I Ate a Double Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese While on Edibles

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A Short Story Of How My Taste Buds Experienced Love

I Ate a Double Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese While on Edibles

Have you planned to eat food high because you knew it was gonna taste better? Of course you have, you're reading this, or the title looked entertaining. Well for those who don't know food taste 100 times better when you're high. Every once in a while you'll come across food that tastes beyond magnificent. It'll make you want to tell your friends about it. The feeling is beyond flavor. I encountered this feeling twice eating while I was high. The first was a fruity pebbles treat—fruity pebbles made like rice krispey's treats. Second was a double bacon quarter pounder with cheese meal at McDonald's.

McDonalds Ad from their Facebook page. Yes they took a classic to a whole new level with this one. (Facebook.com)

I woke up on a Saturday still feeling the effects of the festivities from the previous day—five edibles and a couple of joints. I woke up high. I didn't feel like cooking anything. So I decided to go to the nearest McDonald's. I downloaded the app a few days ago. That's how I got the idea. Scrolling through the app when I saw the double bacon quarter pounder with cheese as an option. Angels started singing in my head. A little bit of reality started kicking in telling me, "Man, a few bucks for a few strips of bacon? Will that really matter?" There was a two dollar difference comparing the regular double quarter pounder meal and bacon one. I finally said to myself, "MAN! It's just two bucks what the heck!" I took the jump. Now walking to my table after receiving my order, I was experiencing hunger while inhaling the aroma of freshly made fries. Hearing the ice shake within my cup only added more to the anticipation of me eating my meal. Once at my table I didn't know what to attack first. I say attack because my mind was ready to inhale my food. Should I eat the fries first or go for the main course which was the burger. I chose the burger.

8/14/2019 The first bite(s) (from my phone)

I made the right choice. The first bite was like a kiss from the love of your life. The next few was like you finally got some alone time and are ready to get it on! Okay, okay I'll stop with this metaphor and talk to you about the flavors I was experiencing while I was eating this magnificent meal. As I bit into the burger my taste buds proceeded to process everything. When I say everything. I literally mean EVERYTHING! The softness of the two buns (giggidy). The ketchup and mustard followed next. Then the crunch and kick of the onions. The crispiness of the bacon. Then the softness of the cheese. Last but not least the meat patties and pickles. I felt it all! As I started to chew a big bang of all flavors and textures exploded and kicked off in my brain and taste buds.

How I felt eating the double bacon quarter pounder from McDonalds. (Tim and Eric) (Look up the gif)

I stared thinking about different situations that I wouldn't normally put together if I wasn't high eating food. Like why the hell are there racist people in 2019? The best type of combinations of food you can eat in the world are never one solid dish. Pizza and wings, mac and cheese with fried chicken, ribs and fried rice. In this case a double quarter pounder with bacon and fries. This mixture of foods is beautiful like the mixture of people and cultures we have in America. We have amazing options of food to chose from here, but some people choose to be ignorant and hate a race of people and cultures because they're different. If all of these people weren't up here we'd be eating a whole lot of the same thing! Now I'm thinking about all this heavy stuff while looking at my burger. I'm feeling a little sad that there will still be fighting going on and people won't sit back and just enjoy life like I'm enjoying this burger. I tell myself, "Hey! Moments like these are what make life a little worth it. Why fight, hate or stay angry. Relax and eat some good food." So after what felt like a two hour conversation with myself and was probably only five minutes. I continued eating, but went at the fries next.

A picture of Mcdonalds fries (getty images)

I picked up a handful of fries; the experience was different from the burger. The universe was created with those few bites of the burger. The fires felt like the inhabitants of that universe coming in. As I chewed the fries they gave my taste buds a genuine hug of love like your favorite retaliative who hasn't seen you in years. As I'm experiencing this. I tell myself, "oh man this is great!" The final hit/kick was the soda next. I picked a regular Coke. When I took my first drink it felt like everything that was going on was summer vacation. This was my break time. I should acknowledge this small time to myself and remember how it made me feel.

A little bit shocked. I tell myself, "Omg, it's like my food is talking to me." Now I'm having a moment at this Mcdonalds. I'm remembering times my parents and relatives took me here as a treat. When I hung out with friends. Nothing else like sitting down building brotherhoods, sharing laughs with family and friends over some food. I was back there experiencing those times again with all those people. Meal is done. Now I'm just thinking, "Damn this was delicious and I had some pretty great times here with people I love." Overall I think it was a great choice for me not to cook anything.

Jeffrey Fontanos
Jeffrey Fontanos
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