Honey on Pizza, Salt on Watermelon and Chocolate Cover Potato Chips

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Food Experimentation

Honey on Pizza, Salt on Watermelon and Chocolate Cover Potato Chips

Kids and pregnant women come up with the weirdest food combination. However, when kids do it, its a joke to see who could come up with the weirdest combination. In the seats of the cafeteria, they find themselves daring each other to try each new strange concoction. Some of them are pretty good, others are really really gross.

Have you ever tried mixing every drink in a soda fountain together? When I was hockey camp that was the thing we did. We wanted to see who would be willing to drink the funny concoction. Many people were too disgusted and turned up their noses.

As for me, I was always willing, I was taught to try everything. My parents told me to take two bites. One to get over the fact that it was new and the second to see if I liked it. This made me a popular person in the lunchroom because I was always willing to try whatever strange thing kids put together.

The downside of this motto was that I was responsible for cooking at my house. I used to experiment with food all the time and needless to say I made some hiccups along the way. You should feel really bad for my parents because they had to eat the food I put in front of them.

I put carrots in spaghetti, I thought it tasted great but I have since learned that is because of my love of carrots, not because they belong in spaghetti. Another veggie that doesn’t belong in spaghetti green beans. Yea I did that too.

I really liked making this dish that I called cornbread pizza where you use cornbread as the base and layer it with a really thick chili. That was amazing but my parents did not like that either. With that one I had a habit of over spicing it or not cooking it enough.

Basically they had a hard time with most of my experiment and they kept telling me that I over spice my food. By the time I got to college all the food experimentation had been driving out of me.

Then it happened, I had a suitemate who told me that I should really try putting honey on pizza. I know what you are thinking, yes we were in college but no we were not high or drunk. She just liked honey on pizza and let me tell you it is the most orgasmic food combination ever. The sweetness of the honey fits perfectly with the cheese pizza. Also, this was freshman year, meal plan, bad cafeteria pizza and I had this reaction. Imagine how excited I was when I got have it on really good pizza.

Later on in college, I was introduced to salt on watermelon and chocolate cover potato chips. Also, items mixing that salty and sweet in unexpected ways. I tried to bring these home to my family and they told me that I should do that it was unnatural and wrong.

Then it hit me, food is a personal thing I can experiment if I want to. If I want to put honey on pizza for the rest of my life I am free to do that. Also, I might come up with a food combination that I love more than that but not if I continue to live with the boring.

Furthermore, never take food advice from people who put onions in mac and cheese that is an abomination that should die.

Sarah Beattie
Sarah Beattie
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