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Holiday Cooking Trends 'Yule' Love

by Dr Deborah M Vereen 8 days ago in recipe

While spreading Christmas cheer

Holiday Cooking Trends 'Yule' Love
Photo by Michele Purin on Unsplash

This is a special time of the year for parents and their children as well as other family members.

The cool crisp air that greets ice skating children and their parents who are moving to the tunes of Christmas warms the soul. Shopping for the perfect gift for a teacher fills little ones with excitement. Spending time together while taking in all the sights and smells of the season is what the entire family loves this time of the year.

But food plays the biggest part in this beautiful season. This includes the spicy aromas, sweet tastes, crunchy textures, delicious hot beverages, and the pretty delights that captivate the senses.

While the true meaning of Christmas is embraced for those who believe, simply stated, food tends to also be the featured event of all holiday events. There are differentiated ways that food and beverages are highlighted during this time of the year.

Holiday Food Trends

By Brooke Lark on Unsplash

As the holiday season is in full swing, a lot of creative things are trending with food. And these popular activities help all members of the family activate the spirit of giving, joy, and happiness.

Here are Christmas food trends that are growing in popularity that can be enjoyed by all.

Environmental and health-conscious individuals can use their imagination to transform traditional holiday recipes into delicious plant-based holiday dishes. Meatless alternatives, side dishes, cookies, and other plant-based culinary delights can make the holiday festive. Inspiration for these recipes can be found by following vegan chefs like Dana Shultz on social media as shown below.

1. Involve children, families, and friends in gingerbread house decorating parties and contests. Unique themes can be promoted as each participant builds and decorates their unique gingerbread house. This fun party can be held in person or it can be a virtual event. Social media followers can be given a chance to vote on their favorite creation. (Here is a hint. The key to success in this activity is using a gingerbread house kit or having the homemade gingerbread house pieces baked and organized before the event starts.)

2. Traditional holiday meals and gatherings still rage during this time of year. While the pandemic put unique family traditions on hold or modified them, they are as powerful and memorable as they used to be. Each family will make their most notable and classic recipes. They will organize lovely gatherings for their loved ones and friends as they always did before the pandemic.

3. As safety protocols are adhered to, the cookie walk continues to grow in popularity. Cookie bakers work hard to prepare their specialties. Organizers either take cookie orders and box cookies for the guests who attend the events. Guests are permitted to attend the cookie walk to safely make their cookie selections. Proceeds from the cookie walk usually go to charitable organizations. Here is a link to a story I wrote about organizing a cookie walk during the pandemic.

4. Serving others by sharing food will remain a beautiful way to demonstrate the love that is synonymous with the season. Whether through food bank donations, gift giveaways, or blessing a family in need with groceries, this food-related activity continues to be a timeless practice richly embedded in family tradition and values.

5. Families will experiment with various festive beverages. Featured ingredients in each holiday drink include delicious items like candy canes, cinnamon sticks, chocolate in all forms, toasted marshmallows, seasonal fresh fruit like cranberries, and crunchy cookie topping. Adults add spirits to the drinks they create. The ideas are unlimited for creating fun holiday drinks.

6. Culinary creativity reigns during the holiday season. Bold ideas, bold colors, and bold flavors will be paired with delicious, extravagant, and simple food options. And those who prepare these marvelous creations will get their inspiration from varied sources like social media outlets, food networks, and the popular chefs they admire.

7. Thematic food experiences will bring culinary delight to the palate of those who attend and participate. This will enable families to host unique holiday events for their friends and loved ones. Whether an outdoor Christmas picnic in the snow, a reception in a barn, or serving festive treats during a tree trimming party, event hosts will courageously permit their minds to create edible memories.

8. Filling decorated boxes with delicious homemade cookies and candies will remain a popular way to give a special gift to others. While careful planning is required, parents can make plans for their children to help make the treats, fill the boxes, and deliver them to family and friends. Here is a story that wrote that highlights the ways families can create holiday food gifts and memories. Additionally, I shared my very special cookie recipe perfect for Christmas in the other story.

This is an important takeaway. Plans should be made to involve the entire family in these trending food activities during the Christmas season.

My Final Thought

By Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash

Food can be used to illuminate the magic of the holiday season.

No matter what entertainment trend or traditional gathering that the family accentuates, food will add sparkle to any event and make it shine.

Happy Holidays!

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