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How to Get High With Zero Hangover

by Sigmund Carlson 2 years ago in cuisine
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Let me introduce the most powerful drug in the world

How to Get High With Zero Hangover
Photo by Ly Le Minh on Unsplash

After years of trials and error, I present the Mother of All High, and the best of all is you won't have any trace of a hangover.

Welcome to Mr. Theobromine! He deserves a round of claps.

More known as cocoa. This seed is capable of induces a state of euphoria and creativity never seen before. Don't you believe me? Let's see some studies.

These bunch of trials shows improvements in cognitive functions, blood pressure, high levels of creativity (you can paint the Gioconda in no time), and more, and more. Yet, you don't get the cons of regular caffeine.

Not so fast, before you get your legal high, there are some points to keep in mind. Not all cocoa is valid. Forget the bars, sweets, and all this rubbish. Every time you eat food like this, your insulin levels go to the sky, and the next step is obesity knocking your door.

The key is eating pure cocoa; the closest the 100%, the better. You have a handful of options.

Yes, I know, it tastes like shit. But, when you eat cocoa unless 70%, your blood sugar keep stabilized, and you have more focus, energy, and wonder what? More erections. This is possible thanks to the vast amounts of zinc cocoa contain. Zinc is a mineral that improves mood, test level, and endurance in all sports.

You'll get familiar with the taste after one week. Also, if you want the full benefits, you should eat unless 20 g a day. All Nobel winners can't be wrong.

But what about your high? Don't worry, it's ready and fresh. When you eat pure cocoa (now, we need unless 99% pure), your brain starts to segregate tons of serotonin, giving you a sensation of complete joyfulness.

My wildest dream came true: getting high, benefit from it, and no hangover. Can you ask for something more marvelous? With the other drugs, you get poisoned and take eons to remove the substance of your bloodstream. Five days could take alcohol to abandon your body!

Cocoa is your best option for your parties, festival and whatever you think. It's legal, clean and only has pros. Some European countries even sell a delicious mix of weed and cocoa in bars at least 70% pure.

The only possibility of having a bad trip would be eating 1 kg of pure cocoa per day. It looks difficult even for me that I'm totally hooked to chocolate. If you have a pet, don't give him cocoa, they are sensible to theobromine poisoning.

For my personal experience, I can assure you my last cocoa party was crazy. I handled to gather eight people and was the best experience of all my life. After that, we finished with some pot and meditation. The sense of union with the universe was unique. Finishing a party was never so sad.

Whenever a friend suggests another drug to get high (in an artistic sense, of course), I've always been open to trying out. Still, I've never had the same feeling as cocoa.

You have a gold-opportunity hear. A whole-food you can eat without remorse, good for your sugar, sexual health, and cognitive performance increases. If you are in a diet, your appetite is under control.

The best time to eat your pure cocoa

Not only quality matters, but also time make a massive difference in the benefits you can achieve.

Don't take cocoa first thing in the morning

The explanation to this is after wake up, humans segregate a hormone called cortisol responsible for starting our metabolism.

Suppose you eat a stimulant as cocoa (the same is valid for coffee). In that case, you segregate more cortisol of necessary, leading to "fight or flight" response, far away for your aim to deep-focus.

The perfect time is after eating your meal when your cortisol levels have dropped and after your workout mixed with carbohydrates. After exercise, cocoa allows you to recover and enhance your performance for the workouts coming.

Let's get some cocoa!


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Sigmund Carlson

History is the tragedy of life; poetry the epitome.

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