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HOW TO MAKE STRAWBERRY JAM | healthy, homemade chia seed jam

Healthy Homemade Chia Seed Jam

By amarjeetsingh jandawarPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Strawberry Chia Seed Healthy Jam

Hello my friends it's Amarjeetsingh and today i'm teach you how to make chia jams specifically i'm making a strawberry chia jam but you could really use any type of berry or jam making fruit that you prefer or that you have on hand now you'll notice that i'm working with fresh berries today but do note that you could also use frozen berries as well.

Beauty of chia jam is that it has way less sugar than traditional jellies and jams and you're getting all the health benefits of the chia seed so lots of fiber good healthy fats and quality protein and tons of antioxidants and those my friends are not nutrients that you find in your everyday gym so to get started.

I have one pound of fresh organic strawberries it's about three cups of berries i'm going to rinse them under some cold water then i will trim off the leafy green top and give them a rough chop cutting them up just helps them to cook a little bit quicker and a little bit easier they break down in the pot a lot faster.

Once i've got them all cut and ready to go i'll transfer them into a medium sized saucepan and then i'm going to bring it over a medium low heat and let it cook for about 10 minutes stirring it pretty frequently you're going to see as it heats up the strawberries begin to release a lot of their juices and it's going to become very loose and bubbly and nice and soft and tender so what i like to do is just grab a potato masher and start to break them down a little bit more now if you didn't have a potato masher you could do this with the back of a fork or a spatula you basically just want to break the berries down to the texture that you prefer personally i like this jam to be a little bit thicker with nice big chunks of berries in there so i don't take it too far but if you like your jam really smooth you would just break it down until the berries are processed a bit more then i'm going to turn my heat off and into the pot i'm adding a tablespoon of bright fresh lemon juice and then three tablespoons of chia seeds you could use white chia seeds or black chia seeds they are both exactly the same nutritionally speaking they just have a different color.

And then finally one tablespoon of honey i like to add this just to round the flavors out a bit that could also be maple syrup or if you wanted a sugar-free option you could use some monk fruit but i do recommend testing the jam so you can decide how much sweetener you want to add if you're using a berry like raspberries they tend to be a little bit more sour so you might want to add an extra tablespoon or two of sweetener but again it's completely personal preference so just taste as you go get all the chia seeds worked throughout and then you're going to see that as the jam.

Cools it's going to thicken up a bit and that's because of the chia seeds so just let it come down in temperature and then you can transfer it into an airtight container and you can see how much thicker my jam has become now that it's cooled and i love using these little mason jars for storage now because this jam is so fresh and doesn't use any preservatives it will last up to one week in the refrigerator or you could even pop it in the freezer if you wanted it to go for a few months one of my favorite ways to enjoy this strawberry chia jam is to toast up a fat slice of whole grain bread.

And then top it with some peanut butter and a big smear of the strawberry chia jam right over the top so simple such a classic and so delicious i also really love it stirred into oatmeal or stirred into greek yogurt or some cottage cheese but really you can enjoy this chia jam any way you would enjoy a traditional jam .

Thanks so much for reading this article with some more clean and deliciousness.


Amarjeetsingh jandawar

So much less sugar and you're gonna get the health benefits of the chia seed chia seeds lots of fiber lots of protein lots of healthy fats and tons of antioxidants that's not something you're finding in your everyday jelly jam


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