I Rank My Top 5 Fast Food Chains

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Focusing on French fries, I rank my top 5 fast food chains.

I Rank My Top 5 Fast Food Chains

Okay, let's get straight to it. I'm from Washington DC; so as far as French fries and major fast food chains go, there are only about 5 to choose from. We are talking about McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Chick-Fil-A, and Checkers. The fries will be judged based on their taste, texture, amount served (medium fry cup), and my own opinion will play a part in my rankings as well. If you disagree, comment your rankings. Any feedback is also welcome and appreciated to help me grow as a writer.

5. McDonald's

I know I'll probably get slack for this, but let me explain. McDonald's fries are iffy when they come to taste. They can be really good, too salty, soggy, cold, burnt, or really greasy. Some of those adjectives can apply for texture too. They may perfectly crispy, soggy, or hard because they're overcooked. I will admit you get a decent amount in a medium cup though. I didn't know where to rank McDonald's when I started brainstorming so the 5 spot fits so to speak. Sorry Mickey D's lovers.

4. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A's waffle fries are pretty good. The taste of the fries is consistent. They especially taste good with the variety of sauces they have to choose from. They're also usually crispy which is good. I don't like the funny pieces at the bottom of the cup though. These waffle fries are bigger than traditional fries, so less may amount to a similar or more full stomach in this case. I'm not a big fan of Chick-Fil-A which is why it's ranked at #4. I will say I would pick it over McDonald's though. I mean come on, we all know it's bad for us.

3. Burger King

This one was hard to rank, but I would have been cheating if I ranked it higher. Burger King fries are okay. I remember them being a little better before they changed. Burger King's fries are always crispy though. They also hold on the salt and grease. I really like BK because of the onion rings. I couldn't cheat because this is about fries. You do get a decent amount of both when ordering a medium. If I had to rank BK based on their onion rings though... It may get #2. Who knows, maybe even the top spot.

2. Wendy's

I genuinely like Wendy's French fries. They got an upgrade that was much needed. I remember the fries used to be soggy; I have had soggy fries since the upgrade but it is very rare. They taste natural and are never too salty or greasy. I do have a problem with the occasional small fries at the bottom of the cup. The fries, overall, make up for any flaws they may have. I think Wendy's may give the most fries out of all the other fast food chains based on the medium cup. Now that that is out the way, let's get to the #1 spot.

1. Checkers

In my opinion, Checkers has the best fries hands down. The taste of the fries is very bold and unique. They are always crispy. The only time I get greasy fries are when they are given hot and fresh. Where Checkers fries lack with amount served, they definitely make up for it with taste. It is rare that I find the small fries, but if I do, they are just like the regular ones. These fries also never changed. You may be able to find fries that taste like the ones listed previously somewhere else. The only competition to Checkers may be Popeye's, but even then still the taste stands out.

There are not many bad things I can say about Checkers. The same thing goes for the other fast food chains I ranked earlier. I think we all enjoy our French fries before devouring our burger or chicken sandwich, maybe tenders or nuggets. The fries play a part in the decision making of the restaurant most times. I'm interested in seeing how you may rank these places if they are in your area. Drop some comments and leave some feedback. I hope you enjoyed.

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