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How to make lemonade? Can people who lose weight drink it?

by jianchao 2 months ago in healthy
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How to make lemonade? Can people who lose weight drink it?

How to make lemonade? Can people who lose weight drink it?

Bubble lemonade, put a few slices of lemon? How much water?

There is a difference between the lemonade made by oneself and the lemonade drink produced by the manufacturer. The drink usually uses concentrated fruit juice and other additives, so it tastes better, while the lemonade made by oneself has simple raw materials, which are all pure natural ingredients, so it tastes different. After understanding this truth, we can not worry about why the lemonade we make is not as good as the drink we buy outside.

To put it bluntly, lemonade is just adding a few slices of lemon to the water, so it adds lemon flavor. Its main function is to help you replenish water and give people who don't like drinking water a reason to drink more water. If you use a beautiful water cup, then there is an additional reason to drink water.

A 2-4 liter kettle needs half a lemon, while a 5-7 liter kettle needs a whole slice of lemon. Lemon doesn't need to be too strong, just a faint taste. Too sour will turn your teeth and affect your taste.

Is lemon water suitable for people who lose weight?

Lemon is a low sugar fruit, with sugar content of 0.5%, which can be almost ignored. It's very good to drink it directly in water, and people who lose weight can drink it at ease.

However, many people don't like its slightly sour taste and will add honey or sugar, which will greatly increase the sugar content. Therefore, whether you can drink lemonade or not depends on whether you are drinking it

What's the difference between dried lemon slices and fresh lemon? Which one is good?

Fresh fruits are more nutritious, while the vitamin C content of dry fruits will be reduced. If conditions permit, it is better to buy fresh lemons.

Fresh lemons have a light sour taste after soaking in water, and smell faint, while dry lemons tend to have a bitter taste, but it is also related to the variety.

When buying fresh lemons, you can see the appearance and quality of the fruits. Choose high-quality varieties, and pay attention to hygiene when soaking in water to avoid drinking stale fruits. However, the processing process of the dried lemon bought back cannot be known, which may pose a risk of pollution. Some black hearted businesses will also make slices of bad fruit. In general, fresh lemon is more reassuring.

The right way to soak Lemonade:

A glass kettle with a lid, about 2-4 liters

A fresh lemon juice with fragrance

Warm water not exceeding 60 degrees

Clean kitchen knives and cutting boards

Wash the lemon, slice it on the cutting board, cut it thin as much as possible, then pour water into the kettle, put the cut lemon slices in it, cover it, wait for a while, and then drink it. You can also add some ice cubes to increase the taste of ice cream. Lemon and passion fruit, grapefruit, honey collocation, taste is also very good.

Please note: water temperature is very important. Too hot will make the taste bitter, too cold is difficult to soak beneficial ingredients, warm water is just right.

Lemonade, give you a reason to drink more water, so why drink more water in summer?

Enhance kidney function

The work of the kidney in the human body is to excrete, maintain water balance, regulate endocrine, etc. the nephron is busy every day, constantly filtering the water in the body, almost 20 liters a day, so much water will not turn into urine, but will enter the circulation again. The amount of urine that can be formed is about 1.5 liters, which is the amount of water we drink every day.


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