have had when it comes to Keto. 1.1g net carbs? - well it doesnt get much better than that, does it? So please, stock up, because these bad boys are amazing! Keto & Co Fudge Brownie Mix (currently on sale at Amazon!)

- a stick and a half of butter

- 3 eggs

Topping Ingredients:

- 4/5 of a block of cream cheese

- 3 tsp keto friendly hazelnut spread (to achieve the macros THIS brownie batch made, I bought Pyure Organic Hazelnut Spread on amazon. I searched and found it to be the most tasteful and keto friendly. But if you're one of those nifty types that can make everything yourself - than please, feel free to make your own. And also, can you adopt me?)

- Mocha Flavored Skinny Syrup

- liquid stevia (or sweetner of your choice)

- 2 Slim Fast Peanut Butter Cups

- a handful of Blue Diamond salted almonds


Prepare and bake your brownies as described on the bag. Super simple: dump the bag, add the melted butter and the 3 eggs. BAKE. Done. Who wouldnt want that shortcut in their life?

Meanwhile, during the baking of the brown beauties, prepare your topping. In your mixer, begin whipping your cream cheese. (It's easier if its warmer, than stright out of the fridge, so keep that in mind.) While it's mixing, pour in your mocha syrup. How much? I'm not sure how much mocha you like, so I poured in the amount that made my heart happy. With zero sugar and zero carbs, have at it. At this time, you might also want to squirt in your stevia. How much? Again, I'm not sure how much sweetness you like in a dessert. Do you like the tangyness of cream cheese? Add less. Me, I like mine in-between tangy and sugar coma.

Add both, while mixing your cream cheese, and do not forget to taste your progress. You can always put more sweetner in - you can't take it back out. Next, you will take 2 of the 3 tsp of your hazelnut topping and add that in there as well. Make sure everything is mixed together well.

Next, chop up your almonds and peanut butter cups. Make a little almond peanutbutter cup crumble and set aside.

Smell that? Smells like your brownies are done baking! I'm excited for you!!! Let it cool down, to the point where it will not melt your cream cheese topping. Once cool, spread your newly created heavenly cream cheese topping all over it. Take your crumble and sprinkle it down your elbow onto that badboy brownie like the boss you are. And finally, take the remaining tsp of the hazelnut spread and do whisping circlar movements downward onto the brownie platter to get that streaked effect. Or however you want to do it. It's going to taste amazing either way.


Now let it cool so the topping will harden. Now, it's a waiting game. While we wait, let's talk carb count.

There are 1.1g net carb per serving in the brownie batter. Serving size is 1/16. At first, i thought that would make for a terribly tiny brownie. However, if you don't take a square pan, and you take a cake pan, you will get a flatter brownie, but you will get a decent sized one as well. This way, 1/16th of a brownie will feel like a most successful serving size.

For the topping, the cream cheese is 0g carbs, the mocha syrup has zero carbs, the hazelnut topping has 10g net carbs for 2 tbsp. We used only 3 tsp. Which is half of that. So it's 5g net carb for the entire pan. However, for one piece, it becomes 0.3g per piece. The peanut butter cups have 4g net carbs per cup. We used two. Thats 8g net for the entire pan. For one piece however, its 0.5g.

1.9g net carb

So we're talking 1.9g - let's say 2.0g carb per piece for good measure. PER PIECE. Thats less than most store-brand "keto friendly" dessert options they have. And this one tastes amazing.

You might think "oh wow, this is pretty pricey" when it comes to the ingredients. I understand that. But you'll realize that it's an investment. You've only used 3tsp out of the entire hazelnut spread container. You're mocha syrup can be used in coffee and other things you create, so it'll definitely come in handy. The peanut butter cups are good in a jam for a quick sweet-crave stomp (unless you have these brownies handy!) and so many come in a box. For from this point on, if you still have these amazing ingredients that make the brownie just that good, you'll only be paying the price of the brownie batter. Which, in my opinion, is totally worth it!

I hope you enjoyed the recipe :)

Don't judge me.

Angie Robinson
Angie Robinson
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